Saturday, October 25, 2014

Say G'Day Linky Party {110} ~ Share Your Latest & Greatest Blog Posts!

G'Day from Oz and welcome to the Say G'day Saturday Linky Party, the last one for October!
Say G'Day Saturday @ Natasha in Oz

I hope you have enjoyed linking up with +Joanne T Ferguson from What's on the List and me each week and that you have enjoyed meeting new bloggers from all over the world at our linky party! Thank you Joanne, for doing so much work to make this party bigger and better each week.!

Say G'Day Saturday @ Natasha in Oz

Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Favorites, Pinning Blogger of the Week and some early Christmas Music!

G'day and welcome to this week's Friday Favorites postI'm so glad you have stopped by to visit today.

Thank you SO much to all the lovely bloggers who linked up to last week's Say G'day Party. With over 370 links it was hard to get around to visit everyone but I found some amazing posts to pin and share on social media.

In case you missed seeing all of the amazing links from last week's party I am sharing a few with you today.

Friday Favorites @

Favorite Decorating Idea 
Country Cottage Decor – Decorating With White & Brown via +Dagmar Bleasdale 

Favorite Sweet Treat:
Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Cupcakes by Christy's Cooking Creations

Favorite Parenting Tip
10 Things you should do with your child via Goofball Mommy

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A new James Blunt Tune and loving Words of Wisdom

G'day lovely friends and welcome to Natasha in Oz! I'm so thrilled you have stopped by today because I am sharing my latest favourite song. I haven't shared some music and words of wisdom for a while and thought it was about time to do so.

Have you heard James Blunt's new song When I Find Love Again?

When my kids first heard that I loved the song (they hadn't heard it and were most impressed that I had heard it before them!) they were a bit leery about listening to it. You see we never really liked James Blunt and I can honestly say that I REALLY disliked the song You're Beautiful. I thought it was boring, monotonous, over-played, and that Blunt's voice was annoying, and, I wasn't shy in sharing my thoughts. You can therefore imagine how much I appreciated reading today that Blunt himself apologised for inflicting that awful song on the world, agreeing with me that the song is "annoying"! And it's not just me (and Blunt) who found the song annoying; NME magazine described his voice as "Hamster-like" and nominated the song as "The Very Worst UK Number One Single of All Time". The song also featured regularly in "worst" and "most-irritating" lists and inspired a parody by Weird Al Yankovic called You're Pitiful.

Well, all is forgiven Mr Blunt! I love your new song and I shall forget that other awful song even existed. I will forever associate you with When I Find Love Again!

I hope you enjoy listening to James Blunt's latest song and even found some lovely quotes all about LOVE to accompany the music.

40 Free Valentine's Day Images


Roald Dahl, The Twits

the chemistry of love- I equate the feeling people have about the 'magic' of falling in love to religion and other forms of mysticism. yay! :D

Ain't Love Grand!

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