Monday, October 19, 2009

Our kitchen renovation!

Today I am so excited about sharing some more pictures of the transformations that have happened in our kitchen. Last week I posted pictures of my new sink and now the shutters are in-Yippeeeeee!!!

I am in love with my beautiful kitchen all over again!

Here are a couple of "before" photographs:

The new shutters cover the window where the timber blinds are....

Here is the bare room....Will be doing another post about the window to the right next time!

Here is the kitchen without bench-tops but with a new window.

And here are the new shutters!!!

I love the grey cabinetry!


The finished room....

This kitchen is definitely going to be the heart of our home!

Thanks so much for stopping by today and visiting me in my little corner of the world Down Under! I hope you have a wonderful week,

Best wishes,
Natasha In Oz 
Throw open your window and let the scenery of clouds and sky enter your room! 
Yosa Buson


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