Monday, November 30, 2009

Stairway Christmas Stockings

G'day from Oz sweet friends! Thanks for dropping by to visit me in my little corner of the world Down Under.

Today I had a sick little boy at home with me so I didn't get time to do much decorating. Alastair has a summer cold and he was quite miserable about being home...that was until I suggested that we make some cookie batter! We decided to make the dough for the Sugar Cookie Cut outs that I included in my last post. It is in the fridge now so will we will cut out the shapes tomorrow...I will let you know how we go!
After we made the cookie dough Alastair decided that we should hang our Christmas stockings and so that is what we did. So today's Met Monday post is about our stairway Christmas stockings

Stairway Christmas Stockings, Natasha in Oz

We have just had our house painted and the staircase area is bare and very boring at the moment. Eventually I would like to decorate our staircase walls just like Susan's staircase (I told you her blog is fantastic!) I was really inspired by her  post about her staircase so I think I might try out some of her ideas in the new year-thanks for the great idea Susan! Anyway, here is a picture of our very bland stair case. Please don't look at the broken light -we are getting it replaced soon!

Stairway Christmas Stockings, Natasha in Oz

Like I said....Boring!

Here is our Stairway Christmas Stocking display! Still a little bland but at least it is a bit more festive.

We have collected our Christmas stockings over the years on our travels.

This is Alastair's stocking adorning our Festive Staircase! He bought it just after he met Sponge Bob himself at Universal studios!

Stairway Christmas Stockings, Natasha in Oz

Mr Attorney's stocking was a gift from our dear American friends, the ones who are arriving very soon from Cleveland to spend Christmas with us.

Stairway Christmas Stockings, Natasha in Oz

Madeleine bought her stocking last year at Harrods!

Stairway Christmas Stockings, Natasha in Oz

My stocking is from New York-Isn't Minnie looking lovely as Lady Liberty?

Stairway Christmas Stockings, Natasha in Oz

Here is one last view of the staircase...

Stairway Christmas Stockings, Natasha in Oz

Next year I will do a Met Monday post on the transformation of our staircase but until then, thanks for checking out my Stairway Christmas Stockings and for visiting me here at Natasha in Oz

I'd better go and check on my little patient. Have a great week!

Best wishes always,

Natasha In Oz 

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