Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Three Pop Art Nutcrackers

As many of you know I love Christmas and started decorating our house for Christmas a couple of weeks ago. I started collecting nutcrackers 3 years ago and I would love to show them to you today.

Nutcrackers have been around since about the 15th Century and they usually always have a large mouth which can be opened by a lever at the back. These days we associate nutcrackers with the beautiful fairy-tale ballet which is always performed around this time of year. ETA Hoffman wrote a story called "The Nutcracker and The Mouse King" which was then adapted by Alexandre Dumas and Tchaikovsky composed the score for the ballet version of the story in 1892. 

I have only got three nutcrackers but, since I have 3, I am going to join Three or More Tuesday over at Tams's place and since my Nutcrackers have some red in them I will be linking to Ruby Tuesday over at Mary's Place, The Work of the Poet.

So, here are my Nutcrackers

This was my very first nutcracker
He is only a short little fellow!

Here is No 2! He is very talented-he can play the drum and the tambourine at the same time!

Here is this year's soldier-he has a very happy face I think!

Aren't they a handsome bunch!

I think they are so fabulous that they should become Pop Art Icons for Nutcrackers everywhere..

 Do you like my Andy Warhol Nutcrackers!? Aren't they gorgeous!

I am having so much fun playing around at Big Huge Labs!  If you haven't been there yet you must go over  and have some fun experimenting with your photos!

Here is another Big Huge Labs creation based on the work of David Hockney. It is a picture of the Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Centre that I took in 2004.

You will have so much fun over at Big Huge Labs!

Many thanks Tam and Mary for having me today and thank you all for coming to spend 5 minutes with me today. I loved seeing you!

Best wishes always,

It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air.  W.T. Ellis


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