Monday, December 14, 2009

What is Christmas all about?

I must confess, I have been so busy these last few days that I haven't had time to really think about any interesting Christmas projects and some fun things to blog about.

I have been cleaning the house, preparing the guest room and clearing cupboards to make space for our visitors from Ohio who arrive bright and early Thursday morning.

Also, and very importantly, my husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary on the weekend -16 years!

Then, on Saturday I said goodbye to my sister and her husband and my niece and nephew as they embark on a new adventure-a year teaching in the UK.

On top of all of this I am also busy planning a birthday party for my beautiful daughter Maddy who turns 13 on Friday....I know...I didn't plan things very well 13 years ago did I!

So,I think I just need to sit back and be still for five minutes today and, as we approach Christmas day, I want to use this time to reflect on what December 25 is really all about.

I am sure you have all seen this a million times but I hope you enjoy this little bit of wisdom from Mr Charles M. Schulz.

Thank you for spending time with me today in my little corner of the world, at what must be a very crazy time for you-it was so nice to see you.

Blessings and Christmas wishes to you all.
Natasha In Oz 

Fail not to call to mind, in the course of the twenty-fifth of this month, that the Divinest Heart that ever walked the earth was born on that day; and then smile and enjoy yourselves for the rest of it; for mirth is also of Heaven's making.  Leigh Hunt


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