Thursday, February 18, 2010

An afternoon at the beach.

Welcome friends! I hope you are all having a great week.

These pictures were taken late in the afternoon as the sun was setting and the lifeguards were packing up after a long hot day.


As you can see the weather was divine with not a cloud in the beautiful blue sky!









Hubby and the kids having one last surf for the day...


A sunset on the beach....a perfect end to a perfect day!

Thanks so much for visiting me today-Happy Day!

Best wishes always,

PS I am linking this post to Summer Sundays!

We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.  Mother Teresa


  1. lovely photos of a perfect day
    at the beach.

    it's still really cold up here!

  2. Oh...I would much rather be at the beach then sitting here in Pa with snow! What beautiful pictures and looks like a fun day :)
    I love the quote by Mother Teresa!

  3. I liked the first picture a lot.Its amazing!!!

  4. Natasha...You will never know how wonderful your beach photos were for me today!
    I felt like I had been on vacation...and actually look in the mirror to see if I had gotten a tan!
    How fabulous to live in such a beautiful place!
    Thanks for sharing...
    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  5. I'm dreaming of beach days after those beautiful photos. Hopefully it won't be too far away. Thanks for the inspiration....


  6. Hej,

    Oooh It's so great to see, that it is beautiful and warm with you :)

    Greetings from Sweden ;)

  7. Nice photos Natasha - I haven't been to Mooloolaba in ages. Looks like it was fun.

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog. I really wanna go to this beach right now:-) Great pictures!

  9. I love all the photos but the one of the life-guard illuminated by the setting sun is superb. Aren't we lucky!

  10. Hi Natasha. What great photos. I have got to get up that way sometime. It looks so lovely.

  11. Loved this interlude if only to remember...

  12. Thanks so much for these lovely photos of a beautiful beach..and a beautiful day with your family.
    How great to live in such a place.
    xo bj

  13. I really must get to the beach before the summer is over! What a perfect day at the beach!

  14. love the pics...freezin and snow here! My rellie is from New Castle, Australia, Robyn Garis & her Mum from Perth- Mrs. Dr. Livingston. We met on the internet. We go back 3 generations ago in Scotland!

  15. Just discovered your blog and I have to say that your photos are making miss summer so much! I'm lucky to live in California where it is still quite comfortable, but your pictures just look so warm and inviting! I especially love the quote by Mother Teresa. Such wisdom from such a beautiful woman! I hope you will visit my blog! Marcia

  16. What a fantastic weekend you had; love your photos. And you are right Blogging is Amazing!

  17. You have made me want to go the beach, Great pics! Have a sweet day!

  18. Alright I am coming to visit! So beautiful!

  19. It's so CRAZY seeing people in shorts!!! I'm so incredibly jealous...

  20. Natasha, can't write for the tears. So pleased you had a wonderful time. Miss my favourite beach. You can love France for it's cheeses... but Aussie beaches are bigger than Ben Hur - specially Mooloolaba ;-) You may have even crossed my Mum on her evening walk...

  21. Lovely, I could smell the salty air. How fun! I live next to the beach, but it's been in the 40's at night. Yuk! I like the warm. :)

  22. New to your blog! Very fun! LOVE the beach pictures...can't WAIT for our spring to get here..and the snow to melt!

  23. great beach shots!!!!

  24. Hi Natasha, hmm.. the beach.... you made me dream of the beach AND of SUMMER! Lovely pictures!!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend, dearest Natasha

  25. Lovely! And so different from around here now! :-)

  26. You are soooooooo lucky to have a wonderful beach close by! Beautiful picters for a beautiful day!
    smiles, alice

  27. Beautiful!! If I ever get the privilege to go to Australia, I'm going to get you to tell me all the great places to go.

  28. Thanks Natasha. I'm so glad you came to the party. I appreciate you editing your post.

    I particularly appreciate the fact that it's winter where you live but that you've pulled out some wonderful summer photos.

    Keep warm and think warm thoughts. Gorgeous photos!
    - The Tablescaper

  29. That first pic looks like a postcard! Gorgeous!


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