Monday, February 15, 2010

Blogging woes....

Edvard Munch-The Scream
Image from Wikipedia
I feel like screaming!!!!

I have had the worst time this weekend with my blog. A few lovely people left comments that my pictures weren't loading properly so upon investigation I discovered that they weren't just not loading properly they were GONE!!!!! About 100 or so photos just completely disappeared! Then I discovered that my dashboard was empty and all the blogs that I had been following seemed to just be completely gone or I had become an anonymous follower! AAARRGGGHHH...

Anyway after a many many hours of reloading photos and trying to remember blogs I was following I think I am back on track.  Hopefully I will have finished re-following everyone by the end of the day.

I so hope this doesn't happen again! Better go and make sure I have signed up to follow all of your wonderful blogs!

Best wishes for a wonderful week.

PS While I was being all technical I managed to make a new button for my blog. I would be honoured if you decided to take one!


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