Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A catch up day and a 3 million dollar ad!

Today I am going to spend the day catching up on blogging! I have been a bit slack lately with back-to-school fun and games, trying new recipes and "keeping house!" So today I am going to visit my old friends, catch up with some new ones and visit all the kind people who left comments for me over the last few days.
In the meantime I hope you enjoy this commercial which was a big hit during the Superbowl, well for me anyway! I think this ad was for the gals!

The boys in my family are pretty big fans of American football and my Husband and son were thrilled that New Orleans won. I kind of understand the game but was more interested in the 1/2 time entertainment and the amazing ads that come on during 1/2 time. Can you believe that they cost $3m for a 30 second slot!!!???

So, just in time for Valentine's Day, here is Google's 3 million dollar ad known as "A French Love story" or "Parsian Love." I hope you enjoy it! I think it's great. 

Best wishes,



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