Friday, February 19, 2010

Decorating my sideboard with my new cloche!

Hello sweet friends! I am so glad you came to visit today as I have just finished decorating with my new cloche! I am so happy that I finally found a cloche, just in time for me to join in the fun at Marty's place for her famous Cloche party! I am also linking up with Cindy's beautiful "Show and Tell Friday" party!

My antique Chinese cabinet was the inspiration for my Oriental Cloche display.



Under my bell cloche are some figurines that I found in Japan. They are sitting on a blue and white platter that also comes from Japan.



On one side of the cloche I have displayed some pottery from Japan. My sister and her husband spent a year teaching in Sapporo and they sent this blue and white bunny pottery to Big Al for his Christening.


To the right of my cloche is a blue and white Wedgwood plate, a souvenir from a holiday in Singapore.

To continue with the Oriental theme I displayed a little vessel  from Japan under a glass dome and placed them on a coffee table book called "Japanese Style." Also on display is a beautiful antique lacquered bowl.





Would you mind if I show you my apothecary jars? Previously they were on my sideboard but I decided that they might look nice in the main bathroom...




I know that these aren't cloches but this is my favorite fragrance! I also love the gorgeous red packaging in our grey, green and white bathroom.

I am so happy that I finally found a cloche and I am so happy that Marty is having this great cloche party. 
Thank you again Marty for introducing me to the beauty of cloches!

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend,
Natasha In Oz 


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