Thursday, April 15, 2010

Big Al's Broken Arm & a Thank you

Today I had planned to write a lovely thank you post full of pictures of cherubs and flowers to represent my angelic son....

Poor little man...look at him, so very sad and forlorn, trying to do his homework with his left hand....He is right-handed.

Big Red chewing gum, Thank you, Natasha in Oz, Alastair, Broken arm,

Isn't he an angelic boy!????

angel image, vintage angel

Minutes later.....

Hmmm, where did this Big Red chewing gum come from?

Big Red chewing gum, Natasha in Oz,

Oh dear....

Big Red chewing gum, Natasha in Oz,

So much for Mr Angelic...he had found some of Mr Attorney's gum and decided to help himself to FOUR pieces! I have only tried this gum once and it is super spicy! I can only imagine how horrible FOUR pieces would be....I am guessing Master A is back to his usual cheeky self!

What a relief to have my happy fun-loving boy back again!

Thank you so much for your sweet and supportive comments over the last couple of weeks. My two patients felt very special indeed and I know that your prayers and thoughts helped them immensely.

Blessings and best wishes,

Natasha In Oz 

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