Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tuesday Tune ~ Doris Day's 'Silver Bells'

G'Day and welcome friends to this week's #TuesdayTune party! I'm so glad you stopped by to visit me today in my little corner of the world Down Under!

Tuesday Tune, Doris Day, Natasha in Oz

I can't believe that it is already the second Sunday in June! The second weekend in June is also a great weekend for us because we have a public holiday on the Monday to celebrate the Queen's birthday!

I would love to show you the silver Christening mugs that belong to Maddy, Big Al and Mr Attorney. I have been wanting to show you these for quite some time but Mr Attorney's was so badly tarnished I had to send it to the jewelers to get it professionally polished. I am so glad that I did as the results are amazing! The three mugs were polished as they had been on display in our den and were quite tarnished from months of neglect. I am now keeping them in the china cabinet in our dining area.

Tuesday Tune, Doris Day, Natasha in Oz

Look at how shiny they are!

Tuesday Tune, Doris Day, Natasha in Oz

They are so shiny my reflection keeps showing up in all of my pictures-Gee I hate that!

Tuesday Tune, Doris Day, Natasha in Oz

These mugs were all Christening gifts from Mr Attorney's Aunt; Maddy and Big Al's Great Aunt.

Tuesday Tune, Doris Day, Natasha in Oz

Mr Attorney's is stamped with Perfection EPNS A1.

Tuesday Tune, Doris Day, Natasha in Oz

The children's mugs are both from Whitehill.

Tuesday Tune, Doris Day, Natasha in Oz

I love the sweet little handles on these mugs.

Tuesday Tune, Doris Day, Natasha in Oz

You can see some of the tarnishing on Mr Attorney's mug in this picture. It is over 40 years old so I think we have done well to get it this shiny.

Tuesday Tune, Doris Day, Natasha in Oz

I will definitely make sure that I keep these gorgeous mugs in the china cabinet from now on so they aren't exposed to air. I don't want them to go black again!

Tuesday Tune, Doris Day, Natasha in Oz

I don't have a silver Christening mug so I will show you the silver birds that sit on my coffee table instead!

Tuesday Tune, Doris Day, Natasha in Oz

I love these little birdies as they remind me of Spring!

Since it is Silver Sunday the last thing I thought I would share with you is a silvery Tuesday Tune! The perfect song to share has to be "By the Light of the Silvery Moon" sung by Doris Day.

Tuesday Tune, Doris Day, Natasha in Oz

Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff (born April 3, 1922) is an American actress, singer, and animal rights activist. During her entertainment career, she appeared in 39 films, recorded more than 650 songs, received an Academy Award nomination, won a Golden Globe and a Grammy Award, and, in 1989, received the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement in motion pictures! (Source)

Born in Ohio, her entertainment career began in her late teens as a big band singer. She developed an early interest in dance, and in the mid-1930s formed a dance duo that performed locally in Cincinnati. However, a car accident in 1937 damaged her legs, halting her dancing career. While recovering, Day took singing lessons and at 17 she began performing locally. In 1945 she had her first hit recording, "Sentimental Journey", and, in 1948, appeared in her first film, Romance on the High Seas.

Tuesday Tune, Doris Day, Natasha in Oz

In the 1950s she appeared in a series of romantic comedies, including Pillow Talk (1959) with

Rock Hudson. Her singing career was just as exciting as her acting career, and her hit from the 1956 Alfred Hitchcock movieThe Man who Knew Too Much, "Que Sera, Sera," won an Oscar. After starring in a TV series (1968-72), Day finally turned her attention to political activism on behalf of animals.

Tuesday Tune, Doris Day, Natasha in Oz

Her interest in animal welfare apparently dates to her teen years when she was recovering from her accident and she took her dog Tiny for a walk without a leash. Tiny ran into the street and was killed by a passing car. Day later wrote she was wracked with guilt and loneliness and this inspired her, in 1971, to co-found the organisation Actors and Others for Animals. She appeared in a series of newspaper advertisements denouncing the wearing of fur, alongside Mary Tyler Moore, Angie Dickinson, and Jayne Meadow.

Tuesday Tune, Doris Day, Natasha in Oz

As of 2009, Day was the top-ranking female box office star of all time and ranked sixth among the top ten box office performers (male and female).

She is truly an amazing lady!

I hope you enjoy listening to Doris Day.

If you have ever shared a song on your blog I would so LOVE to hear it! Please feel free to link up any song you would like to share from any of your posts, new or old, to this week's


Thanks so much for visiting and thank you to Beth for having me for Silver Sunday and to Mary for having me for Mosaic Monday.

Best wishes for a fabulous week,
Natasha In Oz 
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  1. I love your shiny mugs, and the little birdies are sweet!

  2. Natasha your post is wonderful! I love silver objects ... The bird is really delicious ... thanks for sharing, good Sunday!

  3. Love those mugs Natasha! Well done with bringing them all back to life. Great song for today too. I hope your weekend has been a good one.

  4. Oh they are so beautiful and yes, shiny!!! They look so nice in the china cabinet, I love the combination of china and silver!!
    Those little birdies are so cute, never seen one made of silver, thank you for showing us some of your little treasures!!!

    Oh and you know what???? I have just watched Pillow Talk,as I wanted to talk about Doris Day and her role as a decorator on my blog, I totally adore this movie!!

    Natasha I would like to thank you for your sweet words on both my blogs!!!!!
    Have a happy Sunday!!!

  5. What a nice post you have made, beautifull pictures of the silver and a great ode to Doris Day.
    I wish you a good sunday,
    greetz Madelon

  6. Oh, I love that song! When I was in the choir at school, we used to sing it at the local retirement village at Christmas time. Those were the days. Singing, singing and more singing...

    Lots of love,


  7. Those mugs look awesome now. Dont blame you for putting them in a cabinet. Not my most favourite job...cleaning silver...need a butler for that!
    Love Doris Day music and her films.

  8. A clever link with the silver and the Doris Day song Natasha.
    Thanks for your recent comments which I have seen just not got round to replying to yet. I do hope your Mum is enjoying Roma!

  9. A lot of shine here today !!!! enjoy your day............have a shiny day.............hugs and blessings from me.........Ria

  10. Loving your shiny silver and Doris' Day's freckles!
    I've linked up a song that really moved me back in february in relation to mothering and my little ones growing up... "Dance" by Leeann Womack. I love it.
    Happy Songful Sunday!

  11. Good morning, Natasha. Thank you for hosting this. I missed you yesterday for Pink Saturday.

    The silver mugs look awesome. I have my son and grandson's mug, and it needs polishing. You have inspired me.

    I don't believe I had seen this with Doris Day. I haven't seen many of her movies, but I do remember one that she was in with Rock Hudson. I believe it was Send Me No Flowers.

  12. Gorgeous silver Natasha - mine is too tarnished at the moment! Doris Day was so lovely - such a fantastic song too...x

  13. I'm very partial to Christening mugs. Your are especially lovely. Happy Silver Sunday.

  14. I love Doris Day! I remember watching her movies on Sunday afternoons! Thanks for the reminder, I need to by her DVD collection...Maddie would enjoy her movies! I just realized is that your Maddie in the Sunday Song button?
    Have a great Sunday! Trying to put together a post to link along with you for Sunday Song..be back soon :)

  15. Hi Natasha, love your shiny silver, the birds are so cute!


  16. I love Doris Day! I have donated to her animal league in the past. One of the nicest compliments that I have ever received was when my hair was short and blonde, and one of my husband Marc's friends told me that I looked like Doris Day. :D

    I hope that you and yours are having a wonderful weekend. Cooper went to music camp this past week and they learned songs from around the world. I thought of you when he was singing the song from Australia! xoxo

  17. Natasha, I love those silver mugs and what memories. They are so precious.
    Have a great week.

  18. Those mugs are stunning. Love the details of the handles. And your little birdies are sweet. Clever connect with Doris Day. It's fun to see these photos of her. I'm a long time Doris Day fan. :-)
    Thanks for sharing your Sunday Silver. ~ Sarah

  19. Natasha,
    your photos are, as always, very pretty. I love your mugs and the birdies, too. Alas, I have no boxes, so I cant enjoy your musics. Greetings, Johanna

  20. Really nice post, Natasha. I love the shiny mugs and the birds.

    Doris Day was a favorite of mine, too.


  21. Wonderful post and I will have to seriously think about taking my silver to be professionally polished...your pieces are beautiful. Love Doris Day and all the old movies she starred in. She was an all American girl and star for sure.

  22. Love your silver. I need to have mine cleaned like that! I never thought how hard it would be to not see your reflection in them...teeheee. That was cute.

  23. Your silver turned out nice and shiny - therapeutic, cleaning it I think.
    Your silver birdies are sweet.

  24. Oh what gorgeous christening mugs, and your little birds are beautiful, too! :)

  25. The mugs came back so shiny I am thinking of send some of my silver out to get cleaned. They look lovely in the mosaic.

  26. Hi, what beautiful shiny mugs! I hope that you have a lovely new week!

  27. Love your mugs, birds and Doris Day!

  28. Hi Natasha! How are you? I haven't posted in a good while. I have been so busy at home. I love love all of the mugs and the little birds. :) Have a wonderful Sunday!

  29. It doesn't get any better than mugs and birdies, does it? I love Love LOVE your silver baby cups! They are gorgeous. I have a few but none as lovely as yours. I also love Doris Day!

    Stop by and see my silver post if you get a chance!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  30. I love silver and those are all so beautiful!!
    Enjoy your day off today!

    Take Care

  31. Hi Natasha

    I love the Christening mugs and the birds!!

    Funny how you have a public holiday to celebrate the Queens birthday but here in the UK it is work as usual!!!

    Jackie, Surrey, UK.

  32. Your silver looks so shiny ... ouch .. I guess I should have mine polished ... And it looks so nice on the shelves with white Chinaware.

  33. Hi Nat, wonderful pics...gotaa love Doris she is just wonderful..great post , cheers Katherine

  34. Natasha, Loved this post about Doris Day...I enjoyed so many of her movies as a child.

  35. Oh I love silver also very much.
    You've got such lovely collection.
    Most of all I love your birdies...
    Fine week

  36. Natasha, you're really branching out. I love the Doris Day stuff.
    Love the mugs too but the birdies are my favorite. They're a treasure.
    i enjoyed reminising with Doris.

  37. You know you got me hooked on the free Bosa Nova music. After listen for free for a week they said it was too filled !! So I can't listen any more....I will have to order a few CD's when I get time since the live 365 is filled up! I may try again, not sure if it was permanent or just for the day!!

  38. Not only did i love her love for animals -- but i loved her freckles!

    today she wouldnt have even gotten a job...she is too cute and NORMAL. I adore her movies and sentiment.

    Stop by on Friday some time with us.. We celebrate Beauty and your blog certainly is!!

    thanks for the lovely music and memories.


  39. Absolutely gorgeous silver!

    Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  40. I love silver, but detest polishing it! The biggest treat my daughter can give me before a party is to polish the silver for me!

  41. Your silver treasure make me swoon...by the silvery moon! Thanks for joining the party....see you next month.
    gypsy hugs,

  42. The silver christening mugs are treasures, absolutely beautiful!!!

  43. I forgot to mention that I ADORE Doris Day!! Thanks so much for sharing her history and videos. :o)

  44. Natasha, Thanks so much for visiting! Your photos of your silver are so beautiful. We don't do Christening cups much here..at least in Texas. I guess that is an English thing. :o)

    I posted a song just for you! I wrote it last year. It's really upbeat. Hope you enjoy it. Next week, I'll have to video my dear hubby playing his cello. I earned $600.00 sewing and selling fabric art to buy him a cello and lessons. He plays beautifully already. He had wanted to play Cello all his life and I decided to make that dream come true this last Christmas. :o)

  45. She certainly is an icon, Natasha! Have a silvery, sparkling week. xxx

  46. Natasha, I just love all your silver pieces. I could sure use those birds.

  47. Bonjour Natasha,
    The shiny mugs looks beautiful, love the display. I really enjoyed this clip of Doris Day, she is still one of my all-time favorites. I never she had all those freckles - hey now I don't feel so bad about mine that are beginning their summertime appearance once again!
    a bientôt,


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