Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My messy kitchen!

I haven't joined in with the RAW(e) linky for a while but I just couldn't miss out on this week's fun idea! This weeks Raw(e) theme is 2(6) ....here is the idea....on the 26th day of the month we are to go into our photos on our computer and choose the  2nd folder and the 6th photo in that folder and post it... not matter how bad or embarrassing!

Well this is my 6th picture from my second album. It is an unedited picture of my messy kitchen! The dishrag is on the sink, the coffee filter hasn't been cleaned, the kettle is waiting to be filled with water so I assume I am desperate for a cup of tea and I see a pan on the stove but there is nothing in it. I guess dinner had to wait until I had finished my cuppa!

To see more fun 6th pictures head on over to Sailor & Company!


Best wishes for a fabulous day,


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