Thursday, December 2, 2010

Nearly finished decorating for Christmas!

Well, our home is nearly decorated for Christmas! I am not quite finished but I really wanted to share some pictures of some of the things I have done over the last few days.

Normally we tend to head to the Northern hemisphere to have a cold Christmas but this year we will be home and I am really excited about it, especially because my sister Holly and her family will be home from England!

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I have had a wonderful time making our home look warm, welcoming and festive but I'm not quite ready to show you everything just yet!

Every room in our house is going to get the full Christmas treatment so it's taking me a little while to finish!

I have started by creating little vignettes all over the house.

I am quite happy with what I have done so far but knowing me I will change things around in the next few days until I am totally thrilled with everything!

I will let you know when I have finished and I would love it if you could pop in then and have a look around.

Until then, why not have a look at some beautifully decorated blogger's homes that have been linked up to 

I will see you there as I am sure that I will find heaps of wonderful ideas....I need all the help I can get!

Best wishes always,


  1. oh its gorgeous!! I love all the little touches you have.
    I havent done anything yet.. maybe this weekend :)

  2. So pretty - everything! It looks like you are in England - just the lighting is Southern (but it's so pretty, who cares!)!

  3. It all looks absolutely stunning, Natasha, just as we have come to expect from you. I love your home! I'm sure that your visitors from England (how exciting!) will think it's wonderful too.
    Thank you for your note on my Blog about the Sunday Song link-up. :( I'm going to have to miss the last one, as I am away in Paris this weekend. But let me know when it gets started again, and I shall be happy to participate. All best wishes from a bitterly cold and snowy England!

  4. Natasha, your home is decorated so beautifully!! Your tree is divine and I just love how you have placed vignettes all around! Loving your Santa figurines and that bowl of chocolates...mmm maltesers, my favourite :) I cannot wait for you to share more of your gorgeous Xmas decorating ~ Tina xx

  5. Hello Natasha,
    Your home looks very nice and inviting. I think Santa Claus loves to come in.
    Greetings, Johanna

  6. Christmas is in the air!
    you have a homey home there. I like homes in white it's so full of energy and gives a great feeling.
    can't wait for other pics.

  7. I already mentioned how much I love your tree! Your Santas are beautiful and I also love the way you've displayed the globes. Your card holder is so cute!

  8. Natasha, love the warm and cosy Christmas decor. Looking forward to more! merry♥O

  9. Oh how pretty! I love seeing the jar of ornaments and the fun candies that are unfamiliar to me. The hydrangea blossoms are a favorite of mine. I can't wait to see the rest!

  10. Your house is looking very festive Natasha, and you must be so excited that your sister is coming back to Australia for Christmas.

  11. I love how you are decorating every room!!!

  12. oh what a beautiful home, lovely chairs ;-) great christmas tree and I love all the little details, well done there is a celebration coming up !

  13. Very pretty and festive, Natasha! I love the sweet little vignettes all around! Your little gold reindeer caught my eye...what a cutie! You have a lovely home!


  14. Your house looks beautiful - so festive! We've decorated a bit, but still need to get the tree. We wait a bit, since we purchase a real tree. Can't wait!

  15. Wow, you're on the ball. I have the ugliest tree ever this year. Your home is worthy of a magazine. :O)

  16. I like the super-jolly round Santas...

  17. Natasha,
    Your home is bedazzling! I've almost finished my decorating too. I also have a sister named Holly with whom I will spend Christmas. Can't wait!


  18. Love the colors of your home! And your Christmas decor is perfect!

  19. You have a wonderful eye for decorating! Very tasteful without going overboard. Lovely!

  20. Your home looks like a cover on a magazine! Love it and all the cuteness everywhere. I so love those 2 pot-bellies Santa's...cutest things I have ever seen! :D

  21. I just love the white hydrangeas in the greens! So beautiful! Your home looks so light and airy, it must make you smile.
    Visiting you through Rhoda's party! :)

  22. Your home is so pretty and festive! So delighted you stopped by my blog. I have just become your friend. I love friends too!

  23. Wow you have been busy, you home looks amazing. Just love the Christmas tree. Mimi x

  24. Lovely! I love greens as centerpiece, they exude freshness that makes the mood more festive. Your chair looks nice also i like it!
    Great blog!

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  25. Very pretty Natasha! Lovin' the greens and hydrangeas! Sounds like you will have a great Christmas:@)

  26. Your home is so beautiful. Love your decorating style.

  27. Good Job! I love your hydrangea with the evergreen!! VERY Cottage Christmasy!! :) Everything looks wonderful! :) Merry Christmas!


    P.S. Thank you for joining in! I really really appreciate it!! :)

  28. You home looks lovingly festive. Your family will enjoy the Christmas holidays in their own home that you have made beautiful for them.

  29. Very beautiful. Your tree is amazing and congrats on growing hydrangeas. And all of your vignettes are wonderful. Such great ideas!

    England and Australia, I am betting you have an adorable accent (to our american ears).

  30. that is an amazing editorial
    totally loveee it!
    Fabulous decoration!!!!

  31. Hello Natasha,

    Your home looks great! I love all your vignettes. I just got back from my vacation and need to put away the fall decorations. I am looking forward to decorating for Christmas.

    ~ Tracy

  32. Everything looks beautiful and festive! Hugs

  33. Just beautiful Natasha! Your home is gorgeous. I need to get on the ball with ours. The Christmas decoration boxes are out of the attic, but that's as far as we've gotten. You may have just motivated me to get working on it tomorrow!

  34. Everything is beautiful! I especially love the hydrangeas with greens. What a great combination!


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