Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wow it's Wordless/Wordful/Outdoor Wednesday!

Hello sweet friends. Welcome to my blog, Natasha In Oz! Today I am sharing some pictures of a relaxing afternoon we spent at sunset on the Brisbane River.

It was the cooling hour, just when the rounded Red sun sinks down behind the azure hill, Which then seems as if the whole earth is bounded, Circling all nature, hush'd, and dim, and still, With the far mountain-crescent half surrounded On one side, and the deep sea calm and chill Upon the other, and the rosy sky With one star sparkling through it like an eye. 

Author: Lord Byron (George Gordon Noel Byron)
Source: Don Juan (canto II, st. 183)

Joining in with Susan's Outdoor Wednesday and Wordless/Wordful/Wordish Wednesdays at Parenting by DummiesA Beautiful Mess, SupermomLive and Love Out loud,  "Wow us Wednesday Party and Foodie Friday!

Thanks so much for having me Ladies!

Before I go I just want to invite you to join in with a Special Valentine's Edition of #SundaySong on the 13th. It would be wonderful if you could share your favourite Romantic Valentine's Day Song! I would love it if you could please help me spread the word about this special Sunday Song Linky party by posting this button somewhere on your blog. Thank you!

I sure do hope you will be able to join me on the 13th!

Finally, thank you so much for visiting me today. I love it when friends stop by; your visits and comments really make my day!

Best wishes always,
Natasha In Oz 


  1. Hi Natasha

    It's good to see you back and I love your new look!

    I am participating in a wonderful event called One World One Heart. Stop by for a chance to win something special from me - and have fun exploring my WW posts on your visit!


    P.S. Hope to be back for 5 Minutes when life calms down a bit! :-)

  2. Beautiful pics Natasha! The weather looks lovely-enjoy:@)

  3. WOW...I would love to be there at that time of day..it looks so peaceful..so beautiful! ;D

  4. Wow...those are some real nice pics Natasha

  5. Gorgeous! I can't wait for the warmer weather. This looks lovely.

  6. Natasha-More snow predicted here tomorrow so these pictures are a welcome and beautiful sight! The "cooling hour" is a wonderful description! Love the harbor photos!

  7. Natasha, what gorgeous photos and I am so glad you could join the party!

  8. Beautiful pics and I LOVE the ones of the sunset.

  9. Very beautiful, Natasha. Great photos. So sorry about all the problems in your country.

  10. Your photos are so pretty. Have a wonderful day.

  11. It is nice to see something other than the snow falling here...gorgeous pictures, Natasha!

  12. Natasha,
    These photos are beautiful--the colors so soothing. I'd love to be there right now!


  13. Took a look at the photos on your blog and holy moly I think I'll go pack and join in on the sunshine. In the midwest U.S.A., we just experienced a blizzard. Sunday and Monday brought more snow and now the temperatures are dropping. Sunshine looks like heaven to me.
    Joyce M

  14. gorgeous! the late afternoon light is quite beautiful. thank you for the photos.

  15. Hi Natasha,
    great pictures. Loe it.
    Greetings, Johanna

  16. What a romantic blogsite you have, Natasha. lots of lovely pics and great song. :O)

  17. Gorgeous Natasha!!! We are both thinking Wordless Wednesday..you by sea, me by city ;)

    Jeanne xx

  18. These photos are so nice. What a BEAUTIFUL place!!! I'll for sure stop by the 13th...


  19. Lovely pix, Natasha.
    I just love looking at the water, it's my dream to live by the ocean one day.
    Thanks for stopping by NL, always enjoy seeing you!

  20. Those are spectacular shots! I'd love to live somewhere near the beach again. The real beach. Not the murky lake we call a beach here.

  21. Incredible photo's, WOWing US WEDNEDAY, I would love to visit some day, I'll keep dreaming, thanks for sharing these fantastic photo's.
    Lazy on Loblolly

  22. Hi Natasha, how are you? All ready for Valentine! You will be celebrating many hours early ^_~
    Lots of L O V E for a happy Thursday, my Wednesday is coming to an end xxx

  23. The sunset can be so beautiful! I love the angle you used.


  24. How lovely....I love Brisbane. I am hosting a Valentine Giveaway. I would love for you to stop by!

  25. Hi Natasha! What a lovely city - thanks for the tour! I hope to join you for your Valentine's Day Sunday Song party. Thanks for hosting.
    Blessings, Beth

  26. Thanks so much for all these beautiful pictures.
    xo bj

  27. Doing a little catch-up here, and this is just amazing! Love these photos.

  28. This post is so beautiful!
    I love and miss Brisbane.
    Thank you so much for linking. :)

  29. What a beautiful view. I would imagine some pretty stunning sunsets from your vantage point.

  30. I want to be there right now!

    I didn't put yesterday's Tune for Tuesday in this week's Sunday Song because it was kind of an anti-love song. :D I had a great VDay, I just wanted to mix things up because not everybody loves the holiday. And because I am a big fan of Luther Vandross.


    Katie @ Yoga Gal

  31. Beautiful, Natasha. You do live in a lovely spot.

  32. Thank you so much for visiting my dream canvas. These images are stunning. So happy to connect with you. I will definately add my post to your linky party. Brisbane is a beautiful city. I went there on work a few times. Take care anu


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