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Wine and Cheese Party Ideas

Welcome friends to NatashaInOz.com I am so glad you have visited today as I am so excited to be sharing some of my favourite ideas for hosting a wine & cheese party! Since the days are getting shorter here in Australia I have been thinking of Winter entertaining.

Wine and Cheese Party

I really like the idea of hosting an informal gathering rather than an overly ambitious dinner party. I think a wine and cheese tasting party might be the way to go.

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I have found some excellent sites and advice about how to host a wine and cheese party so I having been thinking about hosting too. I think it could be fun trying to figure out what kinds of wine I like and dislike first hand, rather than relying only on other people's thoughts and opinions.

Wine and Cheese Party

One of the best sites that I found while researching wine and cheese tasting parties was Pottery Barn. They have so many brilliant ideas and suggestions on how to host a great wine and cheese tasting party. The site includes a party plan with downloadable invite templates, a link to playlists on iTunes, planning guides, and links to other sites that go along with each theme (drink websites for cocktail parties, chef's websites for dinner parties, etc).

Wine and Cheese Party

Check it out here

all images Pottery Barn

Wine and Cheese Party

The videos where experts offer suggestions on how to choose the right wine and food for a party are so helpful.

Mr Attorney doesn't drink wine and a few of our friends don't drink either so I thought I could serve grape juice and non alcoholic punch. I also thought that I might set up little cheese and beverage stations in several places of the house.

Wine and Cheese Party

Small tables can accommodate a tray of cheeses, their matched-wines and accompaniments and some serving ware. This way our guests can mingle and meet new folks as they go along.

To Host a Wine and Cheese Party

I also found some great advice from the following sites:

Wine Intro has a great Wine and Cheese Pairing Chart full of excellent suggestions on which type of wine to serve with a huge variety of cheeses.

Wine and Cheese Party

Real Simple have a great guide on preparing for and hosting and wine tasting party.

I love their idea of making invitation-coasters with a map of the featured wine region. They suggest downloading and print out a map from National Geographic's MapMachine, at nationalgeographic.com/maps. Trim, then use a spray adhesive to glue it to a piece of four-inch square card stock. Brilliant!

They also have some great suggestions for food including:

A charcuterie platter
Cheese straws
Dried fruit
Mixed olives
Chocolate that contains at least 60 percent cacao, which makes the chocolate richer.

Wine and Cheese Party
Brisbane Times

 Tablespoon shares this great idea on using a chalkboard mat to label the wines and cheese
Wine and Cheese Party

Redbook shared some great tips on wine and food pairings. They suggest that:
  1. Sparkling wines go with mild, buttery triple-cream cheeses.
  2. Simple, young wines (sauvignon blanc, Sancerre) go with soft, young cheeses (goat cheese).
  3. Chardonnays and full cabernets go well with semisoft cheeses (Brie, Camembert).
  4. Medium-bodied reds (pinot noir, Côtes du Rhone) go with hard, stronger-flavored cheeses (Parmesan, Gruyère, aged cheddar).
  5. Sweet/dessert wines go with pungent blue cheeses. 

Beau Coup offered some great advice on preparing for a wine and cheese party and they even explore Wine and Cheese Party Etiquette.

Image via Beau Coup 

Rachel Ray offers suggestions on how to host a wine and cheese party for six for $10 per person! I am particularly impressed by her suggestion of using a chardonnay from outside the U.S.!!! She suggests Banrock Station Chardonnay 2006 (Australia, US$5) and Alice White Shiraz 2006 (Australia, $7)

Banrock Station Colombard Chardonnay 2007/2009 6 x 75cl

I have also found some wonderful inspiration via Pinterest, of course! Look at these great ideas:

Wine and Cheese Party
Source: thatssoyummy.com  

I wonder, have you ever hosted a wine and cheese party? Have you got any tips or suggestions for me on how to host one? If you have anything you can share with me I would so love to hear from you! 

Well, I'd better get organised...looks like I'm hosting a party soon!

Best wishes,

Natasha In Oz 



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