Friday, July 15, 2011

Wordless Wednesday ~ Sibling Love?

Welcome friends! I hope you have had a wonderful week. Can you believe it's already Wednesday?

I have had a good week so far and now the kids are back at school I have been trying to get some order back into the house! I really loved having the kids home with me for 3 weeks but I will definitely not miss their bickering and arguing.

I grew up with two younger sisters and went to an all-girls school so when I had a son it was the biggest shock of my life! When Big Al was a baby all he wanted to do was eat and watch TV but as he got older he found much more joy in terrorising his sister than in eating us out of house and home. I really adore my handsome son but he sure does know how to push everyone's buttons!

On Monday, the last day of the holidays, we thought we would have a game session. We made some cookies and then played "The Game of Life"...doesn't that sound nice? The kids were getting along so well I thought I'd take pictures of them to capture this rare and beautiful moment....

Don't they look so happy and loving?

But look at what happened just a few seconds later....

Can you see the the glint in Big Al's eye? 
Can you see the cheeky expression on his face? 
Can you guess that he is not doing so well in the game and that Maddy is way ahead of him?
Can you see his finger ready to flick the pieces of the game and turn this loving "Hallmark moment" into an episode of Modern Family?

I didn't end up taking any more pictures that day....they wouldn't have been fit for the calm and serene ambience I am trying to create in this blog as they would have contained carnage, fighting and lots of cookie crumbs and spilled milk on my Persian rug!

So, why am I sharing all of this with you? Well, this was a really big "Aha Moment" for me as the mother of a son. You see, even though I was upset with Big Al's behaviour and I made sure he spent some quality time in his room for "reflection" (after he cleaned the rug!) I realised that when Big Al provokes Maddy, he's just finding an excuse to hug her and be close to her. He might not get the warmest of hugs from her but he's happy because at least he's getting some kind of attention from her.

I just hope that he learns sooner rather than later that this isn't quite 
the best way to get a hug from his sister!
Thanks for sharing my "Aha Moment" with me! I am so glad I my dear bloggy friends to share these special memories with. I am also hoping that you might be able share your wisdom with me! If you have some advice on how I can encourage Big Al to find other ways to show affection for his big sister I would desperately love to hear from you!

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Best wishes and Happy Bastille Day on the 14th to my French friends!
Natasha In Oz 

Siblings are the people we practice on, the people who teach us about fairness and cooperation and kindness and caring - quite often the hard way. Pamela Dugdale


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