Saturday, December 17, 2011

Prayers needed please!

I'm sorry that this week's Say G'Day Saturday Linky party is not quite ready yet but today we found out that my sister Holly is finally in labour!

This picture was taken a couple of days ago...on the day that Holly found out that bubs had turned herself around and was not only posterior but she decided to lay on her side! Poor Holly was supposed to have an induction the next day but that couldn't happen as it would be too dangerous.

Today my cheeky little niece has decided that she is going to take her time to make her grand entrance! Holly went into labour this morning but still nothing has happened!

Natasha in Oz, Labour
Holly is getting a well-deserved massage from Maddy.

As soon as I hear some news I will be back to regular posting! In the meantime, I am sure that Holly and John would really appreciate your thoughts and prayers at this stressful time!

Natasha in Oz, Holly and John

Come on little one...hurry up!

Best wishes,
Natasha In Oz 


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