Friday, January 6, 2012

Saying G'Day after my Bloggy break and Happy New Year!

Hello my dear  friends! Welcome to to 2012 and welcome to Natasha In Oz! It seems like it has been forever since I have blogged. I sure do hope that you have enjoyed a relaxing, happy and festive holiday with your loved ones! I have really missed visiting you all and I truly appreciate your messages over the last couple of weeks! I hope you will forgive me for not visiting you but I have spent every spare minute of my day with my family!

I really enjoyed celebrating the holidays with my family this year. We had a very merry Christmas which was even more special due to the arrival of our sweet little Maisie!

The big man even came by and visited for a while!

Christmas Day sure was fun!

We also had a very happy new year celebration at my favourite beach...Mooloolaba!

New Year's Eve on the Beach was brilliant!

This photo is terrible but I just wanted to show you the fireworks going off on the water. It was quite a show!

I have also had lots of fun playing with my new iPhone (yay I finally traded in my old BlackBerry and have become very good friends with Siri!), tweeting on Twitter, tumbling on my Tumblr blog and of course, Pinning on Pinterest! This week I have been pinning lots of inspirational fitness images and healthy recipes as I have decided to get healthy and fit and try and lose a few kilos!

Thai Beef Salad
Source: wholeliving.com 

Mostly Not Potato Salad
Spaghetti with Sauteed Chicken and Grape Tomatoes
Source: skinnytaste.com 

I have also been adding lots of new music to my playlist and I  have added lots of songs to my walking playlist including a few from my new favourite site, Spark People. I have also had this song on constant replay...I absolutely love it! It's catchy, Mindy Gledhill has a great voice and it inspires me to get up and get moving every single day!

2012 has certainly started with a bang!

So what have you been up to these last few weeks? Have you been listening to any new music? Have you been baking, crafting, gardening or decorating? If you have I would be so thrilled if you could join in with me this weekend for my weekly Say G'day Saturday Linky Party!

If you would like to join in with this weekend's Say G'ad Party please link up a post, old or new, by simply adding the url of your particular blog post that you would like us to visit to the Linky tool.

I hope you will be able to join in and link up!

Well, I'd better go and eat a healthy breakfast! One thing I've learned over the last couple of weeks is that a quick cup of tea and a slice of toast is not a very good breakfast if you want to lose weight! Who knew you had to eat so much at breakfast in order to kick start your metabolism!

PB + J Yogurt

Thanks so much for visiting today and for your friendship and kindness over the last couple of years. I am looking forward to another happy and fun year of blogging and I am truly grateful that you, my sweet friends, have been on this blogging journey with me. I hope we can continue to support each other and be there for each other this year too!

See you tomorrow for the first Say G'day Saturday Linky Party for 2012!

Best wishes and Happy New Year!
Natasha In Oz 


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