Award and Tag Free Blog

Thank you so much to the very kind people who have honoured me with awards and tags over the last couple of years. I so appreciate your friendship but please know that it is reward enough for me to just have you come and visit me! I feel doubly blessed when someone takes the time to leave a comment!

Anyway, I have been agonizing over the whole award thing for a while now and I really think you are all so deserving of all of the awards out there and I feel like I can't choose any one blogger to receive one from me. So from this point on I have decided that this blog will now be award free and tag free.  Please do not think me rude; it makes me feel very bad to accept an award and not pass it on as it was intended due to time restraints etc.

I truly think that every single one of your blogs is award worthy! 

I hope you understand and thank you for your support, kindness and bloggy friendship.

Best wishes,



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