Dust Storm Down Under

I haven't posted anything for a few days as we have been so happy relaxing, catching up with family and friends and enjoying the warm weather. The kids have had friends over, my mum and sisters came over for lunch yesterday and I have been "spring cleaning" in preparation for the installment of my new window coverings on Friday from Black and Spiro.

This morning we went shopping to buy ingredients for hamburgers (which the kids are making!) and we couldn't believe our eyes when we went back to the car; the weather had suddenly turned nasty due to the arrival of a massive dust storm. Below are 'before and after' images taken of the backyard. The dust storm has affected much of NSW, the ACT and South Queensland.

Dust Storm Down Under, Natasha in Oz, PoolAfter the dust storm

I am kind of glad we are stuck at home though, because Big Al  is quietly watching a movie, Maddy is playing quietly on the computer and I got to watch Martha and Sarah's Summer House in peace! Now, if I can just stop coughing and sneezing from all that dust!

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