Our Kitchen!

Today is Metamorphosis Monday with Susan from Between Naps on the Porch. Susan's "linky"parties have become my favourite parts of the week (she kindly hosts my other favourite event "Tablescape Thursday") and I really appreciate the opportunities that she gives to new bloggers like me to discover new blogging friends and to share ideas-Thank you so much Susan!

I am really excited to be posting another few pictures of our new kitchen. You might be able to see from the before and after photos why this part of the kitchen is one of favourite parts of the whole renovation.

As you can see there are 2 windows in the first photo; the window on the left was the one I posted last week (it is now adorned with gorgeous new shutters). The window on the right is my problem area; I hardly ever opened this window because so it was too jammed and it was also hard to access to clean properly.

Excuse the mess...

So we decided to make a feature of the space.....have a look at the transformation!

That window is till there...aaraggghhh please get rid of it! Let's just put some glass there and voila!

Some new cabinets are born....

How's this for a metamorphosis!


 Oh how I love my kitchen!

Thanks so much for visiting today and if you would like to see some more amazing transformations make sure you stop by Susan's place!

Best wishes for a lovely week,
Natasha In Oz 
If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies. ~Author Unknown


  1. How freaky! You have the same benchtops and tiles as me!! It's lovely, isn't it?

  2. Very pretty! I love the glass and the lighting in you cabinets.. The color is perfect!

  3. You cabinets look beautiful. I love the color, they look stunning. Great job!

  4. Amazing I'm beyond jealous at the beauty to the point where I may not be blog friends with you anymore-kidding! Love it not kidding xoxo


  5. lovely, the cabinets are to die for!

    happy met monday


  6. Looks great. I would have never thought to put a cabinet in front of the window like that.

  7. I love your glass door cupboards, great job !

  8. I love the glass in the cupboards, thats the way mine are and don't you think it just makes the room look so much bigger, I think it is because the solid door stops the eye and the glass just lets the eye keep seeing more...love it

  9. I love how the light shines through all your glass. What a clever idea!

  10. OMG! Everything is gorgeous! Have a beautiful & wonderful week. TTFN~Marydon

  11. Your colors are gorgeous. I love the tiles. And, congratulations on coming up with such a good solution for a problem window! Beautiful pane cabinet.

  12. This looks marvelous! I love what you did by adding the cabinets over the window. How pretty to see the light glowing through your pretty glassware! This was a genius idea! I love your kitchen. Are your cabinets painted gray?
    Be a sweetie,

  13. What a beautiful and calming color! I love your kitchen too.

  14. Just gorgeous! Your cabinet color is fabulous too. Great transformation, thanks for sharing :o)

  15. The kitchen looks so warm and cheery, what a great re-do the cabinets look awesome~ Cindy

  16. Oh my....a FABULOUS kitchen! No wonder you love it. I would too. My favorite are the glassed cabinets. They make your kitchen sparkle. Great job.

  17. Keeping the window behind the cupboard is so good for so many reasons. It sparkles like your backsplash. And you can change so much with a few pieces. My mom loved read glass and I imagine putting it in your cabinet to be back lit in your window.

    Thanks so much for visiting my place.

  18. You have my DREAM kitchen N ! : )... believe me when I say, seeing your work on your home, is really teaching me so much, and also inspiring me to keep a mental scrap book of the way I want my home to be when we get our own place... in the time to come. I love the clarity in your spaces, its noise free so to speak, very relaxing to the eye too. Sorry to keep refering back to her, but Martha really would LOVE this kitchen : )

  19. Hi Nat.Thanks so much for the beautiful comment!You have guessed that I am a Martha fan! I love watching her show (we have it over here thank goodness!) and the colour of my kitchen was totally inspired by hers. As usual YOU have MADE my day again! How lucky I am to have found a great blogging friend like you!



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