Morning Tea with Maddy.

Hello dear friends! Welcome to Natasha in Oz!

Today I had a lovely day with Maddy. Our "girls only" morning started at a lovely little cafe called Room with Roses where we had morning tea. The cafe is located in the heritage Brisbane Arcade building.

 Isn't it beautiful?

We sat at a table decorated with artfully arranged rose blooms on a balcony overlooking the stunning arcade. The lunch menu was full of tempting treats but we decided to have cake and a drink. Maddy had a fruit punch and a banana-topped caramel tart and I had a chai latte and a piece of coconut cake.

Everything was delicious!

We chatted about school, friends and clothes and then we went shopping.

End of story....

Are you bored yet?

This really could have been the most boring thing to blog about but today was actually a very important day for me. You see, while writing this blog I realised how profound and special these kinds of seemingly mundane moments really are.

Now that Maddy is nearly a teenager, I have learnt to really treasure these little pockets of time that we spend together because, soon enough, she will decide that I am way too "un-cool" to be seen with her in public and her friends are going to become a much more important part of her life. Naturally I know this, because that is exactly what I did with my mother! I just hope that in a few years time my beautiful daughter will see that what she thought was just a boring old morning shopping with mum on October 10, 2009 was actually a beautiful morning spent with one of her best friends at the Room with Roses.....

Best wishes,
Natasha in Oz.

A mother's treasure is her daughter.  ~Catherine Pulsifer


  1. Your blog was definitely not boring. Can't wait to do the same thing with my daughter:) Your sister, H x

  2. I'm surprised more people didn't comment! What an amazing thing to do with her, and know that she WILL remember it as she gets older and leaves the house. Hopefully you guys will be able to do it periodically. I wish my mother would've taken me out for bonafide time like that! It builds such trust and fosters open communication--way to go, mom!! 5 gold stars for you!



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