A change is as good as a holiday...isn't it?

Hello and welcome to Natasha in Oz!

I am sure many of my dear American friends are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving. We will be having a little Thanksgiving dinner at our house on Thursday and I am trying to find an easy recipe for Pecan pie so I will be visiting many of you very soon. If you have any good recipes please let me know-I would be SO VERY grateful!!! I am even going to try and make the pastry from scratch!

Well, another metamorphosis has taken place at my house so I would like to share some pictures with you for today's Met Monday post.

So, we finally got our bar-stools for the breakfast bar but our dining area is only small so the stools were bumping into the dining chairs and the room was feeling a bit claustrophobic. Here is a picture of the space before the stools.

Our antique Chinese sideboard looks lovely against that wall but I am just not sure.....

Here is another view looking into our lounge area from the dining area (before we got our new window treatments).....

And another view; this was from my first ever Tablescape!

Here comes the metamorphosis...I thought that maybe the space could be better utilized if I moved the Chinese sideboard and moved the dining table and chairs around. Just a few little changes.....


What do you think? Who was the wise person who said that a change is as good as a holiday?

I really like this new arrangement and the sideboard is the perfect height for the wall I placed it against.

Now, to decorate the sideboard.....

My youngest sister and her husband just gave us this gorgeous Royal Albert Santa Cookie Jar! Isn't it cute!

My parents gave me this cake stand for my birthday-it is filled with spiced muffins and minced fruit pies.

Here is one final look at the newly decorated sideboard in its new home!

I think I will leave it like this for now...well until I feel like another change....What do you think of our re-arranged dining/kitchen area? 

Thanks so much for visiting today and for spending time with me in my little corner of the world Down Under!

Best wishes,
Natasha In Oz 

When you’re finished changing, you’re finished. Benjamin Franklin


  1. hi natasha
    it seems i fixed the mysterious floating box on my blog. not sure how it got there and not sure how i removed it, just glad it's gone. i LOVE that jolly 'ole st.nick sitting on that pretty sideboard. have a blessed week.

  2. So festive. It looks very nice. I love sideboards, they are just majestic in a room.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  3. All looks gorgeous Natasha and also very festive already!

  4. Looks good! I like how the cocktail tray wasn't sacrificed in the change. xx

  5. I did not realize that you are from Austriala (sp?). I noticed in your post that you have a different type of air conditioner than is typical in the states. So I looked at the photos on your blog to try and figure out where you are from. I really enjoyed all the beautiful places you mentioned.
    I love your new arrangement and your new floral valance. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi Brismod-There are only a couple of drinks I like on that tray and my family laugh that I have some really nice scotch whiskey there that we will never drink! It looks so nice though-thanks for noticing!You are so sweet! Natasha.

  7. Hi Traci-yes indeed I am from Down Under and thank goodness we have that air conditioner-the weather here has been hot, humid and way too summery!
    Best wishes, Natasha.

  8. Your decorating and re-arranging is lovely! You're all set for Christmas! When the yummies are all gone from the cake stand use it to house ornaments like I did.

    If the cost of mailing the book is not too prohibitive I will enter you in the contest!

  9. You are very sweet Mrs Entertaining Mum! I am just happy to come visit you. I am sending hubby to buy me that Christmas blend coffee this week-I can't wait to try it.

  10. Hi Natasha! I am one of those that constatly rearranges my furniture...because it really does make things look different and often better. Your home is beautiful and I love the new arrangement!!! Your tree is so pretty too!

    :) T

  11. Hello Natasha!

    Your home looks so festive! I love how you rearranged your space. It looks great! That Chinese sideboard is a beautiful piece. It's wonderful to have a sideboard to decorate on. It is a super piece of furniture to create displays and vignettes. By the way, I'm always moving things around. It's so much fun...I'm always getting bored and looking for home for new treasures I acquire along the way. My husband never knows what to expect when he comes home!!
    Great job with your decorating!
    Any goodies left on that cake stand?????????
    Have a wonderful day!!

  12. You are my kinda gal! Great rearrangement. I call it my inner feng shui..I will look in a room, and all of a sudden, I will feel the need to rearrange some of its furniture. I like where you have everything now...it just works better, and the decorating is lovely.

  13. I'll be over for one of those sweets and a cup of tea☺

    Yes, the internet is full of information, isn't it? The pie spice was a real life saver for me because I had promised Joe that we would make those donuts. BTW, the were delicious!

  14. Love what you did with the room arrangement - funny how moving one piece of furniture makes the room look new.

    Great job - Love the Santa cookie jar also.


  15. Okay I sent my comment and it didn't 'go'. Love your changes and all. I had written that I use Dark Karo (Corn Syrup) recipe for pecen pie but my mom's pie crust recipe. Just had it proofed and it poofed. I'll try again. "Water Whip Pie Crust" 2 crusts 3/4 cup Spry (old brand name for shortening) in md sized bowl. Add 1/4 cup boiling water, 1 Tbs milk, and break up shortening with fork. Tilt bowl and whip w/fork until mixture is smooth and thick like whipped cream and holds soft peaks. Sift 2 cups sifted flour & 1 tsp salt together in mixture. Stir quickly w/round the bowl strokes. Pick up and work into smooth dough.

    That's it - only time it's failed on me I've overhandled it and it was a very humid day.

  16. okay - maybe you end up with 2 of my last comments? I just remembered you moderate comments but my connection really did 'poof' and show an error. I'm curious if my fist comment really got to you or not.

    ?? Jenn

  17. It is beautiful. I used to love changing my furniture around; it ws like a holiday. I can't do that anymore in our little bungalo. Tomorrow I start taking my decorations out. Have a nice week.

  18. The changes look great. Everything looks very festive around your home. Happy Holidays~ Sarah

  19. your home is packed with the spirit of the festivites Natasha...but most of all...it is packed with the love of family...!
    PS : Your amazing blog has recieved an award at my place. : )

  20. Your festive sideboard looks great in the new spot. That cookie jar is beautiful...what kind of cookies will be going into it?

  21. This really works, Natasha! It looks more spacious now and I love your Asian cabinet! Love the handsome Santa too!...Christine

  22. Oooh Nat-I am intrigued....Coming right over!

    Thanks for the recipe,Jenn, and for your both your comments! What a great lady you are!

    Mimi, my little mini-me, daughter M, made some choc-chip cookies (betty crocker's famous recipe!) and they are delicious!

    Thank you everyone for leaving such kind comments. You all really make my day! Natasha.

  23. I am so in love with that chinese sideboard! I wish I had one just like it! What a gorgeous piece. I think your room transformation looks fantastic!

  24. The world's most beautiful place is HOME 家! You have such a beautiful home and I love the deco and the concept.... thanks for showing

  25. mmm, the cookie jar & cake stand are AMAZING!



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