Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad!

Just a quick post today!

Today my whole family helped my parents celebrate their 40th Wedding Anniversary!

So, as part of my 30 Days of Giving Thanks with the Tatums

I want to give thanks for my  parent's marriage

Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary Mum and Dad!

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"A happy marriage is one in which you both know you're going to run into rough patches, but you're committed to working through them. What comes afterward is truly wonderful.

Robert Epstein, research professor at the California School of Professional Psychology.

Best wishes,


  1. How sweet Natasha ! Thats really something....! you guys would've had such a wonderful time, happily married parents....is definitely something to be thankful for.

  2. BOnjour! A very Happy Anniversary to your parents. How fortunate you are to have them close by. Have a wonderful day together!

  3. 'tis a wonderful blessing to be thankful for, my friend.
    Happiest day to the both of them;

  4. This post is a blessing! Long marriages are treasures and it is SO GOOD to be grateful for them.

  5. Happy Anniversary! This blog is an inspiration to me.

  6. Hi my darling daughter,
    Thank you so much for your beautiful comments and good wishes. We all had such a lovely day
    didn't we? Dad and I are so very proud of our
    happy and close knit family and always count our blessings. Families are treasures and never to be taken for granted. We love you
    so very much.
    Mum and Dad. xoxoxo

  7. Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad!!! 40 year...how wonderful! Hope you all had a nice time!

  8. What a wonderful day! Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad. I love your mom's post above...families are a treasure and never to be taken for granted! Something we all should remember everyday.



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