New Shutters & Curtains from Anna Spiro

Welcome to a new week and a new month at Natasha In Oz! I can't quite believe that November is here! We are still prettying up the house and the exterior paint work is looking gorgeous but my favourite feature from "Operation Pretty" are our new Shutters and Curtains from Anna Spiro. 

New Shutters & Curtains, Anna Spiro, Natasha in Oz

I have been blogging about and posting lots of pictures of our kitchen renovation lately. The aim of the kitchen renovation was to open up the lounge/dining/kitchen areas of the house. We knocked down the 2 walls you can see in the following picture to do this!

New Shutters & Curtains, Anna Spiro, Natasha in Oz

Here is a picture of the area without the walls.

New Shutters & Curtains, Anna Spiro, Natasha in Oz, renovation

When we had finished knocking down walls etc and were left with the kitchen of my dreams, we realised that our window treatments were all wrong and needed changing. The kitchen was all soft and grey so the brown tones you see below just didn't flow.

New Shutters & Curtains, Anna Spiro, Natasha in Oz

The brown is way too dark and heavy and is clashing with the grey.

So, what to do...????

Well, to cut a long story short, (as my mother always says) following a wonderful trip to London last Christmas where we stayed at a charming and beautiful place called the Draycott Hotel in Chelsea, we decided to try and recreate a little bit of London in our little Aussie home.

Here is our inspiration...

Our room at the Draycott on Christmas morning.

New Shutters & Curtains, Anna Spiro, Natasha in Oz

This was where Maddy and Big Al slept.

 This is the library/sitting room

Here is the drawing room where afternoon tea is served every afternoon and champagne is served every evening.

The charming ambiance of The Draycott was the inspiration for our new English look.

We really love our new shutters and curtains from Brisbane Interior Designer Anna Spiro. We think everything looks a little bit "English" now!

New Shutters & Curtains, Anna Spiro, Natasha in Oz

New Shutters & Curtains, Anna Spiro, Natasha in Oz

New Shutters & Curtains, Anna Spiro, Natasha in Oz

New Shutters & Curtains, Anna Spiro, Natasha in Oz

Sorry, I have shown some of these pictures before...

New Shutters & Curtains, Anna Spiro, Natasha in Oz

I am so happy with our new shutters and curtains from Anna Spiro, I get so much joy from cooking in my new kitchen and I love entertaining in our open plan area.

I'm sure you must be getting very bored looking at all of my renovation photos....I promise I will post some NON-kitchen photos next Met Monday...I am sure that they will have a Christmas flavour to them!

Wishing you all a wonderful November.

Best wishes,

Natasha In Oz 

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  1. We'd love to have you participate in the 30 Days of Thanksgiving! It seems strange to be reading your blog post from Monday when it's still Sunday here. lol.... I'll check back with your blog later.

  2. Hi N, Oh I know....! I sooo love classic English decor ! My Gran who lived in the UK had an exquisite table cloth with Pink English Roses on it... its pretty old but very well preserved, when ( very sadly)she passed a few years ago I inherited it...its so precious to me and I have still NOT used it...& well the design of your drapes and also the wall placard over your dining is very similar to it.Which is another reason why I like it a lot.

    I feel you really have achieved that classic English style N.... your just clever clever !...and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE that Teapoy !!!

  3. WOw, what neat rooms - like in a magazine !

  4. You have some amazing rooms! I love the kid's room. It looks like a captain's quarters or something. Really neat. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I can't take my eyes off those 4 windows above your kitchen counter. That has got to be the greatest place to work.

  6. Your window treatments are lovely! I need to sit down and take a better peek at your blog!Thanks for commenting on mine! I had no comments and was about to call my mom and ask her to give me a "sympathy" comment! Wasn't sure if the table I created was a dud! Good luck with your blogging!


  7. Hello Natasha,
    Thank you for coming to visit my blog!! It's interesting to see how many things we both seem to share the same interests in. I absolutely love the hotel in London you stayed in over Christmas. I can see why it was your inspiration
    for your renovation. The pictures of your home are lovely. I will definitely be back for more of your photos and inspiration.

    Have a lovely day!!

  8. I LUV your English look!!!

    And I LUV finding other bloggers, who have taken courage from 'Between Naps on the Porch' and switched to the necessary blog-stuff to be able to post biggggggggggggggggg pics. It took me a long time to get up the courage. But it's so much fun, when we can. :-)

    Gentle hugs,
    Aunt Amelia



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