A Holiday metamorphosis!

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Like many people at the moment I am so excited because Christmas is coming! Yesterday we put up our tree and we have put out quite a few decorations also.

Here is our lounge area before the tree went up

And here is the lounge are with our decorated tree!

I will be changing many things over the next week or so by moving objects around, finding new and better places for things and buying a few new ornaments. I also plan to do some Holiday tablescaping on my sideboard. I am still trying to work out where I can put many things, especially this very special girl, an early birthday present from D! Isn't she angelic...

While I am still decorating and moving things around, I thought I would share some holiday pictures in the form of a mosaic from our family album. As I have said, this is my first mosaic post so it is pretty simple! I have included some pictures from our trip to Europe and Singapore last year, our trip to America a couple of years ago and a few images from the decorations I put up yesterday. The picture of Father Christmas in his fine RED gear was taken in London last year on Christmas day.

Doing this post has really got me in the mood for putting on some Carols, exploring other people's amazing blogs and starting to look for some new Holiday recipes!

Thanks so much to the people who have signed up to follow my blog. I really appreciate your support and your very kind words.

Today I am participating in Metamorphosis Monday which is a weekly party kindly hosted by Susan from one of my very favorite blogs "Between Naps on the Porch". Since I have been experimenting with the art of photo mosaics I will be posting my Holiday metamorphosis as a Mosaic and so I will be linking up with Mary from "The Little Red House" who is kindly hosting Mosaic Monday. I am also linking up with Mary's Ruby Tuesday over at Work of the Poet because I have a few splashes of Holiday RED thrown in! Thank you so much Susan, Mary and "The Teach" for giving me the opportunity to post with you!

Best wishes always,
Natasha In Oz 

PS Has anyone seen this yet? We are going to see it on the weekend!


  1. Great mosaic, mixing the flowers with the flowered china. Beautiful.

    visit me at www.jeanneselep.blogspot.com

  2. Wow! You have decorated for Christmas already! I'm still in autumn mode ...I always wait till after Thanksgiving to begin to think about Christmas, and because I buy a live tree I wait until the week before to decorate.

    I imagine that being early like this gives you a lot of time to get things done ... enjoy it all and Happy Mosaic Monday!

  3. Hi Pat! I always get our tree up around this time of year but if I was living in America you can be sure our house would be covered in Fall decorations and I would be getting ready for Thanksgiving! We tried a live tree here one Christmas too but with the heat of Summer it died within a week!
    Thank you so much for stopping by-hope to see you here again soon.
    Best wishes, Natasha.

  4. You already have your tree up... Oh gosh@!! You are a super woman... I havent even thought about it... I'm now depressed!!! :-(

  5. Wow you sure are getting into the spirit! I"m not quiet there yet, but after our yearly trip to Disneyland the week after Thanksgiving... I will totally be onboard! DIsneyland always gets us into the spirit of the holidaze!

    Everything looks so pretty at your house and I love that mosaic!
    Have a wonderful week :)
    ~Really Rainey~

  6. WOW! I can't even begin to think about Christmas until I've had a piece of pumpkin pie☺ But, I do have a couple of sugar plums dancing in my head☺

  7. I love your pretty tree ! I have to wait until the day after Thanksgiving to start decorating but then I am so ready! Cindy

  8. I cant believe you have your tree up already!! I havent even gotten a box out of the attic! and its hard for it to be 76 outside and there be a christmas tree inside haha.... sooo very soon though!
    thanks for stopping by over at my quarter life crisis! I think i will just snoop around here for a bit :)

  9. How pretty! I am happy to see that I am not the only early bird! I usually wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate my house. I am in retail and the tree goes up the day after Halloween so we can take photos of the Christmas items we sell. Thank you so much for stopping by and for your vote in the Best Holiday Decorated Site Contest. It is much appreciated! Merci, Rochele

  10. Wow, 47 days. I am so unprepared!

  11. Your tree looks great. Can't wait to see what you do next. Grat job on your first mosaic. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I am putting my tree up just before Thanksgiving this year because we are going away for the weekend which is when we usually decorate. I am getting excited!

    Love your mosaic.


  13. Oh how pretty. Everything looks perfect and in such glorious Holiday spirit. I need to get started real fast. Hugs, Marty

  14. It's hard to believe it is almost that time again! Looks like you are in the mood! :) Great tree! ~Rhonda

  15. Just to let you know that I love your chrissy tree!! And I am going to thank you from the bottom of my little old heart tomorrow morning for that lovely award! Merci mon amie ;-) Bisous

  16. I made my cloches for the first party and they are so easy! Find a cheese keeper, a pretty plate or tray, and a top from an old candle jar. Remove the ring from the jar lid, get some strong household glue and just glue it to the top of your cheese dome. Wait to dry. Stick pretty plate or tray underneath and decorate the inside! I have pics on my blog of the ones I used last time, all homemade. Cindy

  17. Wonderful decorations and you are an early bird. I have not even thought of decorating the tree. Lovely mosaic.

  18. Hi Natasha, Our X'mas tree is up already too ! : ) .... I bought a new lavender cashmere tree from Michaels today...and had no patience till I set it up. In my opinion the minute the radio starts playing x'mas tunes...then its time to get out the jingle bells ! Your tree is LOVELY !

  19. When holidays come,
    so do metamorphoses—
    everything’s transformed.

    My Ruby Tuesday

  20. Christmas trees already! I started baking today. That is always my first project. HRT

  21. It's hard to believe it is almost that time again! Looks like you are in the mood! :) Great tree! Work from home India

  22. Very pretty! You got your tree done fast. I'm still working on my trees and have three to finish. Great job! Thanks for sharing, oh, and for commenting on my blog! *smile* ~Liz



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