Festive and Decadent Christmas ice-cream pudding recipe.

G'day from Oz sweet friends! Today I would like to share a recipe for Christmas ice-cream pudding for a few Christmas parties! As you would know it is Summer Down Under so Christmas day is usually very hot.

Festive and Decadent Christmas ice-cream pudding recipe, Christmas, Natasha in Oz

We haven't caught on to the whole cookie exchange concept yet, probably because it is too hot to keep baking all day! Since it is so hot many Australians tend to have cold foods on the big day. Many families serve cold seafood, salads or have family BBQ's by the pool. However, since my mum is from England we always have turkey (with stuffing), baked ham and Christmas pudding. Now I am not a huge fan of all the peel that goes into a traditional pudding so I always make one that is made with ice-cream, chocolates, cranberries and macadamia nuts...YUM!

To make this festive and decadent Christmas ice-cream pudding recipe add:

2 bars of white chopped white chocolate

Festive and Decadent Christmas ice-cream pudding recipe.

2 Peppermint crisp bars

Festive and Decadent Christmas ice-cream pudding recipe, crushed peppermint crisp bars

2 small toblerone bars

Festive and Decadent Christmas ice-cream pudding recipe.

1 cup roasted macadamia nuts

Festive and Decadent Christmas ice-cream pudding recipe, macadamia nuts

One cup of cherries.

Festive and Decadent Christmas ice-cream pudding recipe, cherries

And 2 litres of softened vanilla ice cream

Festive and Decadent Christmas ice-cream pudding recipe.

I then add about 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon and 1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg and then mix everything together in a large bowl. When mixed well, place into a pudding bowl, glass bowl or even a cake tin that is shaped like a pudding bowl) that has been lined with cling film. Leave some cling film hanging over the edges of the bowl so you can cover the ice cream and then place the bowl in the freezer overnight.

When it is time to serve the pudding take it out the freezer for a few minutes and then turn it out onto a plate. I then drizzle it with chocolate topping (the one that dries hard) but you can also top it with mixed berries.


Festive and Decadent Christmas ice-cream pudding recipe.

This is such a great recipe because it is easy and it has to be prepared in advance-one less thing to have to worry about Christmas day!

I made this ice cream pudding for an early Christmas lunch that we had at the in-law's place a couple of weeks ago. They have gone to Paris to spend Christmas with D's sister and her family.

Here are some pictures of our Christmas table and our yummy food:

Festive and Decadent Christmas ice-cream pudding recipe.

We always have crystal glasses for special occassions!
Festive and Decadent Christmas ice-cream pudding recipe.

We ate roasted chicken and glazed ham, roasted potatoes and pumpkin, steamed broccoli and cauliflower with white sauce. I think the dishes are from Johnson Brothers but I could be wrong....

 Festive and Decadent Christmas ice-cream pudding recipe, Christmas Dinner

Dessert was a traditional steamed pudding with brandy custard and ice-cream pudding. 

 Festive and Decadent Christmas ice-cream pudding recipe.

Thank you also for hosting these wonderful linky parties ladies and thank you for inviting me to join in.

I am heading over to visit my beautiful hostesses, so I can get some more recipes and look at some beautifully decorated homes-I think I will to look into this cookie exchange idea for next year!

Best wishes until next time,

Natasha In Oz

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For centuries men have kept an appointment with Christmas.  Christmas means fellowship, feasting, giving and receiving, a time of good cheer, home. W.J. Ronald Tucker


  1. Hi Natasha - the ice cream recipe looks delicious and funnily enough I have just this moment posted a cookie recipe on my blog today - before I looked at yours and saw it was 'cookie exchange'!
    Take care - have a good day...x

  2. Natasha!!! I certainly didn't mind that you didn't share a cookie recipe! That icecream pudding looks devine!!!!!! Yum, Yum, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. That ice cream pudding looks divine.It is so strange for me to think of a very hot day for Christmas; we are usually afraid of snowstorms and our kids can't come up for the holiday.Enjoy!

  4. It all looks scrumptious...thanks soooo much for sharing...I must try that ice cream recipe!


  5. How delicious looking!!!!

    And you could enjoy Rum Balls, since they don't require baking. The "A Holiday Cookie Exchange" pic seems to have them, on it. :-)

  6. Natasha~~~~

    Your pudding looks scrumptious. I have never heard of toblerone bars and wonder if they go by another name here...

    The pre~Christmas lunch looks delicious also! Steamed pudding...yum! Now that is something I would love to learn to make!

    Happy holidays! :-)


  7. Natasha,
    Greetings to you from my Christmas "workshop"! You can call it the kitchen, though. I keep forgetting it is summer down under!! Silly me. I don't blame you one bit, I wouldn't want to turn my oven on in the summer either. The nice cool ice cream pudding would be just fine for me too. I love the way you drizzled the chocolate that hardens on top. YUMMY!!
    I think I would have a hard time putting on a bathing suit with all those goodies around during the holidays! Thank goodness for wearing sweaters and pants on Christmas up here where it's cold. LOL!! :)
    Have a wonderful day and stay cool eating your yummy Christmas ice cream pudding!!!


  8. Your pudding looks so delicious! I do know what a Toblerone bar is..yummy! I wonder where I can get a peppermint crisp bar? I would love to try your recipe!

  9. That looks scrumptious!! Rather than share the recipe!! Can I come over for a meal?? ;-)

  10. Bonjour Natasha! Of course it is okay about the cookie recipe - with a ice cream recipe like this! Everything looks so delicious on the table!
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful week!

  11. Natasha, what a yummy looking recipe. How interesting also to hear of other parts of the world and how you celebrate Christmas.

    BTW, thanks for coming by my blog and taking time to leave such a kind comment! Seasons Greeting to you!!!

  12. Hi Natasha! Wow! That Ice Cream pudding sounds fabulous! We have an Ice Cream shop here in the states called Cold Stone Creamery... They mix all sorts of goodies into your Ice Cream.. Very dangerous stuff! I believe our youngest would eat Ice Cream sitting in the middle of a snow storm! He Loves it that much! LOL

    Thanks so much for sharing this recipe with us!

    Off to try & finish my shopping! Hope you guys are having a great week!
    Big Hugs ~ Teresa

  13. Irresistible... gastronomically yours....

    this is me....

  14. OMG the ice cream looks amazing!!! I might try to make a smaller version :)

  15. Hi Natasha!!! Looks like a delicious recipe, who cares if it's not a cookie recipe! Seriously, it looks great, thanks for sharing!
    Glad yo liked the pine cone wreath at Casa Haus! I hope the tutorial works for you, I tried my best to make a good one.
    Lovely to meet you! I actually have some great friends living in Brisbane, so when I saw your profile, it reminded me of them. Hope to visit Australia some day soon.
    Have a happy Wednesday!

  16. Yum Natasha,
    Your icecream pudding looks delicious. I don't know if I could get use to having a hot Christmas though. I love the cold and bundling up and baking at Christmas time. Ideally I would love it to snow here...now that would be a perfect Christmas for me....but I'll settle with it being nice and chilly. By the way, your dinner table looked amazing and the food...yummy, delicious. Have a wonderful day.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  17. it looks delicious! and easy to make.thank you for sharing ,catherine

  18. YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM. That's about all I can say except that I want to come HOOOOOOME!!

  19. Wow! What a yummy looking post!

    I hope you'll stop by and link up today at my Holly Bloggy Christmas Recipe party!

  20. oooh that food looks good! Not so good that it is 3 am where I am and practically dead of winter and I shouldn't be up but I am and I am hungry! (and for you it is nearly tea time and summertime!)

  21. Oh my I hope I haven't ruined my keyboard with all the drool. That looks unbelievably good. Happy Holly Bloggy Bash :o)

  22. Awesome! Any leftovers?!

    Follow/read us on new blog @

    Merry Christmas ~
    TTFN ~Marydon

  23. This sounds wonderful. I know what you mean about the heat we have had weather in the 80s here in Florida. It has made baking a little uncomfortable. Thanks for sharing your recipe & Happy Holidays.

  24. Natasha,
    I have never heard of a pudding quite like this! It sounds delicious. My kids would have a blast making (and eating) this dessert.
    Thanks for sharing with my Cookie Exchange!

  25. OH my word!! that post certainly made me hungry!!! that pie sounds amazing!!


  26. Hi Natasha,
    thank you for following my blog.
    Your blog is lovely, I really enjoyed my peek here :)
    Wonderful, wonderful blog!

  27. Natasha, thanks for sharing everything. That ice cream looks divine.

  28. My goodness! What a mouthwatering tablescape. YUM!

  29. Ummm, all that food looks delicious. And that Ice Creme Pudding sounds fabulous. I've never heard of any of the candy bars...the white chocolate or any of the others. I love hearing about different foods and different ways to celebrate. It seems so funny that your Christmas time is hot....:O)
    Have a wonderful holiday,
    xo bj

  30. Natasha,

    Having grown up with Traditional Christmas pudding, I have to say I'm not a huge fan of it. Your pudding, however, looks and sounds wonderful!
    A great make ahead recipe! Thanks so much!

  31. Yum! You are making my VERY HUNGRY! Looks like you had a great Christmas with the in-law's! Love those crystal goblets!

  32. Look at the fun table! The desserts look fabulous! Sometimes it is nice to celebrate with some of the family a little ealy & spread out the celebrations! You know...celebrate all year :)

  33. Love the beautiful old dishes that you have everything so nicely displayed on!

    - The Tablescaper



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