Blogging woes....

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I feel like screaming!!!!

I have had the worst time this weekend with my blog. A few lovely people left comments that my pictures weren't loading properly so upon investigation I discovered that they weren't just not loading properly they were GONE!!!!! About 100 or so photos just completely disappeared! Then I discovered that my dashboard was empty and all the blogs that I had been following seemed to just be completely gone or I had become an anonymous follower! AAARRGGGHHH...

Anyway after a many many hours of reloading photos and trying to remember blogs I was following I think I am back on track.  Hopefully I will have finished re-following everyone by the end of the day.

I so hope this doesn't happen again! Better go and make sure I have signed up to follow all of your wonderful blogs!

Best wishes for a wonderful week.

PS While I was being all technical I managed to make a new button for my blog. I would be honoured if you decided to take one!


  1. That is awful that you lost so much. I am so thankful that you were able to fix it and I am grabbing your button and posting!! Yeah!!!

  2. Oh Natasha, you poor thing! I hope you reconnect with all your blog friends.
    I tried to download and use picasa yesterday and it freaked me out thinking I was going to delete all my photos so I got hubby to get rid of it so there's my attempt at collages. Computers, love 'em, hate 'em!

  3. I'm so glad that your blog is up and running again. I was so distressed that I could not see all the beautiful cherub pictures that you were describing. If I ever have trouble with my blog, you will be the one I call, since you have managed to pull it back together. Hope it all goes smoothly this week.


  4. Wow Natasha! I wonder what happened?? That's terrible! So glad you were able to get everything reloaded!!:) I wanted to let you know that I also have not forgotten about that awesomely sweet award you honored me with!! I'm planning a post about that this week! Been so busy with this painting stuff! We are still not finished! Ugh!

    Now I'm off to see all this new stuff on your Blog! Looks Fabulous!! Love your header photo collage!

    Hope You & Your Hubby Had A Beautiful Valentines Day!

    Big Hugs ~ Teresa

  5. How terrible and frustrating! And annoying. You may want to inform blogger... I hope this doesn't happen to you again!

  6. Natasha~~~

    I have had my dashboard disappear and it usually comes back if I shut down and restart my computer. I don't know if this will help you...

    Sorry about all of your woes.


  7. Thanks so much for being so sweet! Comments like this from wonderful friends like you inspired me to soldier on and fix everything because I seriously contemplated just giving up!



  8. Sorry about all that happened. Frustrating, isn't it? But I am glad everything is recovered now. Hope it does not happen

  9. Oh what a nightmare! I'm glad you managed to recover everything!

  10. Oh so terrible. I have heard so many stories like this in blogger. Best wishes to you in restoring everything!

  11. Oh that's a pity everything losts.
    Hope that mostly is back now.
    Wishing you all the best and a white greet from cold Holland

  12. That is sooo frustrating to have lost it all, but what a great job you did to fix it; It's beautiful! Hope you had a wonderful lovely Valentines Day.

  13. Did you find out why it happened? It wasn't a "hacker" was it? Do hope not... Anyway, glad you are back and all ok... X

  14. Hi natasha, thanks for popping over to visit my blog. Well I'm glad you found all your photos again cause they are looking great!

  15. I will grab your new button! I am so impressed that you know how to even try to create one. I wouldn't know where to start! I love the color blue of your wall paper :)
    Have a great day!!

  16. If that happened to me, I wouldn't even know where to begin!!!
    Glad you got it all back!

  17. Sorry about your blog issues. I hope that never happens to me. This is still all new to me. Thanks so much for the comment about me coming to Australia to help you with your apt. Oh, I wish I could visit there someday. Of course I am not a decorator. Just love to play around with it. Have a great day...Kim

  18. Oh no, how awful! Regardless of the headache, your blog and posts are beautiful! I enjoyed taking my 5 minutes. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Let me know if you decide to try your hand at the trees, I'd love to link up to ya! ;)
    -Ann Marie

  19. natasha,

    that IS horrifying! maybe we should look
    into some sort of back up devise.

    so sorry for your terrible loss and the use
    of all your time!

    my kids get tired of me saying that i visited
    australia today, but i never tire of saying it!


  20. Oh dear! I wonder what kind of preventive measures could be taken to keep that from happening. I'm glad you are getting yours fixed and hoping that I won't have to deal with that.

  21. Soooo pleased that it finally worked out for two reasons: ONE - we would miss you terribly and TWO: we would miss you terribly. What a bugger you poor thing. It takes long enough as it is to plan a blog post without having to redo everything and more. Sending you mental bottles of bubbly to help you through ;-) Love

  22. Sweet, sweet Natasha, my gosh this is not amusing. I understand things are solved now. GREAT! I like your image soooo much! Put a smile on my face! Lovely post again.

    Happy Thoughts!

  23. I'm glad you manage to do it , i didn't know it could happen! have a good week .Catherine

  24. I call that the "internet imp." One time I lost all my followers and couldn't post. The next day, all was okay. But I freaked. I'm glad you got it all to work.

  25. Thanks for stopping by SuKnitWitty today...especially since you were in the process of reconstructing your blog. How does that happen? It's a BlogginMystery I guess. Every so often I copy posts, followers and other stuff and save them in my documents....just in case. You're the first I've heard that lost so much data on blogger.

  26. Ooooo Natasha that does sound bad! I lost my blog list a few weeks ago & it killed me! I can't imagine dealing with all you are!!! Hope things get back on track & quickly ...blogging takes up enough thie as it is! Take care!

  27. Oh dear so painful!
    J saw you have been a follower t on my blogg!
    So nice!
    Many hugs to you!

  28. I didn't know you could lose things on your blog. I thought they were there forever. What a horror story!
    I'm not clear on the new button and how someone takes it, but maybe if I read more I'll understand. Thanks for sharing.

  29. I have heard about that happening...Hopefully, it won't happen again!

  30. Hmmm. I'm gobsmacked! I sure hope this blog problem is not "going around." How frustrating!

  31. Oh no! Technology is great - only when it works right!


  32. Sorry for all your difficulties... I wouldn't know where to start if that had happened to me. Actually, I do, I would have just called my sister and she would have straightened me out... Bummer about your rain, hope there isn't too much flooding with all that rain in such a short amount of time. I count on you to keep us filled with lovely weather, sunshine and summer.
    Take care,

  33. So sorry that you had such an awful blogging problem. -sigh-

    The worst part is, we don't have any idea why things like this happened. So we can't be sure to not do it again. -repeat sigh-

    Luck!!! :-)

  34. I know just how you feel!

    My woe was that I was getting little to no comments after visitng over 70 of my fellow blogging friends!..,

    Ever so kindly a fellow blogger alerted me to the likelihood that there was "a viris" attached to "the snow falling widget"!~I removed it and "voila"; problem solved!..,

    Thanks ever so much for visiting me and I do hope you can join me for tea next week!..,

    Cheers from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen



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