It's raining outside so it's decorating time inside!

Welcome friends. I am so glad you came to visit me in my little corner of the world Down Under!

I have been busy avoiding the rain and decorating the house this week. You see the weather here in Brisbane has been wet and miserable these last few days-more than 160 mm or about 6 1/2 inches has fallen, without a break, in the last 24 hours and the weather bureau is warning of a possible further 200 mm today. Apparently we have received the best rain for a century in the last couple of days alone....inside weather for sure!


This rainy old weather is just perfect for taking pictures of the garden for Outdoor Wednesday with Susan then quickly coming back inside to decorate tables for Marty's Table Top Tuesday party whilst sipping hot tea and eating home made shortbread with Wanda Lee at the Plumed pen!

I never thought that rainy days could be so much fun!

I have re-decorated our little wine cabinet in our lounge area with a few of my favorite things. Can you see that it is 10:30 in the morning and I need to turn on some lights? This is quite a novelty for me!


I swapped the cream tassel above for the pretty pink beaded tassel that I am giving away as a thank you to my beautiful followers.


The beautiful Tiffany lamp was a birthday present from my wonderful husband.

I placed the sweet little silver birds on some books about England that were given to us by....wait for it....
my youngest sister's husband's older sister! 

I wanted to display my dome clock today to show Marty since she is the Queen of cloches, domes and all things beautiful!

The rain still hasn't gone away....


Oh well, I might as well catch up with some reading, blogging and a cup of Yorkshire tea!


I think I might also have some yummy home made Scottish shortbread while I read my new magazines that arrived the other day! 

This month's issue of American House Beautiful is, well, beautiful!

Have you seen the blog that I have just started with my two sisters? It is called 3 Sisters,365 and we are posting a picture a day. We have just posted our first pictures - Just click here if you would like to check it out.

If this rain continues like this for the next few days I will have time to redecorate every table top and surface in the entire house, finish reading all of my magazines, bake several batches of shortbread and take lots of photos for both of my blogs!  Who needs vacuuming and dusting when you can have this much fun!

Thank you Marty, Wanda Lee and Susan for having me today and thanks so much to you for visiting-it is always lovely to catch up with friends!

Best wishes always,
Natasha In Oz 


  1. Love your table, Natasha. I like the tiffany lamp and the silver birds..Christine

  2. I love your pretty flowers. There aren't any flowers here yet, but Spring is just around the corner (I hope).

  3. hey natasha,

    as always, everything is beautifully
    appointed in your home.

    just love the lovebirds.


  4. im so glad u guys r getting rain! i wish it would rain everywhere back home where it is needed! Rainy days r great for baking :D love what u did with ur table top! What a lovely post darl! :)

  5. Love your lamp and the birds...pretty arrangement...hope it stops raining soon so you can go outside and play. I would love a bite of the shortbread...I have a good friend from Scotland and every once in a while she makes me a tin full. Have a good day!

  6. What a beautiful lamp! Thanks for sharing your vignette.

  7. Oh we can do with some of the rain down here hehe!
    It is a perfect day to be spending indoor, your house is looking good! Bet the garden will be too after all the rain.

  8. Hello Natasha, my first visit to your blog and what do I see but Yorkshire teabags and books on the UK!!!The clock is lovely too.

    I am going to enter your giveaway and also view your new blog. I will be back, Jackie, Surrey UK

  9. Hi there Natasha. Glad to see you making the most of this weather. I must admit this rain makes me feel very much at home:o)
    You have GOT to tell me where you got your tea/coffee/sugar cannisters??? I am on the look-out for some and these are too gorgeous.

  10. "Who needs vacuuming and dusting when you can have this much fun!"

    She says of her what appears to be immaculate home! ;)

    I love the cloud photo btw.

  11. A perfect day for sure! Your table is darling!

  12. Wow.. that is such an amazing wine table.. its lovely!! Love your tea cup!!

  13. Your flowers are so beautiful! And your tea time is so welcoming, so peaceful. I notice that you read the same magazines we read in the U.S...I wonder if the issues are individualized country by country? The shortbread looks delectable. Thanks for having me for tea!
    Blessings - Beth

  14. HI Natasha...

    My friend, it sounds like you found a lovely way to spend a rainy day! Love your pretty wine cabinet and the beautiful vignette! The little silver birds are just darling...I have a "thing" for all sweet little birds! Hehe! The pink tassel is gorgeous! Thank you so much for the cup of tea and visit...what a treat!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  15. What a wonderful post! That oval table is gorgeous, would look perfect in my home!!~ Have a great day:)

  16. I see we are drinking the same tea today. I was awakened with a crash of thunder this morning but it has finally cleared up. I love your wine table and the birds.

    ~ Tracy

  17. Such a beautiful table. I love the lamp too, what a wonderful present. The silver birds are gorgeous and the books look fascinating. Now for the clock. I just love it. So pretty. Your teascape is also beautiful. Your counters and the cannister set are lovely. It really is fun to play with our vignettes isn't it. Thanks so much for joining the party today. Hugs, Marty

  18. Hope sunny days are just around the corner!


  19. I love your wine cabinet...and those sweet little birds are perfect sitting there. I wonder if your tea tastes like my tea? I actually had a scone with mine this morning:)

    I hope you get all caught up...that is a lot of rain.


  20. Hi Natasha,
    Hope you aren't floating away in all that rain! And your decorating looks wonderful!

  21. Very cute idea to use your beautiful cabinet for wine display and storage. Love the vignettes. I've signed up as a follower. Come by and visit with me when you have a chance.

  22. Even though it was raining (and we do need the rain) you seem to have had a lovely time arranging, decorating and relaxing and why not? Enjoy....

  23. You certainly use your time wisely. When it rains, redecorate. Finished job is amazing!
    Joyce M

  24. Okay...I don't even drink wine but I might have to start just to have such a cute table!!! I have never seen one like that! Love it!
    & now I have to run over & see te blog you started with your sisters! I can't wait!

  25. I'm over the rain already, Natasha. Aren't you? Your Tiffany lamp is a beauty - lucky you having such a nice hubby!
    Thanks also for the giveaway link love. Cheers Anita x

  26. What a lovely cabinet!

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps I love Michael Bublé too!

  27. You decorated that table and area beautifully! I love the pics!

  28. Just beautiful!

    I am so glad I found your site I have linked up, and I am now following you. Pop on over and see mine. I would love to hear from you.

    Love the birdies.

  29. I like the things you have done, very nice what you can get accomplished on a rainy day. Very cool that you have started a blog with your 2 sisters too! Best of luck with that, between the 3 of you, you should be able to accomplish a photo or more every day.

  30. Great results .. may I hope for another day of rain so that you share with us new ideas?

  31. i love the rain... it's so good for the planet and makes you want to cozy up with you fave blanket!

  32. Hi Natasha,
    Isn't decorating so much fun? Love that pair of beautiful doves. Oh and I just popped over to your other blog...CUTE IDEA!!! Loved it. Anyway, keep having fun decorating, reading and baking (yum!) Have a wonderful weekend my friend.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  33. Natasha your Tiffany Lamp is to die for! Love the little birds!!

  34. oh yummy! you are too fun!!! how do you keep the laptop from getting messy???

    all my best.



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