Pink Roses and the weekend!

I am so happy that today is Saturday! I have had such a busy week as I did four days of substitute teaching this week. This time of year is always terribly stressful for teachers as there is so much marking and drafting to be done, reports to be written and end of term functions, concerts and sport's finals to attend. If you are also a parent, then it's double the stress!

This week has reminded me why I quit full-time teaching.

This week has also reminded me why I love my husband so much. He knew that I was tired after my busy week so, while I was enjoying a sleep-in this morning, he went to the markets and bought all our fresh produce for the week and he also bought me these...

What a wonderful man you are dear sweet hubby!
Thank you!

I will be sending special thoughts and prayers to all teachers this weekend....The holidays are just around the corner!

Best wishes,
Natasha In Oz 


  1. Natasha-I think you better keep him! I also used to teach and now substitute periodically. It's just enough to satisfy the "teacher" in me without the day to day responsibility! Rest this weekend--you deserve it!

  2. IT's not Saturday here yet. Seems so strange..I'm looking forward to it.
    PS I could NEVER be a teacher!

  3. Bonjour Natasha,
    Oh you do have a sweet husband! Take care and try to get some rest.
    Happy weekend,

  4. What??? He did the shopping as well?? I think the roses are definitely the bonus in the equation. They are beautiful.

  5. What a darling husband you have, Natasha. He must have know how stressed out you were. Rest up this weekend!


  6. He is definitely a "keeper" isn't he!
    Natasha :)

  7. Natasha, That is so sweet! What a great husband :)
    Have a great weekend, too!

  8. Natasha, He is a keeper!! Those roses are beautiful~~

  9. Oh yes... pink roses for you and white roses for me this weekend...(we do have such thoughtful husbands) have a happy and relaxed time after your busy week! x

  10. Happiness is someone else doing the shopping or cooking indeed!! I hope there were some tim tams in there somewhere too bliss! Definetly a keeper that one, enjoy your day, cheers katherine

  11. Hi Natasha, wow, lovely hubby, sit back enjoy the weekend, the flowers and as much attention as he wants to shower on you, well deserved. Jackie in UK.

  12. Lovely flowers - how thoughtful.

    I can't wait for spring break for my girls - just to have them around and not to run around so much.

  13. Natasha, The flowers are so pretty, and what a wonderful surprise to wake up and see! You have such a thoughtful husband. I bet there are a lot of aspirin bottles in the Teacher's Lounge! I'm so sorry my MckLinky closed too early. I have reopened it and I hope you'll come back and link up. laurie

  14. Natasha, thank you for stepping into my blog and enjoying some Spring with me.

    So, it must be Autumn in Australia?
    We were in Sydney last year and certainly enjoyed our time there.

    Congratulations on having such a sweet hubby! ...breathtaking roses!


  15. Beautiful roses! Enjoy your roses - and your Sunday!

  16. He certainly is a sweetie. You might just need to hang on to him. :)

  17. Natasha,
    Beautiful roses for a lovely lady. Your husband is really a gem. I, too, was a substitute teacher for many years, after giving up full time teaching. I echo your support for all the teachers out there--their job is sometimes a thankless one, and I think we should use every chance to show them our appreciation.


  18. Now that is one sweet husband, not only flowers, but did the shopping also? Wow!!!

  19. He sure is a keeper Natasha :) How sweet!

  20. How sweet to get roses from hubby! They are gorgeous!
    Can you believe it's already a brand new week!!? Pray it is a blessed one for you!

    bee blessed



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