Delicious Banana & Coconut Muffin Recipe

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This week I am sharing a delicious Banana and Coconut muffin recipe that my sweet daughter Maddy made for us.

Banana & Coconut Muffin Recipe, Natasha in Oz, Banana Muffin image

Maddy is studying Food Technology at school and she loves cooking (I used to call it Home Economics but today the cooking component is known as Food Tech and the sewing component is called "textiles"!)

Maddy modelling her Williams Sonoma apron that she wears for Food Tech!

Banana & Coconut Muffin Recipe, Madeleine, Natasha in Oz

This week she whipped up a batch of banana and coconut muffins and a banana cake and they were delicious!

Banana & Coconut Muffin Recipe, Natasha in Oz

So here is Maddy's adaption of a recipe for Banana and Coconut loaf that came from Best Recipes

Banana and Coconut Muffins


1 ½ cups self-raising flour
1 cup desiccated coconut
1 cup sugar
1 cup mashed banana
1 cup coconut milk
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla essence.

First Maddy sifted the flour and mixed the dry ingredients together in a bowl. We also added some LSA mix, which is ground linseed, sunflower and almond and it is a great source of essential fatty acids and fibre. We add it to so many things like oats, smoothies, yoghurt, muffins, cakes, cookies...anything that takes our fancy really!

Banana & Coconut Muffin Recipe, Natasha in Oz, cooking image

Then she mashed up 3 very ripe bananas.

Banana & Coconut Muffin Recipe, Natasha in Oz

Another shot of Maddy!

Banana & Coconut Muffin Recipe, Natasha in Oz

In another bowl Maddy mixed all the wet ingredients together. She then poured the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and mixed everything together until just combined.

Banana & Coconut Muffin Recipe, Natasha in Oz

 Banana & Coconut Muffin Recipe, Natasha in Oz

She poured the batter into a cake tin and into a muffin tray and we baked everything in an oven set at about 160/325. Our muffins were cooked after about 15 minutes and the cake took about 45 minutes.

Banana & Coconut Muffin Recipe, Natasha in Oz

Here are the finished banana and coconut muffins! They were absolutely divine! I think it was the coconut milk that made the difference...what a taste sensation!

Banana & Coconut Muffin Recipe, Natasha in Oz 

Thank you Maddy for baking these delicious and healthy lunch-box treats!

Banana & Coconut Muffin Recipe, Natasha in Oz

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  1. Those muffins look delicious, too bad I am not a banana fan...hubby would love them, though! I am so happy your Miss M likes to cook/bake, so many kids that age have no interest...you must be doing something right, Natasha!

  2. YUM !!! I now have my project for the weekend ~ baking muffins. I know my 8 year son will love them...I like the idea of the coconut milk...delicious I don't think they will make it to the lunch box on Monday

    have a weekend full of smiles

  3. I love it when kids cook. I started my daughter cooking when she was very young, and now at 25...she's a great little cook. Most of her friends can only do Ramen noodles.

  4. Mmmm...now I'm hungry! Thanks for sharing. (Love the apron - Williamsonoma is my happy place!)

  5. WOW! Muffin looks so good to eat and I can't wait to make those. Thanks for sharing.

  6. yum yum i member making banana muffins in home ech! love the pics darl!

  7. Natasha, how lucky you are to have a daughter who can bake! They look yummy too.

  8. Miss M what a wonderful job you did! These muffins are beautiful and I just love the muffin cups with the spiffy little banannas on them! Keep on cooking, and I hope you are a guest cook again.
    What a great success!

  9. This sounds like a wonderful recipe and I think Miss M is a wonderful baker. If she is this interested in cooking now, she will be a chef by the time she graduates!! Oh, I love that apron!! Don't you love the store and catalog?

    Have a great weekend, Natasha!


  10. The muffins look fantastic. I like that apron too!

  11. Yummy! I love sharing baking with my daughter too, I feel so much joy when we create together!
    Thank you for sharing!

  12. The only thing better than a teenager who can cook, is a teenager who can cook and clean! They look delicious, I am going to have to run out and get some coconut milk and try them!

  13. One of my favorite foods in the world is muffins! I was intrigued when coconut milk was in the recipe - I will be trying this version. (It looks like you have a nice bright house, too.)

  14. I love to make muffins for quick breakfasts on the go. The coconut/banana combo sounds like a real winner. YUM!

  15. This post is so nice! Love to see her cooking with the laptop on the counter, and wish I was there to taste the results; great sounding recipe. She is treasure.

  16. What an adorable chef! The coconut milk must take these muffins to a new level of deliciousness--I will definitely make these. My husband loves bananas in any form. Your muffin liners are darling, too.

  17. Yum to the nth degree!! these muffins have all my favorite ingredients, I will definitely make them, and pass them along (with credit to your brilliant daughter!) to my daughter who is a caterer in San Francisco...I know she will love these!

    And yes Natasha I think Pottery Barn will ship to you!! I actually bought the fabric on eBay and had a local upholsterer make up the tablecloth (way too big for me to make myself at the time)...it's a p. kaufmann fabric and I see it from time to time...my friend was visiting from Paris, went gaga for the fabric so I gave her the rest of the bolt....waiting to see what she made with it...

    have a grand weekend, and thanks for all the blogging company we keep!


  18. mmmm they do look nice and healthy, i used to do all the cooking at home too, hah cute muffin holders too with the banana!!!! good eating today!

  19. What yummy looking muffins..and she has captured it here for all of us to drool over..how nice! looking like a pro in that apron!

  20. Ooh I do love to see our kids cook! I still think I like the Home Ec name though - now that I'm a grown up (somewhere down in there) I reckon it's economical to know how to do all this in the home. Thanks for the LSA mix - we use a lot of wheatgerm and brewer's yeast too!! Happy munching

  21. Natasha darling, I popped in to personally thank you for the sweet birthday wishes you left for Christopher. We are both ever so grateful for you kindness. Have a lovely weekend my friend.

    Love & Hugs

  22. Bonjour Natasha,
    How lucky you have Miss M helping in the kitchen, the recipe looks great. Adding the coconut milk sound so good.
    Sounds like you've had a busy week and will head over now to see your new blog!
    Thanks you fo coming by about the McDo macs - I know something about the mix of macarons and french fries dosen't sit well!
    Bon weekend my friend.

  23. Coconut milk in banana muffins sounds delish! I guess now you have some competitions in the kitchen LOL BTW I love your home. I love your stainless steel appliances, your granite counter top, your dishes, your lovebirds, your clock, your lamp. etc.. You have good taste!

    Best regards,


  24. Yummm! I have some ripe bananas that I need to do something with. Maybe I'll try your recipe! :) Perfect timing.


  25. Natasha, I love the apron and your muffins look really delicious. I stopped by to say hello and stayed longer than I planned. You have a wonderful blog. I'll be back often. Have a great day...Mary

  26. Hi Natasha!
    Those muffins look great and I love that apron! I'm looking forward to following your blog:)

  27. yum! that looks like a pino colada cake!

    thanks for sharing.


  28. Can I have one? I love banana-everything! The apron suits your young Pastry Chef perfectly well!

  29. Mmmm...thank you for the recipe!

    : )

    Julie M.

  30. Oh My Word...I had to come and check this recipe out! I love everything coconut related..you mix it with banana..well you have a winner! and girl, how lucky are you! having a daughter that loves to cook...I just have son's and a hub who love to eat...so poor me, LOL!
    Have a great weekend Love, hugs, Lizy

  31. Mmmm these muffins sound gorgeous, also your blog looks beautiful. I'd love for you to pop by and share these over at my link party :D


  32. Natasha these look amazing and your little helper is adorable! Thank you for sharing with us at Monday Funday!

  33. Looks delish, Natasha :) Perfect for a rainy day like this... ~Pernilla

  34. Oh these do look sooooooooo good and a great recipe. Love your helper too, how fun and she is adorable. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  35. These look so good...I'm really hungry now! :)

    Brooke - DesignedByBH

  36. Oh boy! I bet they smelled good while baking:) Looks delicious~ Lynn @ Turnips 2 Tangerines

  37. Those sound delicious ... like a really great tropical mix!

  38. We used to call it Home Ec as well, and my mother would not allow me to take it! Maddy's muffins look delicious :)

  39. Oh my goodness these look SO good!! Found you through "What's In Your Kitchen". Love your blog!



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