Fast and Easy Pasta and Prawn Recipe

Yippee...It's Friday!

Fast and Easy Pasta and Prawn Recipe, Natasha in Oz

I love Fridays because the kids don't have homework and we can all relax! They can watch TV, play on the wii and stay up a little later than usual.

Fast and Easy Pasta and Prawn Recipe, Natasha in Oz

I love Fridays because Mr Attorney brings me flowers! What a sweetie!

Fast and Easy Pasta and Prawn Recipe, Natasha in Oz, Flowers

I also love Fridays because it is when I blog about one of my favourite things....Cooking!

Fast and Easy Pasta and Prawn Recipe, Natasha in Oz

I tried a new recipe for a creamy pasta sauce the other night and it was delicious. It is very easy, quick and healthy because I used a new Philly product.

Fast and Easy Pasta and Prawn Recipe, Natasha in Oz, Philly Cheese

Philly Cream for Cooking has 60% less fat than regular cream and it is gluten-free.

Fast and Easy Pasta and Prawn Recipe, Natasha in Oz, Philadelphia Cream Cheese for cooking

Put 1 can of crushed tinned tomatoes, 2 anchovy fillets, some chopped spring onion, garlic and olive oil in a heavy-based pan and cook over a medium heat until the garlic is soft. Season with pepper.

Fast and Easy Pasta and Prawn Recipe, Natasha in Oz

While this is cooking, add your choice of pasta to a large pan of boiling salted water and cook until al dente. Add a splash of wine to the sauce and cook until the alcohol has evaporated.

Save some to drink later! 

Fast and Easy Pasta and Prawn Recipe, Natasha in Oz, White wine, Sauvingnon Blanc

When the pasta is nearly cooked, add the prawns to the sauce and stir in the philly cream. I used frozen green prawns that had already been shelled. Warm through gently for a couple of minutes.

Fast and Easy Pasta and Prawn Recipe, Natasha in Oz

Just before serving add some washed baby spinach leaves to the sauce and cook for about one minute. Then drain the pasta and toss with the pasta sauce.

Fast and Easy Pasta and Prawn Recipe, Natasha in Oz

Divide between warm plates.

Fast and Easy Pasta and Prawn Recipe, Natasha in Oz

Serve immediately!

Fast and Easy Pasta and Prawn Recipe, Natasha in Oz


Fast and Easy Pasta and Prawn Recipe, Natasha in Oz

We also had steamed broccolini on the side.

Fast and Easy Pasta and Prawn Recipe, Natasha in Oz

It must have been good as Big Al went back for seconds!

Fast and Easy Pasta and Prawn Recipe, Natasha in Oz

Please let me know if you try this yummy and easy recipe!

I hope that you, my sweet friends, have a fun Friday and that your weekend is fabulous!

Thanks for visiting and for spending some of your day time with me! I so appreciate your visit!

Best wishes,
Natasha In Oz 
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  1. Love this Easy Pasta, looks delicious. I had just cooked Penne with Broccoli Sauce few days ago, also very healthy.

  2. Oh my, that looks and sounds delicious, Natasha. Shrimp/prawns is one of my favorites.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Wow, that meal looks delicious!! Nice photos. I haven't seen the new Philly product yet.

  4. Looks sooooo good...I just got finished eating some shrimp...luv it! I will keep this one in mind when I cook shrimp again...thanks for the intro to this cooking cream...I have not seen it:)


  5. Yum! This looks so good! We love pasta and shrimp! Together is the best!

  6. Hi Natasha! Wow! This looks really yummy! I just recently started on a Gluten Free diet.. It seems to be helping my tummy ailments quite a bit! I found a great assortment of GF pasta at my local grocery store! I was so excited because I Love pasta! I will defintely try this great recipe! Thanks so much for sharing!

    PS~ I posted about the Beautiful award you gave me! It only took me forever! (I haven't been blogging much) Thanks again for that! :)

    Hope you guys have a Beautiful & Relaxing Weekend!

    Big Hugs ~ Teresa

  7. Ohhh Natasha, If we didn't live countries apart...I'd be inviting myself over for dinner! Delish!

  8. Yummy yummy yum yum yum! If I could stick my fork into the computer screen to take a bite, I would. Looks and sounds de-lish! Great photos, too! Sincerely, Susan

  9. This looks delish, I hope I get a chance to try it out soon!

  10. Stopping by from SITS. Your pictures are amazing!!

  11. That was a mouth-watering post.
    Yes, the photo meme was fun, but my computer is running very slowly tonight so I almost gave up trying to post a picture.
    What I really like about your flower are the layers that are so prominent. Very Nice!

  12. Looks good! Think I might make it with chicken!

  13. Natasha.. can I come over? that is one yummy pasta! we love pasta a lot!

  14. The recipe looks delicious. It makes me want to jump in the kitchen and start cooking...

    Mr. Attorney brings you flowers every Friday? That makes me envious ;-)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a coment...

    Have a blessed weekend...

  15. O Natascha..........why i live so far away from you??

    Otherwise i come over to enjoy you lovely looking dinner !!!

    Have a wonderful happy weekend my dear ! hugs from me......

  16. Ria, I would love to have you over for dinner! Let me know when you are visiting Oz!

    Deiala, I don't get flowers ever Friday but my hubby is pretty good at knowing when I would love some more! I am a very lucky gal!


  17. Thanks for sharing and making our tummies growl... TGIF!

  18. Geesh! Way to make me hungry at 2 in the morning with all of those food photos!!

    (my review and giveaway blog!)
    (my personal blog!)

  19. Popped in from SITS to say hi! That looks wonderful!

  20. Happy Weekend Natasha!
    I hope you had a wonderful Friday. That pasta dish looks wonderful, I will definitely try that recipe...yummy :)
    I see you like to have a glass of white wine while you are cooking...a little for me, a little for the recipe. Sometimes I cook like that too! Ha Ha!!
    Thanks for sharing a wonderful recipe with us and fun pictures of your family!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  21. That is such a treat that you get flowers every Friday!!!!

  22. that recipe looks fantastic i admit I actually don't love cooking, mainly because I have a fussy boring husband when it comes to food and I am terrible at planning, but I am definetly going to try this one, not just saying this will report back and let you know how I go. I love Fridays for all the reasons you mentioned too, aswell as you don't have to think about uniforms for tomorrow, cheers Katherine

  23. Hi Natasha,
    Looks & sounds like a fab dinner, it's hard to get Philly here in France but I could find a substitute I think. Gotta love a cook who drinks white wine whilst prepping dinner! Cheers!
    BTW I met Sister Stacey this week when she popped over to Normandy to visit the cows.
    Have a great weekend.

  24. Yum!! Absolutely one of my favorites!!

  25. Mmmm..you've made it look delicious and easy! Do you get flowers every Friday? Lucky girl! Very happy I stopped by!

  26. THIS looks like heaven in a bowl! stopping by from sits, anne


  27. Hi Natasha!

    I just made a pasta with Philly last night...and it also had hot Italian sausage in it! and broccoli...and...yummmm!
    your dish looks wonderful...I love cooking!

    thanks for coming by!

    we both have a "Passion" flower for cooking! lol

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  28. Okay, now I've got to go buy some shrimp! I love Fridays too, because I don't have to work the weekend.

  29. Natasha:
    Looks yummy and I too love to cook. Will try this for sure.
    How are the "boys" and their arms?
    Have a great weekend.

  30. Oh Natasha Delicioso!!!


  31. Oh no kidding, I had no idea about that new Philly product! I'll have to pick some up the next time I'm out for groceries - I love using cream cheese for sauces!

    YOUR sauce and pasta look delicious!

  32. Flowers every Friday I am impressed:)

  33. ohh nice! I will have to try that recipe. You know I am another FOODIE girl over here. Fridays are WONDERFUL! I agree.


  34. I want to come round your house for supper/breakfast/lunch/snacks/brunch, you get the idea! :)
    Lovely blog - , delicious food, lovely children, great images of all.
    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  35. Oh My GOODNESS, that looks delishh!!! (and I'm looking at this at 9 am Monday morning) I think I'll have to give that a try. Love the addition of the Philly cheese.
    Thanks for dropping by and leaving your lovely comment, it's always appreciated.

  36. Love it! I'm new to the blogging world and just became a follower of your blog! I hope you'll visit my blog, too!

  37. oh yes, yes, yes...

    this looks amazing and i'm running out tomorrow to get the ingredients for it. I can't wait to make it and i'll let you know how it goes. can't believe I wasn't following you...now I am!!!

    lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka ma, what's for dinner



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