#TuesdayTune ~ Miriam Stockley

Welcome friends to NatashaInOz.com! I am so glad you came to visit today! I am afraid that you might be here for quite a while if you listen to all of these beautiful songs for today's #TuesdayTune.

I had a very hard time choosing just one song....I have chosen three!

Have you heard Miriam Stockley sing!

Her voice always brings shivers down my spine and has even brought me close to tears!

Images from here.

Miriam Stockley (born 15 April 1962 in Johannesburg, South Africa) is a British singer. Her work is influenced by the African music from her home country, evident in this piece, Rain Song from her 2003 album Second Nature.

Her song, Perfect Day, was the theme song for the BBC children's programme The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends which ran from 1992 to 1995. The song was written by Colin Towns, and has since become the unofficial 'Theme for the Lake District!'

This final song I would like to share is probably my favourite, Adiemus. The original version is by the group Adiemus, featuring Miriam Stockley as lead vocal; but this version is a remake that she did as a bonus track for her most recent album titled "Eternal."

There are several versions of this song, all composed and conducted by Welsh composer Karl Jenkins and all of them performed by Miriam Stockley. The London Philharmonic Orchestra was featured in the original version (1995) and in the 4th album he formed the "Adiemus Orchestra"

I hope you enjoy also Adiemus!

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Thanks so much to you dear friends for visiting!
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Music is the universal language of mankind.  
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  1. Hi Natasha! I was just visiting with you. I LOVE your sunday songs...perfect gardening music!
    Hogs & KIsses

  2. Hello Natascha

    Perfect sleeping songs !! thanks.........just what i needed !! it's two o 'clock in the night !! sleep weel .....have a sunny sunday !!

    Hugs from Ria

  3. Hi Natasha: Just wanted to tell you the songs are beautiful. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  4. Hi Natasha! I cannot listen to the songs b/c somehow I lost the sound of my computer. I still have to figure out why but Miriam Stockley is beautiful....Christine

  5. Hi Natasha,

    Thank you for your reaction... My husband just left to go to Spain. I will tell him that he is welcome to your place!!
    The songs are beautiful.
    Have a nice Sunday!!

  6. Hi Natasha, didn´t know Miriam Stockley,she has such a beautiful and sweet voice, thanks for sharing.
    Here in Barcelona we have a cloudy day...Hope you could enjoy a sunny Sunday!

  7. Natasha, you have already discovered that I have linked up with you, but have I done it correctly?

    So glad you enjoyed Laura Pausini singing with James Blunt.

    My favourite of your selection this week was Adiemus, beautiful. I shall add it to my favourites on You Tube now!

  8. Bonjour Natasha,
    This is such a great Sunday Series. Miriam has such a lovely voice. I recognized the last two, Adiemus is my favorite too. Have a great Sunday my friend!

  9. Perfect link up Lindy Lou and I just love your song!

    Thank you for joining in.

    Natasha :)

  10. Natasha,

    I will come back and listen to the songs in a little bit. Everyone is still asleep here.

    Thanks for choosing music that I'm sure I will love.


  11. Natasha, thanks for sharing those. I had not heard her before. The songs are very haunting, full of emotion.

  12. Hi! You have a a lovely blog. I am now a follower.

  13. Thank you! I just love listening to the songs you post! I am sorry...I wanted to link a song today, but we are in Birthday celebrations and time got away from me! Hope you have a great week!

  14. What a beautiful selection of music, I so enjoyed !
    Thank you for sharing.

  15. I've always loved Perfect Day from the Beatrix Potter animated series....

  16. Wow! Thanks for sharing. It's too late to listen now - even with the music down; I risk waking the kids. SO I shall come back to it in themorning.
    Off to bed

  17. This is just fabulous! I must see if I can download this musical loveliness;( while paying of course,for some of their wonderful music, for my IPOD)!.., Thanks for sharing this Natasha!

    Hope to see you for 'Tuesday Tea For Two' this week my dear!..,

    Cheers from Wanda Lee

  18. Hi Natasha...

    My friend, this music is absolutely divine! I have never heard of Miriam Stockley before! Thank you so much for sharing her music with us...it's wonderful and such a sweet treat!

    I also would like to thank you for joining in with the fun of Sunday Favorites...welcome! I do hope that you'll join us again! I really enjoyed your sweet notes and well wishes for the Sunday Favorites "One Year" birthday celebration! I was just elated to see that you added Happy To Design to your list of blog follows...I am also adding your blog to mine! I'm looking forward to getting to know you...so very nice to meet you, Natasha!!!

    I hope that you're having a fabulous weekend and best wishes on the gift card giveaway!

    Chari @Happy To Design

  19. Sublimissime photographie de l'union sacrée du violoncelle et du piano... J'aime, j'aime, j'aime la musique classique !
    It's beautiful.



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