A Pink Saturday Sunset and a #TuesdayTune

Welcome dear friends to NatashainOz.com and welcome to my weekly #TuesdayTune post!

The other night I was lucky enough to see the most beautiful sunset.

The sky was SO pink! 

As soon as I saw it I knew it would be perfect to share for Pink Saturday with Beverly from How Sweet the Sound.

The view from my kitchen window was stunning!

How lucky was I to have such a beautiful pink sunset to look at while I made dinner and helped the kid's with their homework?

No stress in our house that night!

Actually, I don't usually stress too much at dinner time because I try to listen to relaxing music to keep me calm. Most nights I listen to Bossa Nova music as I find it to be pacy enough to get me moving but mellow enough to keep me relaxed. I have a few favourite songs on my ipod but I often just log into the site LIVE 365 on my kitchen computer. LIVE 365 is a great online radio station and there are so many Bossa Nova stations that you can listen to for free! If you haven't seen this site yet I really recommend it!

Okay, back to talking about Bossa Nova!

Bossa Nova was developed in Brazil in 1956 by João Gilberto, who is now known as the "Father of Bossa Nova." .

You might recall that a couple of weeks ago I featured a song by the beautiful Polish singer Basia for my Tuesday Tune post?


Basia's love affair with the bossa nova and samba came from her admiration for Brazilian singer Astrud Gilberto, João Gilberto's first wife. You might also recall that I have also featured João Gilberto's daughter from his second marriage, Bebel Gilberto...I guess you can tell by now that I really LOVE Bossa Nova music!

So, for today's #TuesdayTune I am sharing the first bossa nova single to achieve international popularity. I would say that it is still the most successful bossa nova song of all time....

I hope you enjoy "The Girl From Ipanema" sung by Astrud Gilberto.

Don't you feel relaxed now!

Do you share a song on your blog each week? If so then I would love it if you could link up with me on Tuesdays for Tuesday Tune. You can link an older post too!

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Thanks so much for visiting today! I hope your weekend is fabulous, pink and very relaxing!

Best wishes,
Natasha In Oz 


  1. love those pictures! so pretty.

  2. That sunset is just gorgeous Natasha. Have a great Sunday!

  3. The sunset pictures are awesome. Sunsets are when I feel the closest to God--His amazing paintbrush gives me such delight!

  4. Beautiful sunset photos. I love it when the sky is pink! Have a wonderful Sunday! (It is so weird to say that as I just woke up on Saturday morning!)

  5. What a sunset, gorgeous! Do have a sunny sweet Sunday, Natasha. xxooxxoo

  6. Pink Saturday and Bossa Nova...does it get any better than that?? Inspiring Natasha...


  7. Those are gorgeous pictures! Very relaxing to look at.

  8. That is the most beautiful sky! Thanks for grabbing your camera and sharing it with us!!
    Hope your weekend is full of fun!!

  9. Love the pink clouds. stopping by from SITS

  10. Beautiful sunset. Happy Pink Saturday.

  11. Hi Natasha,
    Love the pink sky; beautiful! I love that song too, always did. Thank you for sharing and hope you have a wonderful Pink Saturday weekend. Hope to see you Tuesday for Tea Time.


  12. OH Natasha, love the song, it was my daddy's most favorite song, he passed away one year ago, how special that I visit you today!

    Thanks for a great memory.



  13. I don't share music on my blog but i love music, I listen to it 24-7. I love the sunset you have captured..it makes me feel peaceful too, I wonder if Heavenly Father gave us this sweet gift for that reason? :D

  14. What a beautiful sunset Natasha !!!...............happpy sunny weekend my dear !!

    Hugs from Ria...............

  15. Beautiful sky and colors. I'm always amazed at the sky's variety. Have a great Sunday.

  16. Mother Nature sure knows what will make us enjoy the moment mixed with a little Bossa Nova...sounds like heaven to me!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!! xOxO Nerina

  17. Very beautiful images fron sunset,

  18. Lovely skies! Music is a great way to relax by too. Have a wonderful weekend! All my best, Theresa

  19. what an unbelievably pink sunset.

    i always enjoy your musicians, too.

    my daughter, sunday lane, is composer,
    and i get a kick out of "sunday" songs.

    ps. in regard to my blog, you are the
    least 'mean' person i can imagine!

  20. Wow...I was not aware of this beautiful music before today! Thank you so much for sharing! Your pictures are lovely as well! Have a great day!


  21. Cool; I'll have to check out this site!

  22. ok so I checked out the live music--great!! Thanks!

  23. Now I will be singing the bosa nova all night in my head...Sure did cheer me up..thanks.
    Beautiful amazing sunset..

  24. Natasha, what a surprise to come here and listen to something from my country!
    Yes, Bossa Nova is very nice, keeps you going with that special rhythm but keeps you calm, too.
    I am glad you enjoy it!

  25. I forgot to tell you the story of this song: Ipanema is a very famous/popular beach in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Vinicius de Moraes, the composer of this song, used to sit at a bar's table almost everyday, watching this beautiful girl walking by, on her way to the beach.
    He was much older than her, but he was in love with her, so he made this song for her. She became famous in Rio because of this song. Today she is on her 60's, she has a boutique in Ipanema and it attracts lots of tourists, of course!
    How about that?

  26. Natasha, love your site, the images of the sky are fabulous, as is the wonderful music.

    Art by Karena

  27. oh this first photo is wonderful..it reminds me of one I took years ago where the sky was an intense orange and a firey red!

    i should dig it up, unfortunately it was pre-digital so it's somewhere in my albums! yikes!

    thanks for sharing...
    and yes, that coffee was hot when I started! it looks gross by the time i take my last sip, but as juan valdeze says...'good to the last drop!' lol

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  28. Happy Pink Saturday and stunning sunset. I love Bossa Nova, grew up listening to Sergio Mendes and Gilberto also.

  29. such beautiful photos of the sunset. so pretty and pink. :)
    will have to check out the music. thank you!

    happy Pink Saturday!

  30. I really do like your blog . It makes me happy. The pink clouds were just lovely. I listened to the radio station 365 and I signed up as a listener.I am in love with the music you have been sharing.

  31. Hi Natasha!
    I am the same way, totally behind on blogging. I have been trying to weed out my gardens like a madwoman. You have a good excuse, I just have weeding! Loved your R and T posts! It's so much fun seeing what everyone is doing all around the world. And I am going to have to check out your music. I adore finding new music! Have a good Sunday! Rest up before back to school on Monday!

  32. Natasha, thanks for stopping by my FFT post. You should definitely pick up Michael Lee's books. She is a very talented writer.
    Beautiful sunset ~ Sarah

  33. The Girl From Ipanema, that certainly took me back a few years.

    What a beautiful sunset. I hope you have had an enjoyable weekend.

  34. Beautiful sunset and sky - breathtaking and such a great song - love it! Have a great week Natasha. x

  35. What a beautiful pink sunset Natasha! Thanks for the Bassa nova classic, my favorite. Now I'll be singing this all day!
    Wishing you a good week ahead!

  36. If I had views out my kitchen window you can then forget dinner till 9:30 PM after the sun has gone totally to bed. I could not get any thing done. What a lovley view you have there.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  37. what a stunning sunset, yes that would be a mellow time for sure ~ bliss!

  38. What beautiful photography! Thank you for visiting me on Pink Saturday and leaving the sweet comment.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  39. About the song's author, I thought it was Vinicius, but then I checked and saw only Tom Jobim's name on it. I am still not sure, because those two men used to compose together. Usually Vinicius would make the words and Tom the music. have you seen the version in Portuguese? I will try to make a post on Ipanema. Stop by my blog sometime this week!
    See you later!

  40. I adore music. On my play list that recently got me through finals was "I Won't Back Down" by Tom Petty, "Don't Stop Believin" by Journey "So What" by Pink and many others.

    I adore Bossa Nova.

  41. I missed stopping by on Satuarday! I LOVE your pink sunset and the clip of Astrud was FAB. Hadn't seen it in a long time!


  42. Oh what lovely pictures Natasha. There is nothing as evocative as sunsets and sunrises! Happy Sunday to you, lovely girl!

  43. Your opening picture is dynamic and eye catching; then I enlarged the picture to take up the whole screen and, wow, it was even more spectacular. You could feel the vibrancy of the sun's colors in the clouds.
    Once in a while you will hear the Ipanema song on an oldie's station, but not often enough. It is such a laid back song and Astrud's voice has that velvety quality. Thanks you for your selection.

  44. The view is so beautiful! Thanks for stopping by.

  45. Oh Natasha - a part from the beautiful pink sky you have also put up my all time favourite song! I shall make my breakfast singing 'The Girl from Ipanema' now.
    It's definitely going to be another bright sunshiney day ;-)

  46. Hi Natasha, How I would have loved to have been there to meet you the day you visited the gabba. I am so glad you got your little jar and thank -you so so much for mentioning my blog. I too have had trouble finding the time to visit my bloggy friends...where does the time go sometimes...i have put in a family order for my own computer so i don;t have to wait my turn on this one...haha, cheers Katherine

  47. ooooohhhhh this is a really pretty photo! love it, thanks for stopping by!

  48. Beautiful pink saturday post..yay!! Gogroues and fun! And thanks for always leaving a sweet word..so appreciated!

  49. Hey Natasha, Love The Girl from Ipanema. Some friends od ours did a mix cd for us with 20 different versions of this classic. Cool dinner music. xx

  50. Oh I so wish I just had 5 minutes for me during the day or night at that matter. My 1 yr old takes about 99.9% of it and my husband the other .1%! LOL! Anyway, I am a new follower and found you via SITS! Hope you have a great day and look forward to getting to know you! Come visit if you ever need any recipe ideas! XO Jessica

  51. Hi Natasha - was scrolling thru some of your older posts - absolutely LOVE the pink sunset and related sunset photos! So beautiful and you are a great photographer!
    Nice eye!

    Best Wishes,

    Linda Lan



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