Tea time & a visit to the Wooloongabba Antique Centre.

Welcome sweet friends to Natasha in Oz! Thanks do much for stopping by and saying G"day. Why don't you grab a cuppa and relax for a while at this week's virtual bloggy Tea Party!

We recently went thrifting at a fabulous place called the Wooloogabba Antique Centre in Brisbane. I first found out about it via Katherine from the blog, The Old Boathouse.

Not only is this place an amazing antique market it also has the cutest 1950's Milk Bar-style cafe, serving tea, coffee and old-fashioned milk shakes. 

The tea was served in the cutest teapot!

The milkshakes were served in stainless steel cups.

Mr Attorney isn't the most patient shopper so he was relieved to see some reading material at our booth.

While he read his book and the kids ate their yummy brownies I had a look at Katherine's shop and found this gorgeous glass jar. 

It was etched and it was so pretty...it had my name on it!

After a bit of a clean up the jar is now in its new home in our bathroom alongside some other apothecary jars.

One jar is for my Penhaligon soaps and the other is for the lavender bath salts I made last week.

My new jar contains cotton wipes and buds....or should I say Q tips? (I learnt last week on Alphabe Thursday that they are called cotton buds here but Q tips in the USA.)

That bath tub is looking very inviting right about now...

I think I might just have to have a nice hot lavender bath!

I also think that I might have a cuppa while I relax. Not just any old of cup of tea, though, tonight I am going to really relax and have a hot cup of Chamomile tea, in a pretty Queens china cup!

The perfect tea to drink when relaxing has to be Chamomile tea.

Chamomile was used thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt, where it was honored for its amazing curative properties. It was first used in Europe about 1600, to help with insomnia, back pain, rheumatism, neuralgia and nervousness. Used as a tea, chamomile is known to relax smooth muscle tissue. That is why many people believe that it can calm a nervous stomach and relieve menstrual cramps.

Chamomile tea is often used to promote relaxation and alleviate stress and it helps relieve many gastrointestinal problems such as wind and belching!

It is also known to assist those suffering from insomnia, with it often being referred to as "sleepy" tea on account of its natural properties which promote drowsiness.

I can't think of a more perfect drink to have whilst enjoying a calming lavender bath!

Before I go and relax I just want to thank you so much for visiting today! I also want to thank the following beautiful ladies for hosting these great linky parties:

Linda's Nifty Thrifty Tuesdays, Marty's Tabletop Tuesday, Lady Katherine's Tea Time Tuesday, Wanda Lee's Tuesday Tea for me and Thee, Sandi's Tea time Tuesday and Terri and Martha's Tea Cup Tuesday!

I hope that you have a fabulous day!

Best wishes,
Natasha In Oz 


  1. What a fabulous tea, Natasha! You always offer up the most interesting facts about tea. Your photos are wonderful. Love the puppies cup and the tea pot is the cutest thing! What fun to serve tea in that! Thanks for joining me for Tea Time and have a beautiful day.


  2. Hello! Love that glass jar! Wishing you a wonderful Happy Teacup Tuesday!! Warmest, Brenda

  3. I love how you used the apothacary jars! and what an adorable teapot!

    jeanette from www.sweetjeanette.com

  4. Love your bath setting photos. It does look very inviting! And to have a cup of chamomile tea while relaxing in the bath - great idea! Enjoyed seeing your pretty apothecary jars too. Your blog is full of visual treats today!

  5. I always enjoy reading your tea posts! My daughter gave me bath salts for Mother's Day - I've been crazy busy this week, so I may need to use them tonight for a relaxing bath!

  6. Warm and fuzzy post girl..makes me want tea and a hot tub...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  7. I enjoy seeing what you post on your blog. I love chamomile tea! Also love lavender. Thank you for posting on my blog!

  8. another lovely post by natasha!

    your bath is gorgeous, and the
    chamomile tea is making me
    sleepy. :)

  9. Just LOVED my Tea Visit! Such great goodies and I do love those Jars too!
    Happy T,

  10. Natasha, your photos are lovely. I think a cup of camomile tea while soaking in a lavender bath sounds like the perfect way to relax after that shopping trip. LOL Looks like a fun spot. I'll have one of those old fashioned shakes. Great post! ~ Sarah

  11. yay..beautiful post..always an adventure!! Fabulous!

  12. What a lovely tea!!!

    Beautiful pictures too!!

    Many greets from sunny Brussels, Belgium!

  13. I enjoyed tagging along with you to the Milk Bar!! I love that teapot. And I am glad you had a great time shopping. The glass jar is lovely. You have it in a great spot!

    Thanks for the information on chamomile tea. I sometimes drink it at night and I think it does relax me!

    Have a wonderful week, Natasha! :-)


  14. I love the teapot that looks like a countertop, so cute! My mom collects teapots and she would go crazy for that one.

  15. Ooooh I forgot the lavender - I love lavender...

  16. Hot soaks, books and tea sound good to me...

  17. Never heard abt chamomile tea b4.From where can we get it?

  18. Natasha what a lovely and relaxing post! How wonderful you got to go around in such a lovely place, have tea and goodies with the family & shop. The Dalmatian cup is too cute too~
    Happy Tea Cup Tuesday~ Theresa

  19. Hi Natasha!
    happy tea cup tuesday!

    thanks for sharing...i love visiting coffee shops and tea parlours too....

    come by and have a peek at my tea post today

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  20. It all looks like a fun day..I love the little glass jar, so cute and your cup, very sweet! :D

  21. Finally..tea time my darling Natasha..........i waited two weeks on this.............i 'am glad it is so far !!!!!............

    So fine after work drinking tea with my lovely friend !!!

    Thanks !!! hugs ...from Ria...........

  22. Love your new jar! Your puppy china cup is adorable! Chamomile tea and lavender bath - indeed a prescription for relaxation.

    ~ Tracy

  23. Natasha,
    I'm so HAPPY to have you at NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS...I hope you are having a wonderful time here! I luv that beautiful jar and your bath salts...well...they are great!


  24. THank you for the very interesting post! That Chamomile tea looks fab. That is my favorite.
    Thank you so much for sharing with us today for Tea Cup Tuesday. I have enjoyed my visit.

  25. Hey Natasha!

    Yep...good ole Q tips :)
    Looks like a fun place to go! When I come visit you (I always dream of it but could never afford it;) We will have to go there. :)

    & if Stacey is good...we might let her come along :)

  26. Chamomile tea and a long soak - really sounds good right about now.
    Your teacup is charming. Got to love those puppies.

  27. Oh now you've made that bath look sooooooooooo inviting. Your apothecary jars are just gorgeous and the tray you assembled looks fantastic. I love it. What a wonderful way to treat yourself. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  28. Natasha,
    This looks like a place I would love to visit! You got some great finds! What an adorable tea pot and the kids would love drinking a milkshake out of the stainless steel cups! Looks like a fun day :)
    Hope your week is going well!

  29. Hmm, dogs don't seem to go with tea for me.....cats do ;-). You have almost convinced me to try that kind of tea again (I can not spell it!). I always loved the sound of it in Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit story. I have tried it, but have not been overly enthousiastic about it...but maybe I should try again after I study up on spelling!

    nannykim at http://spindlecottage.blogspot.com/

  30. Can you come to my place and fix up my bathroom? I felt peaceful reading this post.....zzzzzzz...

  31. Have you ever heard the American expression "Calgon, take me away!"
    It used to be a commercial for Calgon bubble bath..Your post wanted me to say "lavender, Chamomile take me away!"
    Looks so inviting.

  32. Hi Natasha: Not only do we get to see a great tea pot and tea cup, but we get educated on your blog. I love that. Thank you so much for being a part of TT. It is so much fun having you. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  33. I really enjoyed your post. Your puppy cup is very sweet. Connie

  34. Delightful finds for Thrifty and Tea Tuesday. I love a good thrift store! Thank you for visiting my blog also, I appreciate it.

  35. New follower from the Duchess's blog who enjoyed my tea and your blog.


  36. Just found your blog .I was here more them 5 minute .Will be back. Laura

  37. Your rhubarb cake looks yummy.



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