Greetings from Mooloolaba!

Greetings from Mooloolaba via www.natashainoz.com
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Dear Friends,

I am just sending you a quick postcard to say hi from the beach!
It is definitely too cold to go swimming but the winter weather won't be stopping us
from taking long walks along the beach, sleeping in every morning,
reading books and magazines and, most importantly,
spending time together as a family for a whole week!

I will be popping back to post a Sunday Song, though, so see you then!

Best wishes,
Natasha In Oz 


  1. Looks gorgeous Natasha! Have a wonderful relaxing time with your family :)

  2. Hi Natasha and family, have a wonderful time together, a great rest and great fun!! Jackie in UK.

  3. Hope you have a very relaxing vacation! Catch up on your sleep, take it easy and just enjoy your time with your family!

  4. Beautiful photo! Looks like a great family get away! Love the beach :)

  5. Natasha all your plans sound simply amazing...
    I have a little present on El jardin de los muffins for you to say thank you for all your support!!!
    I am sure you will have a wonderful weekend!!!! ;)

  6. Enjoy the beach, the blue sky, the sun ... and everything that comes in the package!

  7. Sounds fun! I hope you have a fabulous time! Love the "post card!"

    ~ Tracy

  8. Have a wonderful trip! Take in a deep breath of sea air for me;)!


  9. Do have a great time, Natasha, enjoy enJOY every single minute together! xx

  10. Hey Natasha!
    Long time no see :( So sorry I've been a bad bloggy friend lately. Life has been a little hectic. I hope you are enjoying yourself with your family in Mooolooolabadabbado... He He too many syllables and vowels!
    No, seriously I hope you are having a great time with your family. That's the most precious gift you can give to yourself. I 'm sure you're taking lots of great pictures to share with us. I can't wait to seem them. Have fun, see you soon!
    BTW, I just loved your wainscoting post. That was thoroughly enjoyable!! :)

  11. sounds great natasha.
    have a most wonderful week

  12. Oooh! Moolooloobah! We love it there! We'll be popping over on July 7th for 10 days in Brisbane/GoldCoast. Hope the weather is fine and you have a lovely break away :)

  13. Enjoy your time with your family, those winter walks on the beach are some of my fav memories from the UK. Enjoy

  14. Looks like bliss--soak it all in and be refreshed....


  15. exactly how cold is winter in your corner of the world?! ;) I am a beach addict! love love love the beach! one day I hope to walk Australia's beaches!

  16. Hello again Natasha! We dropped into Mooloolaba and I thought about running along the beach shouting "Natasha, Natasha!" but wasn't sure if you were still there or not. Such a pretty place, but it was slightly chilly the day we went there (chilly for us being from the tropics!). There are some gorgeous shops along the esplanade too :)



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