Giving Thanks For Teachers!

G'day lovely friends! Thanks so much for visiting me here at Natasha in Oz, my bloggy home, Down Under.

This has been a crazy week and I am so glad it is Friday! I have been marking papers, finalizing results, teaching classes and doing all of the other things that all teachers are expected to do.....I am so thankful that I am only working part-time for one term!

That is why I want to spend some time giving thanks for all teachers.

Teachers, giving thanks, gratitude, Natasha in Oz

I am also thankful that I was not a teacher back in 1915! Look at this list of Rules of Conduct for teachers that I found on Little House on the Prairie.com

Teachers, giving thanks, gratitude, Natasha in Oz, Rules for Schoolteachers,

Imagine having to wear two petticoats and not being able to go to the ice cream parlor on a hot summer's day! I really should stop complaining about having a busy week after reading this!

Teachers, giving thanks, gratitude, Natasha in Oz, Rules for Schoolteachers, Be Thankful

Anyway, I have only got one week left of my contract and then life will be back to normal again. It has been wonderful working part-time at my kid's school for the term but I am ready to finish so that I can dedicate my time to my husband, my kids, my family, my home, decorating for the Holidays and, of course, to my blogs!

If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, 'thank you,' that would suffice. 
Meister Eckhart

 Teachers, giving thanks, gratitude, Natasha in Oz, Rules for Schoolteachers,

On the subject of blogs and being thankful, I am so grateful to my sweet blogging friends who have been by to leave comments. Thank you also to my lovely new followers! I am honoured that you have chosen to follow me.

Teachers, giving thanks, gratitude, Natasha in Oz, Rules for Schoolteachers, Thank you image

Thank you also to the people who have linked up songs to my recent Father's Day Tuesday Tune post. Thanks for joining in! I hope that you will back on Sunday to link up again.

One last thing before I go and have a cup of tea and a lie down! I just wanted to let you know that it is my 1st Blogiversary next week so I hope you will back to visit then as I will be having a little give-away to celebrate!

Blessings and best wishes for a wonderful weekend,

Natasha In Oz 

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  1. Enjoy your weekend Natasha - very much deserved after your week... life can be so busy ! x

  2. Oh my goodness how funny is that,those poor teachers(Im sure they weren't amused) thank heavens times have changed. Gratitude is so important isn't it. Enjoy your weekend my friend and thank you so much for your lovely comments. Megan xx

  3. Strict rules! Have a restful and fun weekend:@)

  4. Good morning! "Eight to the Eight to the Eight" was passed on to me, and now I'm passing it along to you ... :)


  5. Great rules for teachers.

    Fun to read. Thank you is always apt I find. :O)

  6. Congratulations Natasha, I had no idea your blog was so young, you have been amazingly successful. See you Sunday :)

  7. Wow! As a teacher, I too am thankful the rules have changed since 1915. Lovely blog. So many followers in just a year! Amazing. Maybe you can share your tips some day. Happy Weekend!

  8. Hello Natasha,
    for sure the secret of happiness is to be thankful for what we have.
    You are such a sweet person, I am glad I have found your blog.

  9. Those old rules are too funny - "You may not loiter downtown in the ice cream shop." Love it! I should give myself that rule just so I want be tempted by treats! Have a great weekend - looking forward to seeing what's in store for your blogiversary!

  10. Hello Natasha, enjoy your weekend, sounds like you've earned it! Love the picture with the heart shaped leave! One year of writing! Hope we wil enjoy it for many years to come! Hugs Sandra

  11. Oh my! How life has changed! I'm so glad I found your blog this week, and thank YOU for becoming a follower of mine. Looking forward to getting to know you better.

  12. I wonder if they actually checked the length of the dress ;)
    Happy blogiversary!

  13. Love those teacher rules. I am surprised they could find anyone to abide with them. Joni

  14. Wow! Those certainly are strict rules! Yes, being thankful and grateful will definitely enrich one's life.

    Congratulations on your First Blogiversary!

    ~ Tracy

  15. It is so nice to hear from you. The worst part about the whole room cleaning episode was that I only got about 25% done and had to stop to go visit my daughter and now his room looks even worse. But he is helping his dad dig trenches in the back yard. Most of the time I am not real picky about his room, its a phase but I think it has evolved into a fire hazard.
    So how are things down under? It is just starting to cool off here so I guess you guys are starting to warm up.
    Happy Blogivesary! I am going to take more than five minutes and catch up on your blog.

  16. Two petticoats!!! now that's gotta make the butt look bigger :o)so I guess the Ice Cream store is out of the question, and lets hope the family all live within the same town because visiting is off limits!!!
    Great Post Nat.

  17. That is quite a restrictive list! I hope your weeks get back to normal soon and you have some time to just enjoy life!

    And - Happy Anniversary!!

  18. Thank you so much for visiting me, so that I coudl find you and read this wonderful post! Oh, my, "Must not loiter in Ice Cream stores" ~how funny is that! Hope you have a lovely weekend, xo Lidy



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