Give Away Winners and Vignettes!

Hello friends! Happy Friday and Happy October! I don't know about you but I can't believe that it is already October 1st! The year has flown by so quickly. Halloween is just around the corner and my Christmas blog tells me that there are only 84 days 'til Christmas. At this busy time of year it will be more important than ever that we all take time out of our busy schedules to dedicate to relax, unwind and find some me time. According to a Harris survey, leisure time in the United States has fallen by 37% in 25 years. Columnist Odette Pollard calls it ‘the days of time famine’. We need to take time away from our busy lives for quiet moments....

Relax and slow down and you will reap a good life for yourself and those around you. 

The answer to stress isn’t to work faster but to slow down and relax

Now that I have finished my teaching contract I am going to try to find an extra 5 minutes a day to relax and to make my home welcoming and comfortable. 

I am going to fit in a walk every single day, I am going to spend more time in my garden and I am going to make my home beautiful with vintage treasures from the antique markets!
I am going to make my home a warm and welcoming place for my family and friends.

I am going to make sure that I recharge my batteries every day. I am not going to feel guilty about it either, as my family will benefit from it too! 

Make it a habit to treat yourself and try to spend a few minutes each day without everyday distractions like phones, clocks, computers and televisions....
 Read a book, have lunch with a friend, go for walk or a cycle ride, light some scented candles and just be still, whatever appeals,
 as long as it is for you.

I hope that my two bloggy friends who have won my give away will take time out to enjoy reading their magazine and enjoy the fragrance of their candle or lavender soap.
So without further ado I would like to announce the winners of my favourite things give away!

The two winners are commenters 2 and 30, Bj and House and Home!

Congratulations to BJ from the beautifully uplifting blog Sweet Nothings. BJ you have won the first package!

Congratulations to House and Home, the winner of the second package!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered and helped me celebrate my first blogaversary. Thank you also to all of my followers. You have made this blogging journey of mine a truly wonderful experience. I wish I could send a gift to each and everyone of you. Instead, please accept this virtual gift, a downloadable desktop calender for the month of October.

A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world. Leo Buscaglia

Joining in with
Thanks so much for visiting today and best wishes for a wonderful weekend!


  1. Love those little birds and congrats to the winners! :O)

  2. You are so right...our family does benefit when we recharge ourselves!!
    Congrats to your winners! I always smile when I look at my purple tassle I won! It hangs proudly in the new house :)

  3. Thank you for this much-needed reminder.

  4. Beautiful pics, congrats to the winners, and that last rose is beautiful:@)

  5. You have a great plan, Natasha. Have fun recharging!...Christine

  6. Your home is lovely and your words are very wise. I'm excited for your winners...they are lucky!

  7. OMGosh...I wish I could give you a big ole hug and kiss...THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for picking my number.
    I am so excited and can't wait to get this most generous gift. You are such a sweetie and I do love you and your blog.
    My thanks again, dear heart.
    xo bj

  8. Beautiful post! I too find that my family benefits when I take time for myself. They need our smiles, our creativity, our conversation. Those things do not happen if we are rushing. Love this post.

  9. What lovely vignettes in your home. And what a nice reminder that we need to take time to do things for ourselves, which in the long run will impact others. Nice reminder...
    ` Sue

  10. Well Congrats to your winners first of all! Those are some lovely gifts. And congrats to you for taking what sounds like a needed sabbatical. :) Sometimes we just need to recharge. Your lilies are lovely and thank you so much for linking in on my little party. :)


  11. Hi Natasha,

    I am totally with you, recharching is necessary and helps the whole family. I wish you a very nice time and I am curious how this "more time" will work on your blog. It cannot improve!
    Congratulation to winners and lots of fun with their wins.
    Greetings, Johanna

  12. Yay for the winners! And I'll bet your home is already relaxing and inviting and comfortable! :D

  13. That giveaway tickles me pink...gorgeous.

    This post is just what O need...I think I need to print it out and keep it handy...it is the feeling guilty part that always gets me!

  14. You are so right Natasha!
    And congratulations to the winners!

  15. Fabulous post! Sounds like you have a great plan!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  16. This is a great post and you have really inspired me to take an extra few minutes {maybe more} just for myself. Even my manicure appointment tomorrow is being shared with my daughters, so it won't exactly be peaceful!

    Love the arrangement on your silver tray. The lilies are gorgeous and I love those little silver birds.

    Happy October 1!!


    P.S. Hurray for the winners of your generous giveaway

  17. Beautiful post in words and images.


  18. Merci pour votre commentaire. Vous êtes en Australie ? Waouuuhhh ! I'm very pleased to meet your blog, and you of course...
    Bisous du Sud de la France

  19. Hi Natasha...congratulations to the winners...and thank you for the desk top calendar...Dzintra♥x

  20. Sounds like a good plan for you! Your white flowers are lovely!

  21. Great post, Natasha! Beautiful photos and wonderful decorated home!

  22. Natasha!! Oh, Dear One you have created a lovely and timely post! We all do need to take a few minutes for ourselves. I'm olden so I'll need more than 5 minutes! :)
    Your home is so beautiful and you really know how to set up pretty vignettes!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  23. You're so right, Natasha! Everybody needs a little time for themselves to do what makes THEM happy, regardless if it makes others happy or not. :)
    Congratulations to the winners... what a great giveaway package! How did I miss this one???
    Have a great weekend!
    ~ Jo :)

  24. Dear Natasha, yesterday I wrote a post just about the same subject!
    Slow time is very necessary to make a home pleasing and enjoyable for the family.
    Have a great weekend!

  25. Hello Natasha,
    It's really very impressive and effective post with very good pictures---i liked it very much.
    with best wishes.

  26. Yay!!! Thank you so much. I am just tickled to be winning this giveaway and to be receiving a package from Australia! It doesn't hurt that I love lavender, I love special soaps and magazines...I like you and your blog a lot, so happy blogaversary, and I am honored to be celebrating with you!

  27. Well, your house looks nice and warm and inviting!
    Yes, it is uncanny that it is October and today I stored the agaves in the garage so they will not get lost in the frost, I am clearing out the potted plants and raking leaves, and before I know it will be Christmas ..... so I'd better become your follower on your Christmas blog!
    Bur first I have a week's break from my office to enjoy my garden, putting up the boat, reading a book, etc.
    Enjoy every minute of all the minutes you now have extra to spare, but no doubt they will soon be filled up with a 1001 things!
    Have a happy weekend,

  28. Natasha, I imagine that you keep your house looking lovely, and livable.
    You probably know how you will be decorating for Halloween and the Christmas holidays already.
    I like to have fall ready by now, but so far I only have a few pumpkins on the front porch, but as tomorrow is a Saturday maybe I can find time to add some colorful foliage.
    Please post pictures of your decorated house.

  29. Thank YOU, Natasha, for visiting my blog! How great it is to discover your blog at this season, when we, in our hemisphere, are sliding into fall and you are jumping into spring. It will be fun to watch it unfold from your vantage point. Love the vintage pix of your home-how cozy and cheerful.
    Thanks, too, for thoughtfully including the links. Although I figured out how to get the You Tube videos on my site last nite, I will check out your links as well. (See my Friend Friday post for 10/1-kind of jumped the gun for Sunday Song.) Who knows? Maybe I'll learn something. blessings on your day!

  30. what a great reminder to sit back, breathe deep and loose myself in my mind. thank you.
    and...i love your vignettes. i need to do a bit of "vignetting" around my place!

  31. Congratulations to the winners!
    Enjoyed seeing you pretty vignettes. Yes, I think we all should stop and smell the roses on occasion.
    Thanks for stopping by. Actually the table picture looks better there compared to what the whole room looks like now.:-D
    Enjoy your weekend.

  32. Your home looks so livable and welcoming. I thank you for the lovely calendar with that beautiful rose. Happy Pink Saturday.

  33. Wow- how grand- what a post!

    Love it all, including the pinks!

    Happy PS!

    In Shoes We Trust,
    Maggie Mae@
    "Do these shoes match this purse?"

  34. Your calming words couldn't have come at a better time--thanks for reminding to keep priorities as the holiday season approaches!

    Lucky winners!

  35. What a nice reminder. I tell myself to do these things all the time, but for some reason it never works out as well as I hope. Thanks for the comment on my blog...I always love new visitors. Best wishes for a wonderful day :)

  36. Hi Natasha, wonderful advice and so important!! Your lillies are just beautiful! And I love those sofas and drapes, so cool!! Thanks so much for linking up with VIF!

  37. Relaxation really does make a remarkable difference in every way, doesn't it?

  38. Hi Natasha,
    I am late making my Pink Saturday rounds, sorry!
    Love that rose and the little birds! Happy blogiversary and congrats to the winners!
    Thank you also for your visit and your lovely comment. I do appreciate your prayers! Have a lovely day, my friend and take care.


  39. such a great post to read.. congrats to the winners and love the photos!

  40. Great pictures up above. I love the little silver birds on your table. And thanks so much for stopping by my blog :) I'm now your newest follower!



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