Free decorating E-Zines ~ Lonny and Adore

Hello sweet friends! I am so thrilled you have popped by to visit me in me in my little corner of the world Down Under! I hope you enjoy today's post which is all about one of my favourite free online magazines!

When I first read an issue of Lonny, the on-line magazine created by Michelle Adams and Patrick Cline, I loved the format and especially the content. It showcases art, culture, fashion, and features. The site allows readers to flip through pages like a traditional magazine with only a few clicks...for FREE!

It features beautiful ideas and images and is now one of my favourite on-line destinations... apart from all of your beautiful blogs of course!



Their new site is even better now as it features a blog as well as galleries of their divine images! Look at all off the pretty Pinkness for Pink Saturday with Beverly!

Can you believe that there is a new Australian online home and lifestyle magazine for us to drool over called Adore Home! It was founded and created by designer Loni Parker and Adore Home is just wonderful; definitely something new to ADORE!!

It is full of beautiful pictures, great ideas, interviews and excellent advice.

Can you spot why I love this picture?

I have those same grey and white cushions!


No wonder I love this magazine so much!

You must go and check out Adore Home on line magazine-You will love it!

Thanks so much for spending time with me today. I hope that you will come back soon, either to join in with this weekend's Say G'day Saturday Linky Party or on Tuesday for a Tuesday Tune! Just click the buttons to link up!

Natasha In Oz     

See you then.

Best wishes,
Natasha In Oz 


  1. How lovely! I really enjoyed my 5 minutes with you right now! All the photos are so pretty...makes me want to get to work on redecorating my house! Don't know If I can find this magazine in Greece...but, who knows, it has become a melting pot so I'll have a look!

  2. All pictures of gorgeousness! I love the cushions and layers of colour and patterns.... and don't get me started on that Cath Kidson. Delish!

  3. What great sites. I too am a CK fan and Rachel Ashwell has given me lots of inspiration for my home. Will have to check these out to see if we can access them over here.

  4. I really need to read Lonny more...I've looked at it a couple fo times and loved it, yet it falls off my radar (such is life!). I'll have to revisit. Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

  5. Oh wow, I completely forgot about Lonny! Thanks for the reminder.
    P.s. Thanks for your lovely words, Ill always visit you even if I don't come back straight away ;) Megan xx

  6. I love every photo! Thank you so much for sharing, will visit this site for sure!! So many great ideas. Going to go back and look at your photo's again...great inspiration!

  7. Natasha, those are lovely magazines! Great ideas. Now, of course you would be right in style! :)

  8. Wonderful pictures, Natasha! I like CK and RA too. I also enjoyed my 5 minutes with you. Happy Pinks, my friend.


  9. Hi Natasha, love Lonny, but also now adore ADORE!! quelle belle magazine!
    have a great weekend!



  10. Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing!


  11. Lovely rooms and furnishings! I would love so many of those things. :O)

  12. Oh my what pretty photos! Happy pink day! Blessings DE

  13. Oh my goodness Natasha you are never going to be short of inspiration are you with these gorgeous on line magazines and sites to browse. I am sure you spend more than 5 minutes visiting them though :)
    See you tomorrow for Sunday Song

  14. Hi Natasha!
    I'm your folloer now, and also added your button, as you can see here:
    Would you please do the same?
    Thanks a lot!

  15. Natasha,

    What great magazines. I love the way they "cut" the pillows. I will check these magazines out. Thank you for stopping by.


  16. I am drooling over every photo that you have posted here, Natasha.I wonder if those mags can be found here....Christine

  17. I had not seen the magazine until now and my 5 mins turned into 10!
    Thanks for sharing with us. It looks beautiful.
    Have a great week.

  18. So many beautiful images, Natasha! Glad to know these two publications are out there....


  19. Gosh.. all the pics are so so pretty... a few inspirations here for me.. for sure.. I loved this.. and will go check out the link.. Happy Sunday to you!!

  20. Wow, Natasha. These are fantastic. Thank you for sharing. I will be checking this out.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  21. Oooh such eyecandy! Thanks for sharing these sites (and lovely photos) with me - I haven't heard of either of them and look forward to taking 5 minutes just for me and checking them out! :)

  22. Hi Natasha, I'm definitely going to check that out, thanks for the tip! Rachaelxx



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