Kid's Bedrooms Linky Party!

Hello sweet friends and welcome to Natasha in Oz! Thanks so much for dropping in for a visit. It is so lovely to see you!

I am so happy that there are some kid's room's blog hops happening at the moment!


I just recently bribed asked my son to tidy up his room so it was "Bloggable"! Well, he loves being featured on my blogs so he did a mighty fine job and has been asking me daily about when I am going to blog about his room and his new Nautical bedding!

Well, Big Al, today is the day! Without any further ado, here is.....

Big Al's Bedroom!

Even though he is 11 he still loves stuffed toys. I hope he won't grow out of that phase for a while yet.

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Our family loves going to the beach so Big Al chose to decorate his room with a nautical theme. We found this great patchwork inspired quilt cover from Sheridan. Don't you love the sailing boats?

He also loves sports...ALL kinds of sports!

Big Al reads everyday and he leaves books all over the house. Thankfully after he cleaned his room he also cleaned the rest of the family room of all of his books and toys.

I think this is as neat as he gets....

I also asked Maddy to tidy up her room but she said that she had too much homework...A likely excuse I thought to myself....Oh dear was I wrong...Poor thing-Look at all of those books!

Maddy loves everything PINK so she has asked that her bedroom be linked up to Beverly's Pink Saturday post!

At least Maddy's desk is nice and tidy. Good job Maddy!

Since we have all been "Feathering our Nests" I am also linking up to The French Country Cottage.

Thanks so much for hosting these great linky parties Ladies.Just wondering, though, can you please host a "Spare Room Linky Party" next time so I have an excuse to tidy up and clean out our Guest Room!

Thanks so much for visiting today. Please come back this weekend to join me for my weekly Say G'Day Saturday linky party where you can link up anything and everything!

Poofy Cheeks

Best wishes,
Natasha In Oz 


  1. Love the artwork in your son's room. Also like that it looks lived in with all the things he enjoys. The bb gun made me smile.

  2. Love Big Al's room! His bedding is so cool. We're mostly working with reds and denims for my 11 year old son's room too. He's a lego fanatic, so I figure that will work as a good backdrop. And my boys also have this thing with leaving little bits and books laying out everywhere. :)

    I don't mind, so long as when it's time to clean up for company (or blog posts) everything has a place!

    Thanks for sharing your kids room with my linky party....spare rooms will most certainly get a linky sometime too, as I hope to attack my cra(p)ft room this winter :)

  3. Such lovely bedrooms, I like the painting over your son's bed.

  4. My son still LOVES his cuddly toys too! So sweet (but don't tell him that!).

    Your children's bedrooms are lovely.

    I'm VERY impressed that they tidied up so they could be blogged about! I might have to try that one!!


  5. Love the new pink design!

    And your children's furniture is beautiful, I love what you have done with their rooms.

    I am listening to holiday music on Pandora right now- whee! :D

  6. Your kids rooms are really cute!! My 11 year old son can't part with his stuffed toys yet either.

  7. Hi Natasha,
    thank so much for joining my first blog party "International Christmas Cookies". Your posts are always great, full of fun and happiness. I love, how you commented the rooms of your kids. And isn't that amazing, how different kids are? But both rooms are nicely furnitured and decorated and look VERY tidy. No surprise with this mother!
    Warmest greetings, Johanna

  8. Very nice rooms...thanks for sharing your home. My daughter had the cutest kids rooms, one day I need to share that! :D

  9. Well done Al - your bedroom looks fantastic. Hope you got some kind of reward for doing such a good job!!

  10. Hello Natasha! I am in the process of modifying the decor in my son's room. He is 12 and is getting a different taste for decor. He just gave ALL his stuffed animals to little sister, I couldn't believe! Until a year ago he still slept w/ them!
    He chose to show in his room some souvenirs from trips, but we are not done yet! Someday I will have it on my blog.

  11. Great rooms! Yep, your son's room looks like a more grown-up version of my son's room (he's 3). And, we have some of the Willow Tree (I think that's the line) of figurines like your daughter has. :)

  12. Natasha i love love that painting in your son's room!(!!! and your girl's room wasn't messy at all, at least from my view. LOL I guess with a two year old, I find toys everywhere and her room is very in order.

  13. Both bedrooms are so cute, Natasha! Perfect for both of your children and I think it is so nice that they tidied up for the photo shoot...okay, Maddy had some books on her bed, but at least that shows she is studious! I love the nautical theme in Al's room! And I never think you are too old for stuffed toys!! Great post!


  14. Wow, your son did a great job cleaning his room...it looks fantastic...if it could only stay that way!!

  15. Hi Natasha,

    What wonderful rooms your kids have! I really like how your home is uncluttered. Mine isn't.

    Thank you for sharing your photos with us. I don't have a kid's bedroom anymore at home, but do have a spare bedroom. I'd like to link up to that one somebody holds a linky party for guest rooms.

    Take care,


  16. Hi Natasha, Thanks so much for linking to my recipe party. It's nothing 'official' but I thought it would be great to trade some recipes before the holidays are upon us. Your cookie recipe sounds great! I love the stars too..so pretty!

    Have a great week!

    Donna @ Comin' Home

  17. OH my, I forgot to mention that I LOVE Big Al's bedroom. Nautical is such a perfect style for a boy. Mine won't let me do anything to their bedrooms..and no blogging is allowed. Tee-hee!

    Now, like Maddie, my daughter Rebekah has a very stylish room and keeps it nicely.

    Thanks for dropping by and for linking up.

    Donna @ Comin' Home

  18. Natasha, Thanks so much for adding me to your blog roll. You are so sweet!

    PS. I ADORE Pirates of the Caribbean. Don't ask me why..I don't know. And I especially love their music!!

  19. Hey Natasha!

    LOVE big Al's boyish room! I even love like his penguin on his dresser & his mickey cologne!! & I do adore his bedspread! Those boats are so cute!!!

    Maddy's room is so cute too! Her desk IS so clean! I need to take a lesson or 2 from her!

  20. Great rooms. Especially your daughter's. I am looking for ideas for my son's room, (4 years old. Once again I love your blog.

  21. Hi Natasha,
    I love Big Al's room with all the nautical details - the quilt with the sailboats is so charming! Your daughters room is adorable as well-darling shabby desk and chair! I have got to get my kids to tidy their rooms enough to blog about them too at some point!! Thanks so much for sharing this at Feathered Nest Friday! Nice to meet you! :)

  22. You have a gorgeous home, so sweet!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  23. What beautiful bedrooms! I love white furniture for a little girl's room. It's so bright and airy.

  24. wow....you take such amazing pictures....



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