#TuesdayTune - Eliza Doolittle!

Hello friends! Welcome to Natasha in Oz and welcome to this week's #TuesdayTune!

Have you heard Eliza Doolittle?
No, not that one....

This one!

Eliza Doolittle, is a British singer–songwriter from Camden, London. 

She spent her blossoming years focusing on Broadway, starring in RSC adaptations of Les Miserables and The Secret Garden. Her debut, self-titled album, Eliza Doolittle was released on 12 July 2010. On debut it was Number 3 in the UK charts. Since the album's release, Doolitte has had another two of her records hit the top 25 charts, including her single "Skinny Genes". Doolittle's second single, "Pack Up", debuted at number 12 on the Official UK Singles Chart on the 11th July 2010, debuted in the Top 20 for the Single Top 100 and Irish Singles Charts, and in the Top 5 in the UK Singles Chart. Source

With influences ranging from Stevie Wonder to Queen, Jill Scott to Quincy Jones, and many other musical acts both new and old; Eliza combines a variety of sounds and styles to make a unique, quirky sound that would put a smile even on the grumpiest of faces.

I think once you have heard this catchy tune and listened to the brilliant lyrics you will see why it achieved such enomorus success so very quickly.

I get tired
And upset
And i’m trying to care a little less
When I google I only get depressed
I wast taught to dodge those issues I was told
Don’t worry
There’s no doubt
There’s always something to cry about
When you’re stuck in an angry crowd
They don’t think what they say before they open their mouths

Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag
And bury them beneath the sea
I don’t care what the people may say
What the people may say about me
Pack up your troubles get your old grin back
Don’t worry ’bout the cavalry
I don’t care what the whisperers say
Cos’ they whisper too loud for me.

I hope you enjoy listening to my latest favourite song, Pack Up.
~Some of my US friends are saying that this clip won't work. If this link doesn't work please click here to go to YouTube~

Eliza Doolittle - Pack Up
Uploaded by EMI_Music. - Watch more music videos, in HD!

If you have ever posted a song on your blog I would love it if you could link up with me today! I love listening to all kinds of music and I absolutely love listening to the music that my blogging friends from all over the world share each Tusday for Tuesday Tune. Just copy and paste the URL of the blog post, link up and join in the fun!

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Best wishes,
Natasha In Oz


  1. She sounds like she would be a great singer. I can't get this video, says it isn't available in my country. I will look her up. Thanks for hosting Natasha!

  2. I really liked the song. Odd, but the video you used had a message that said it was unavailable in my country. Huh? Anyway, I found her on You Tube though and listened to a few of her songs. I like her style.

  3. Thanks for letting me know Sherry. I will add a link to YouTube as well.

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  4. great song...have never heard of her before...thanks for sharing this....

  5. thx Natasha! have linked for the first time..
    tea is on at FHC! Welcome :)

  6. Hi Natasha great song. What a great idea for post...

  7. Hi Natasha,

    The linky tool only gacve me a choice of three completely unrelated photos to use!

    Who knows how the mind of the linky tool works?!!

    The link is there though and it's SUCH feelgood song.


  8. Very catchy indeed, I'll add it to my play list, thanks darling.
    Did you think that I wouldn't participate this week? :D

  9. Great song Natasha, I hadn't heard this one before, so thanks for making it your song this week. Happy Sunday!

  10. Coffee and Sunday Song time here in Italy. I have hear this song loads of times on Italian radio, but I had absolutely no idea who the singer was. Thankyou for the introduction. I like her singing so may look out for a CD.

  11. Hi Natasha, I did link to your party. Thanks for the invite.

  12. Enjoy your sunday darling.........love Ria....

  13. I never hear about...thank you, it's a great song,
    Happy Sunday,

  14. Very nice song! I've heard it before and I've liked so much.

  15. Thanks for linking up Elvis again! Although it has not brought much traffic or comments, I have really loved this week's Basset Bonanza. If I ever win the lottery, my dream is to create a basset hound sanctuary, hee! Baxter says thank you for reading. Actually, he is napping right now but I know he is appreciative. :D

  16. Hi Natasha

    Thanks so much for your lovely comments today.
    This collection is fantastic. I can't wait to hear it all!

    Best wishes for a wonderful week :)

    Jeanne xx

  17. (In response) What?? You don't have Thanksgiving in Australia, actually, I think I knew that. I will have to send you a virtual invitation to ours here in America. Turkey, pumpkin pie, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and any other side dish you can dream of. Can you smell it yet? :) Thanks so much for your sweet comment, and for adding the button. I am truly blessed to have you as a blogging friend!

  18. I must admit that I pictured the first Eliza Doolittle! It was a fun video and song. Thanks for introducing her to us!

  19. Was a little disappointed that the post wasn't about the other Elisa. But not for long. I love the beat and happy attitude of this song.Wanted to dance to it! She and her back up singer have great voices.

  20. i love this song linked to the facebook page last week, clever minds think a like

  21. Hi Natasha, Wow..your Sunday Song party is popular! It's grown since I last linked up. :o)

    I knew you would love my video. It's of my granddaughter dancing, to my husband's cello teacher performing her latest country song at an old restaurant out here in the country. Heather is a talented country singer, and song writer who performs at local restaurants and bars. But being a music major she also teaches violin and cello at a local music center. Tim, my hubby, takes lessons from her.

    PS. I love Eliza Doolittle..from My Fair Lady..but I can't get the video to play to hear the 'other' Eliza. I look forward to visiting the other links at your party.

    Have a great week,
    Donna @ Comin' Home

  22. It's quite catchy and has been playing on the radio here for some time...I might be tempted to get the cd... Have a great week, Love from London xo

  23. Hi, great song..
    Still haven't received the package. Hope it isn't lost in the Christmas mailings. :)
    Have a good day.

  24. Hi Natasha! This was such a great song - needed it today for sure! I forgot (old-timers) last Sunday, so posted from both my blogs this Sunday!



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