#TuesdayTune - Thank you for being a Friend!

I am still celebrating "Birthday Week" at my place so today's Tuesday Tune post is going to be short but hopefully sweet!

Please don't think that because this post is brief that it isn't coming from my heart....

Today's song comes from one of my favourite TV shows and I am sure that many of you know the words to this song off by heart, I sure know I know every single word off by heart! We even had this song playing at our Wedding reception when Mr Attorney and I were saying goodbye to our guests and leaving for our honeymoon. 

....your heart is true you’re a pal and a confidant....

Thank you for Being a Friend was written by Andrew Gold who is an American singer, musician and songwriter. Not only did he write this song which was used for the TV show The Golden Girls, he also has the distinction of being the first human voice to be 'heard' on the surface of Mars because his rendition of the theme from the television series Mad About You, entitled "Final Frontier," was used as the wake-up call for the Mars Pathfinder space probe in 1996.

I hope you enjoy listening to today's Tuesday Tune, which I am dedicating to all of you, my fabulous Bloggy friends! Thank you so much for your sweet birthday messages and for making my Birthday week celebrations the best EVER!

Thank you for Being MY Friends!

Have you ever posted a song on your blog? I would love it if you could link up with us today! I really enjoy listening to all kinds of music and I absolutely love listening to the music that my blogging friends from all over the world share each Tuesday. I am so happy that more and more people are sharing their favourite songs with me each week. If you would like to join in, just copy and paste the URL of the blog post you would like to link up and join in the fun!

Thanks so much for joining in and please be sure to come back later on in the week to visit the other bloggers who have linked up. I will be back to my normal blogging routine this week so you then!

Best wishes,

Natasha In Oz 

Remember, the greatest gift is not found in a store nor under a tree, but in the hearts of true friends. Cindy Lew


  1. Happy birthday week Natasha! I hope you will continue to celebrate in a special way all weekend!

    xxoo ♥ Pat

  2. Hoping your B'day was/is GREAT!
    feel free to grab a teacup from my sidebar for your button collection!

  3. Loved that...and the thing I like about you is...your heart! :D

  4. Keep on celebrating that birthday, Natasha. The older we get the longer we get to celebrate a birthday. LOL
    Birthday hugs ~ Sarah

  5. awesome song today!!! :) Hope your bday week was amazing!


  6. Oh, I remember this TV show, The Golden Girls... they all gorgeous!

  7. I always loved that show, thanks darling, Happy Birthday's week ;)

  8. A belated Happy Birthday, but ok for Happy Week Celebrations xx
    I must check my feed is working as Sunday Song was not yet showing up on my blog roll when I popped over. Now for coffee and some music.

  9. Thank you for being my blogfriend ! lovely sunday..........great post i always look the golden girls !! great serie !!......love love love Ria....

  10. Gosh, that takes me back. The Golden Girls - how I loved that programme. The three of them were absolutely brilliant, weren't they?! Lovely post all round. I would love to join in on the Song for Sunday - will just have to work out how to do it!!

  11. Happy Birthday Week to you, Natasha. It looks like you have had a wonderful celebration.

    Here's a hint for you. Prior to turning fifty, I celebrated Birthday Week. But, now that I have passed fifty, I celebrate Birthday Month. I love it.

    Thank you for being my friend, too.

  12. Hi Natasha,
    Hope your B-day week is going great! I linked up today with Sunday Song, bye!

  13. And thank YOU for being my friend! Just commented on friends in yesterday's blog post. I always forget about this music party. Making a mental note to join it. Thanks for hosting!

  14. Natasha,
    we say in germany "One has to celebrate as often as the events happens". So take your time for celebrating your birthday. It is a wonderful time.
    Greetings, Johanna

  15. Happy Birthday Natasha! Have a wonderful week and I always loved that song!


  16. And sadly, there's only one "golden girl" left. That was such a cute show.

  17. aaaww.. Happy Birthday Natasha... I'll be back with a song soon.. :-)

  18. A Belated Happy Birthday to you! :)

  19. That's a fun idea! I post songs on my blog every Friday, so I'll have to come back and link up and look for other suggestions. Thanks!

  20. I love the Golden Girls and some days feel like I will be one before I know it! :O) Happy Sunday.

  21. Hi Natasha,

    Happy Birthday. What fun that you celebrate all week. I have to remember posting a song for you next week. I love music.

    I loved the Golden Girls too. In fact my mom and my girls used to watch it together. My mom looks so much like Betty White. She met Betty in the studio when my sister was still at Disney TV. She was thrilled.

    Happy Sunday.


  22. Natasha, oh Happy, Happy Birthday! Friends are the bestest ever!!

  23. I always enjoyed watching this show and still can't hear that song without thinking of these ladies!

  24. This song always makes me smile. :D

    Happy Birthday, Lovely Lady!!!

  25. This song brings back lots of memories - thanks for sharing it. And Happy Belated Birthday!




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