Happy Birthday Maddy and Stacey!

Happy Birthday Maddy and Happy Birthday Stacey!

Happy Birthday Maddy and Stacey, Natasha in Oz

If you have time today I would appreciate it if you keep a dear bloggy friend in your thoughts and prayers. Jane from  My Pear Tree House is about to undergo very serious surgery and she needs our love and support. Just Martha has posted about the power of positive thinking and she has asked us all to look at the moon every night, after all, don't we all share the same moon? Here is what she says....

  • What if each night you look at the moon for, say, 15 seconds and send positive thoughts to Jane and to others who you know are going through harsh times?... 
  • What if you post this concept on your blog or speak to your friends?...
  • What if your followers blog this concept and speak to their friends?... 
  • What if hundreds of women look at the moon each night and send off their thoughts?
  • What if women needing support received these hundreds of thoughts?...
  • You see, we all have the same moon, don't we?..
  • Girl power. 
  • Can we do it? 15 seconds a day? Pay it forward?
  • I say we can. It can only help. It can connect us all. It can be global..
  • So what do you say?...
  • Start blogging the concept girls or make a pact with your friend

I hope you will join in with me and the many bloggers who are sending positive thoughts to sweet Jane.

Blessings and best wishes,

Natasha In Oz 

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  1. Lovely photoes Natasha.
    I will definitely be praying for Jane, and re-blogged the bit about the moon earlier in the week, and I know that several others have taken it up as well. Such a good idea. Sending you hugs.

  2. Happy birthday wishes! And, I will pray for your friend, what a lovely thought of giving a few moments of good wishes directed at the moon...will do that, too.

    Have a blessed week, and enjoy every second of your holidays!

  3. happy birthday to Maddy and will pray for your friend hugs

  4. Πολλές ευχές!!! Χρόνια πολλά!! Γεμάτα υγεία!!

  5. Πολλές ευχές!!! Χρόνια πολλά!! Γεμάτα υγεία!!

  6. Happy Birthday Maddy and Stacey . . . prayers for Jane!

    Thank you for visiting and following my blog . . . I'm following you back as well :)

    Happy holidays to you and your family . . . Gina

    . . . many more! . . .

  7. Happy birthday Maddy and Stacey.

    My prayers are for jane and her family.

  8. What beautiful faces!

    I'll be out there again tonight. I have actually really enjoyed this moon-baking business - not something we do every day but it's so medatitve and calming.

    Jane will be well. x

  9. Ohhh I love your blog, gorgeous! Lovely photos too. Thanks for visiting mine. I will be sure to pray for your friend, and I look forward to getting to know your world a little better

  10. i will be praying for sweet jane!

    happy birthday wishes to the birthday
    girls and Christmas blessings to all of
    your loved ones.

  11. Hi Natasha,

    Thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog post. It's great to meet you! You have a delightful blog so I am your newest follower. Looking forward to getting to know you better.

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a very happy New Year!

    Many Blessings,


  12. Happy Birthday Maddy and Stacey!

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Jane.

    I hope you and your family have a very blessed Christmas Natasha!

    ~ Tracy

  13. Happy birthday to Maddy, Natasha.And I will pray for Jane and will reflect on the moon. Merry Christmas to you and your family and thanks for the comforting words about Calvin...Christine

  14. I've already been over and sent my dearest wishes to Jane.I'm also wishing you and your family the best of the season..xx

  15. Happy Birthday to Maddy and Stacey!
    A blessed Christmas and wonderful Near Year to you and to your family Natasha!


  16. You are a wonderful caring lady. I have nominated you for the stylish award! Step over here to accept:


    I was honored to receive this and I hope you are too. And thankyou for a little peak into your wonderful world. I am also praying for your friend

  17. Just come back in from looking at the moon with positive thoughts.
    Love your Christmas decorations - your home always looks lovely Natasha and so sweet to see the Nutcracker in the middle of your tree. Have a wonderful and happy Christmas and a fantastic New year too. S X

  18. Just a quick note (as that is all I have time for these days) to thank you for the L*O*V*E you sprinkled all over my site through out this last year and wish you and your beautiful family All the JOY this perfect season brings...MERRY CHRISTMAS dear one xoxo...Rosie

  19. Thanks for such a beautiful post. Sending prayers and positive thoughts to Jane and for her speedy recovery. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Hugs, Ginger

  20. praying as soon as I see the moon...May God grant her more years of health and joy!

  21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADDY & STACEY!! Do they look like family or what ! So cute & so fun they can celebrate together!

    I will get praying!



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