Tuesday Tune - Alexandre Desplat and Music from 'The King's Speech'

Welcome dear friends to the first #TuesdayTune Linky Party for 2011! It seems like forever since I have posted a Tuesday Tune.

#TuesdayTune - Alexandre Desplat and "The King's Speech."

Life has been so busy here because both of my kids have started back at school after a VERY LONG summer vacation! The biggest Metamorphosis at my home this week has been with my boy, Big Al. He has just started at a new Middle School and I have never seen him so happy! He turns 11 on Wednesday and he seems to be growing up right before my eyes...

#TuesdayTune - Alexandre Desplat and "The King's Speech."

He volunteers to do his homework without being told, runs to his classroom every morning after being dropped off and, to top off the week, he received an award for enthusiasm!

This week is also going to be a busy one on the home-front. After being flooded three times, we have decided to rip out all of our carpeting and to tile the whole bottom floor of the house. We will be shifting furniture and having a big clean up this week and then the tiler arrives on Thursday. I am so excited as I have been waiting for about 10 years to get the downstairs area tiled! I will show you the pictures of our family room metamorphosis as soon as I can.

Now, on to this week's  #TuesdayTune!

Have you heard Alexandre Desplat's beautiful music? Alexandre Desplat is a one time Grammy-nominated, two time Golden Globe-nominated, four time Academy Award-nominated, and four time BAFTA-nominated French film composer.

Desplat was born in Paris to a French father and a Greek mother who met at the University of California, Berkeley. After their marriage, they moved back to France, where Alexandre was born. At the age of five, he began playing piano. 

Desplat has composed extensively for films, in France and in Hollywood—scores and incidental music for over 100 films including The Queen (directed by Stephen Frears and starring Helen Mirren) which got him his first Academy Awards nomination in 2007. He also won the 2007 Golden Globe for his score to The Painted Veil.He also wrote the music for MR. MAGORIUM'S WONDER EMPORIUM,  THE GOLDEN COMPASS  and for Academy Award winner, director Ang Lee‘s film LUST CAUTION. Recently, Desplat has composed music for Anne Fontaine's Coco avant Chanel based on the life of designer Coco Chanel; Julie & Julia directed by Nora Ephron; Fantastic Mr. Fox, directed by Wes Anderson and based on the novel by Roald Dahl; Twilight - New Moon, directed by Chris Weitz;  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2; Roman Polanski's The Ghost Writer (film) and The King's Speech which earned Desplat his fourth Oscar nomination.

The King's Speech is about George VI's struggle to cure his stammer is a massively confident crowd-pleaser. What looks at first like an conventional Brit period drama about royals is actually a witty and elegant new perspective on the abdication crisis and on the dysfunctional quiver at the heart of the Windsors and of prewar Britain. It suggests there was a time when a member of the royal household experimented with psychoanalysis – disguised as speech therapy. (The Guardian)

I would say that the King goes through quite a metamorphosis throughout his therapy! 
He learns about himself, about his role in society and he learns about the gift of friendship.

Colin Firth in The King's Speech

Today's Tuesday Tune comes from the soundtrack to The King's Speech. If you haven't seen this film yet, please try to see it-it is truly wonderful! The critics must agree too; just have a look at all of the accolades the film has received to date:

Awards Overlay
I had a hard time deciding which song to share today so I decided to post two! The first piece is called The King's Speech and the second is called The Rehearsal. I hope you enjoy listening to them both!

I sure do hope that Desplat wins the Oscar for the beautiful music in what has become one of my favourite movies EVER!

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#TuesdayTune - Alexandre Desplat and "The King's Speech."

Thank you so much for joining in with my first #TuesdayTune for 2011! I hope you will have time during the week to come back to visit the other bloggers who have linked up.

Before I go I just want to invite you to join in with a Special Valentine's Edition of Tuesday Tune on the 13th. It would be wonderful if you could share your favourite Romantic Valentine's Day Song! 

 I hope you will be able to join me on the 13th!

Best wishes for a fabulous week,

Natasha In Oz 

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  1. It is definitely on my list of movies to see when it is out on video. Thanks for all the information and the beautiful music.

  2. I should say I have heard nothing but praise from it from the people who've seen it.

  3. Natasha, both are lovely. I agree, he should win the Oscar. Thanks for sharing this gorgeous music.
    Hope you are doing well. ~ Sarah

  4. Thank you for that beautiful music on a sunday morning...I must get the soundtrack. Wasn't it the most wonderful movie. And that Alexandre is easy on the eye as well :)

  5. The movie was fabulous. It was of special interest to me cuz I work with children with speech challenges. Glad you posted this music cuz I was too busy lookin' at Colin Firth while I watched the movie in the theater. :o)
    Thank you for hosting SS again, Natasha. I always enjoy your posts and those of the other bloggers. blessings on your week! k

  6. Wasn't that just a brilliant film? I adored everything about it. And yes the music was excellent too. xx

  7. I love this movie! The music was wonderful. What a terrific idea to feature music.

  8. The movie looks fantastic and the music is beautiful. I always like your instrumental choices. They make me remember that I enjoy this type of music even if it's not my first pick.

  9. I'm so glad you are home and posting the Sunday Linky party again. :o) I've missed you--bunches! I might have shared this song, What I love About Sunday before, but I can't help it..the artist and the music are so close to home for me. I hope to share something of my own next week, now that I know your back and blogging. Thanks Natasha for sharing such beautiful music with us. :o)

  10. It is good to back and enjoying listening to Sunday Song selections again. Great choice for the first one of 2011. This film has also been released in Italy but I will wait until I can hire the DVD and watch in English :)

  11. Hi Natasha. I'm so glad you enjoyed The Kings Speech so much. I did a review of it on my blog a week ago. I loved it, and could have watched it all over again. In my review, I also mentioned the music from the film, because I thought it was wonderful! It was lovely to be able to listen to it again here.

  12. I love them both Natasha! Desplat's music is so beautiful. I am anxious to see this movie, it opens in Paris on Wednesday, I am a sucker for any period film.
    Hope you had a great weekend,

  13. I will love to see this movie and what a great song:)

  14. Beautiful! He should definitely win an Oscar! I can't wait to see this movie!


  15. What a handsome young man!
    Happy week! ~ Sarah

  16. This is definitely on my "to see" list!
    ...ahhh, and your son looks so very contented. This is what we strive for, as parents, and it makes our hearts sing when our babies are happy...ENJOY!...xoxox Rosie

  17. so sorry to hear about the flooding always thinking about you sweet Natasha your boy is so handsome great eyes he he

    great song and so want to watch the kings Speech

    hugs Rebecca

  18. Hi Natasha, thanks for giving me this chance. I joined with a very popular and timeless Italian singer: Mina. She's got a great voice!



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