Thank you and a prayer request.

I just wanted to thank all of my dear blogging friends from around the world who have left comments or sent me emails asking if we have been affected by the terrible floods that are happening in North Queensland. Thank you so much for thinking of us and my fellow Queenslanders. We are so lucky in our corner of the state as we have avoided most of this terrible rain and flooding. However, more than 22 towns in North Queensland have been cut off or flooded across an area larger than France and Germany, with more than 200,000 people affected.

The main areas that have been flooded are Rockhampton, Emerald, St George, Theodore, Dalby, Chinchilla and Bundaberg.

Map of Queensland

Flood waters are expected to reach nine metres (30 feet) today and peak at 9.4 metres on Wednesday, threatening thousands of homes.

So, as you can see, things are not looking good for our friends in the North so if you could please keep them in your thoughts and prayers I am sure it would be appreciated. 

Thank you again for your kind messages-I truly appreciate your concern and friendship.

Blessings and best wishes always,
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  1. Great post Natasha. Having only been up there a few weeks ago it is unbelievable what is happening now.
    Pam x

  2. Dear Natasha, my heart goes out to you all..can't imagine what that would be like..but I'll be praying!

    Donna @ Comin' Home

  3. My heart goes out to all those people and I sincerely hope that it will get better soon...I'm glad to hear you're alright though... Love from London xo

  4. Ive been wondering whether or not the flood had hit u up there...we have friends who have lost almost everything its so hard to know so many familys are going threw his...we have had plenty of rain where we are but its nothing compared to what others are getting! We are lucky enough to have alot of sand under us that is soakin up alot of the water. We have everyone affected by the floods in our thoughts and prayers..

  5. Dear Natasha,
    it seems really unbelievable that so much water can flood in such a small time. We think for all those poor people who are affected by the flood. So thankful that you are not among them. And sure we will pray that the flood will stop.
    Hugs, Johanna

  6. Hi Natasha - I was watching that terrible flooding on the news last evening, and I immediately thought of you, so I was going to ask how you were this morning. I am so pleased that it hasn't affected you, but I do pray for all those people that have been affected. It was a terrible sight to see. I couldn't believe how high the water was, and it has affected an area larger than France & Germany put together, so they were saying. Keep safe.

  7. Natasha,

    I have been so concerned about you. I am glad that you posted today. Your neighbors to the north are in my thoughts and prayers. Take care.


  8. Dear Natasha,
    Everytime I switch on the BBC News and hear the latest about the floods in Queensland I think of you & yours.
    Glad you posted today, it's good to know you are ok, although my heart goes out to your fellow Aussies who are suffering this ordeal.
    Chin up!

  9. So good to see you are safe. I have had your country on my prayer list...

  10. Hi! Glad to hear you are ok! I feel so bad for the others that are not safe from the floods. My prayers & thoughts go out to them & their families at a time like this.

  11. Happy to hear news from your side. I noticed the terrible flooding from the news...

  12. I'm so glad to hear that you have not been affected by the flooding. I thought of you as I watched the news this morning. How awful! I'll keep the residents of that region in my prayer. Hope you are having a Happy New Year!

  13. Oh my goodness. I had not heard of these floods. Thank God you are ok.

  14. Just saw the floods on the news tonight. I'm so glad that you are ok, I'll keep your friends in my thoughts and prayers.

  15. I'm so glad you posted this -- have been away from the computer, but was thinking about you and concerned -- very glad you are safe, but what an awful situation!

  16. Natasha,
    When I saw the flooding on the news last night, I thought of you. I wanted to stop by and see if you are alright. I am glad that you are in a safe corner.

    The flooding is terrible. Know that I will pray for your beautiful home.

  17. Hi Natasha...I just wanted to let you know that you are featured today on my Tuesday Tea post..having Tea with the Women in our Lives. I hope all is well with you. Still praying for your fellow Australians...


  18. Hi Natasha,

    This is so sad to me. I am praying for them. I think I will incorporate a link to this post on my blog tomorrow. Thank you for putting the word out there for the rest of us.

    God bless you and your whole country!


  19. Have been following the weather crisis as best I can. So many places around the world are having such severe weather. Hopefully things will settle down.

  20. Sweetie, You and all the affected are in my prayers!

  21. Natasha, so glad you are safe. Hope it dries up over there very soon for all your friends in the North. Happy new year to you!

  22. Hi Sweetie I am so glad to hear you too are OK... I know many bloggers in Australia and hoping for the very best for all...

    Yes of course prayers go out to those so desperately affected...



  23. Ahhh, flooding is so awful, I hope it won't be too bad for those there! People are so good to help others though, isn't that great! :D

  24. Dear Natasha,
    I wish you and your family all the best for 2011! Hope the people who are affected are getting help. Take care, Maureen x

  25. I thought of you as soon as I saw the flood coverage on the news. Will definitely pray for those affected.

    May 2011 bring peace to all.

    Hugs from NY.

  26. Natasha, glad to hear that you and your family are safe. I've been thinking about all those who are dealing with this disaster. My heart goes out to them.
    ~ Sarah
    I so enjoyed your New Year's post and looking back.

  27. My heart goes out to all those people that are suffering because of this terrible flood... and I sincerely hope that it will get better soon...I'm glad to hear you're alright though... Many hugs from Dubai

  28. My heart goes out to all those people that are suffering because of this terrible flood... and I sincerely hope that it will get better soon...I'm glad to hear you're alright though... Many hugs from Dubai

  29. My heart goes out to all those people that are suffering because of this terrible flood... and I sincerely hope that it will get better soon...I'm glad to hear you're alright though... Many hugs from Dubai

  30. What a nasty disaster. It saddens me to know what has happened. Will keep those directly affected by the flood in my prayers for real. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Thank you for the update, we were watching the news today and immediately we thought of you and your family. We are so glad to hear you are okay, but will keep those affected in our prayers.

  32. So glad to hear you are not affected by the flooding, but will keep those who are in my prayers. blessings on your day!

  33. Can't believe I've neglected to "follow" you 'til now. *hugs* k

  34. I am holding you all close in my heart and prayers. I know this is an extremely difficult situation.

  35. oh dear, i hadn't even heard, as i have
    not been reading the newspapers. i
    am so sorry and will be praying for the
    rain to end and all the poor people to
    be rescued.


  36. Hi Natasha! I'm so glad you posted. I've been concerned about you! All this flooding just breaks my heart! Stay safe.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  37. Hi Natasha,
    I never got down to see you when I was on the Coast. m'ma wouldn't let me out of her sight for the 4 dyas I was there. All this to say that I was just popping in to check on you and I do hope you are OK. This post is a bit old for my liking. All my hopes and prayers are with you. Much love

  38. will pray for Queensland everytime I see the TV I think of you and your family no words its hard to believe
    love Rebecca

  39. Natasha,
    Hoping you are well on your way to safety. I saw the unimaginable on the news today. I so hope you and our family remain safe for I see the floods will reach you tomorrow. You are in my prayers.

  40. Holding QLD in our prayers. The news is unsettling to watch - can't imagine how you must be feeling over there. x

  41. O my dear Natasha...what is happening to your beautiful country ??? our prayers are with you and your familly..and all the people their !!...i hope everything goes well with you ???.....please let something hear about you darling ????? love love love and blesings and lots of prayers........from me....

  42. Dear Natasha,
    I know that you live in Brisbane, and the water has reached your city, I hope you are safe? Please let us know how you are doing ok?
    Love Maureen x

  43. Natasha, I'm so relieved you are okay! I just heard about this and came racing over to see. I feel so bad for the people who are flooded. I pray that your friends are safe.



  44. Natasha, just stopping back by to check in. I saw that Brisbane was now flooded. I pray that you and your family are safe and have not received any damage to your home. Thinking about you, and praying for your continued safety. ~ Sarah

  45. Oh dear one,
    Will continue praying for your care and safety during this try time.
    xoxox...sending you a HUG...Rosie

  46. I just wanted to stop in and see if you had posted anything. I hope that as of today you are still doing well. I think the magnitude of what is happening there is just starting to be realized by some of us on this side of the world. You and all others in your country will be in my prayers.

  47. Natasha, I hear the floods have reached your part of the country and just wanted to check if you and your family are well. It must be so awful and I sincerely hope you are all safe. I'm thinking of you... Lots of Love from London xo

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  49. Thinking of you Natasha and hoping all is well at this terrible time.

  50. Glad you are ok with the floods. Enjoyed your article at BelleInspiration! I read it ahead of time as part of the editorial team, and really enjoyed your writing. Following you now.



  51. Dear Natasha,
    I've been thinking about you and praying that you and your family and all your friends are safe. I am just so sorry about all this devastation that has visited your country... There are no words.
    Stay safe dear friend,

  52. Dear Natasha

    You and your family, friends, and neighbors remain in my thoughts and my prayers. Please post an update when you can so we'll know what's happening and that you and your family remain safe.

    Miss you and hope you'll be back with a song in your heart soon.


  53. Natasha, we are all concerned about you. You are in my thoughts and prayers.♥

  54. Stopping by from today’s blog hop and am your newest follower. I hope that 1 of my blogs interests you too.



  55. You and your family and neighbors are in my prayers. When you get a chance, please let us know how you are! *hugs* and prayers for safety coming your way. blessings, k



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