Tuesday Tune ~ Michael Buble, Haven't Met you Yet

Welcome friends to Natasha In Oz! Thank you so much for stopping by to visit me today.

This week has been another crazy busy one at our place. The kids are well and truly back into their usual routines and their afternoons are filled with activities and homework.

Sadly, there has been less of this....



And more of this.....


Maddy and Big Al are in Grade 9 and 6 respectively and they have both decided to immerse themselves in as many extra-curricular activities as they can manage. They are both in their school's choir and string ensemble and Maddy is in the debating team and Big Al is on the cricket team. On top of these commitments they both have enormous amounts of homework to do. Life sure is busy for our young people these days. They seem to love every minute of it, though, and I am very proud of them!

So these last few weeks have busy for all of us. Mr Attorney helps Big Al with his Maths every night and I help Maddy with her IT and English homework. I have also been busy chauffeuring them here and there and I have even done a day's duty at Big Al's tuckshop! Consequently, I have been a bit of a slack blogger because my family has been priority Number 1!


I have therefore decided to to do a repost of something I did when I first started blogging. It is from October, 2009 and sadly, I only received 2 comments for this post....hint hint!!!

Anyway, this song is still very much a favourite of mine and I always play it when I need to feel happy and energized! I hope you also enjoy listening to the very gorgeous Michael Buble singing "Haven't Met You Yet."

Whether a person is spiritual or not, we all seek to get away from the stress, anger, and anxiety of everyday life. Some people drink, do drugs, or do worse to escape, and they hurt themselves in the process. Some people listen to music and feel better. Yanni

Ah, isn't he so dreamy!

Michael Buble

I wonder, do you have a favourite song that lifts your spirits when you are feeling frazzled? Perhaps you have a song that just makes you feel happy whenever you hear it? If so, then I would love it if you could link up your favourite song with me today-you can link up with any post, old or new. Please feel free to even link up a song you have already linked up before or a repost like I have done today!

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Thanks for linking up!

Finally, thank you so much for stopping by and spending time with me today in my little corner of the world Down Under. I love it when my fabulous bloggy friends visit-you make my day!

Best wishes for a wonderful week,

Natasha In Oz 

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  1. Great song although I dont actually like him (strange I know as most ladies really dig him) I do like most of his songs.

    I'm also now following you on twitter :-)

    (((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

  2. Hi Natasha, No song for me this week, but definitely a comment. :) Cute song of yours - can you imagine if everyone really started dancing like that in the grocery store! Would definitely make grocery shopping more interesting. :) Thanks for the visit and a fun smile. Good luck with all the homework - We're working hard with that as well.

  3. My brother's wife LOVES Michael Buble so I've been exposed to him quite a bit. I actually think he has a great voice and enjoy the light jazziness of his songs.

  4. You have such a gorgeous family Natasha and I can so relate to how busy things get now that school is back! Parents need four hands and two sets of eyes each sometimes!!

    Oh and Natasha...I think we will have to toss a coin for Mr.Michael Buble...SWOON!!! I love his voice, he is gorgeous to look at...and I LOVE that song!! OK, guess my celebrity crush is out there for all to see now ;) You have such fabulous taste in men my dear:) Hope you and your sweet family have a wonderful week ahead. ~ Tina x

  5. Gee, you mean life gets busier as they get older?? :) Loving that pool! And I love love love that song and that vid! The Bubble is just lovely!

  6. I loved watching the video. I long for the days when MTV played videos instead of the smutty reality shows.

    Enjoy those busy days with your kids. We drove by a kid's soccer game today and I suddenly missed those hectic Saturdays.


  7. I've linked up Stan Walker. LOVE that guy.

  8. Glad your kids are enjoying school and taking part in a wide variety of activities.
    Michael Buble has such an easy style, and his pronunciation is better than so many singers. I think he is a real pleasure to listen to.

  9. Hello Natascha...i just thinking people who follow me now have not see my earlier post! nice idea.....i make a remember post once these days......happy sunday enjoy your day have fun ! ...love and blessings from me Ria....xxx...

  10. Awww, that's the first time I've seen your beautiful family!
    You have two mini-me's!! :)

    Michael Buble...dreamy? YUH HA!!!!

  11. Love a bit of Buble on a Sunday night, Natasha!! Hey, sounds like you and the family have been busy. The school routine does tend to take over, but holidays are not far away! xx

  12. ahhh.... I LOVE Mr. Buble.... could listen to him ALL...DAY...LONG.... and night too!! I love Kenny G too! But then again.... I have a lot of FAVS.... depends on the "mood" I'm needing to be filled... but can always relax with Mr. Buble...:) I'd have to agree... he is dreamy.... :)

    Wishing you a GREAT week!
    (Oh, LOVE the pool too!... what I'd do for a pool.... what my MR would do for a pool right now...)

    Happy Days ahead!

  13. You have a lovely family Natasha. Just listening to this Buble song has put me in a good mood.

  14. I am not posting on News from Italy this weekend but as discussed with you will still link up here and listen to the selections of others. I am reposting the first first SS I linked to you with when I first discovered we were both posting Sunday Songs.
    Enjoy your family, childhood passes in a flash.

  15. Love Michael Buble, N. All of our kids have too much to day & not enough down time. Your family is delightful & precious! xx's Marsha

  16. I had no time to do much blogging (only a few things to show I am around) this week. I am taking an online course and one of the assignments was make a list of songs that touch your emotions.
    Took me back to the music I loved in the 70s.

  17. Hi Natasha,
    That was a wonderful song and I really enjoyed watching all the people dancing and felt sorry for whoever had to clean up the store and parking lot after it was all over. A very cute video for sure. I guess my favorite song for perking me up is actually an instrumental and you could just go to youtube and search for Earl Scruggs and friends playing the foggy mountain breakdown and has some the most talented musicians on their including comedian Steve Martin playing the banjo. Have a great week.

  18. Dreaming is one word i would use to describe Michael one of many ;) his so gorgeous! I have every one of his cds i LURVE him! And i am proud to say that baby Aj LOVES him as well :) it doesnt matter what time of day it is and if she hears my play him i will instantly feel her kick and move about i love it!

  19. Hi Natasha, Phil and I listen to Magic Radio and they are always playing Michael Buble records!!! We don't mind a s we love them very cheery and make you want to dance along with them! Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  20. I totally enjoyed this post and your lovely photos! What a rich life you have.

  21. I remember those days of sharing homework with the kids and shuttling them around for their activities. I actually miss all that now that they are grown! You are doing such an important job, so pat yourself on the back. I really loved your family photo.

    Have a a great week,

  22. Your family is so beautiful. Glad to hear you say they are your top priority. You're a great mom. We took a little road trip this weekend for the same reason. Life gets so busy, sometimes you just have to make time to do something fun. That's why I just about quit blogging on the weekends. I post on Friday and then devote Saturday and Sunday to my family.
    Michael Buble is just about my favorite singer. His style just gives you that little "pick me up."
    Have a wonderful week!

  23. I don't have a link, but I love the song you've chosen!

  24. Great family photo and yes Michael is yummy!!! :O)

  25. What a beautiful family! Everyone is so busy these days!
    Love Michael Buble!

  26. Enjoyed reading about your busy family life. You are right about your family being first in your life. Nice photos!

  27. I'll have to come back and listen again another day when I've more time, but I do love Mark Knopfler and often listen to his music. Great mosaic of the kids swimming and I'm confused about their being in school already...this is summer there? I don't know. School is gaining on sacred ground. :D

  28. I love the song links! I'm going to listen to some of them! THANKS! This is such a great idea! Love your mosaic..and your profile pic is very cute! ♥

  29. I have so many uplifting songs. It depends on my mood. I have a deep relationship with music. I love that you're doing Sunday songs!

  30. You have a beautiful family. Thanks for the song links each Sunday. Love it! ~ Sarah

  31. I love this Michael Buble song, so does my 18 year old daughter, it's one of her favourites and the only one I can understand the words to!

    Your family is adorable - school days with my children are behind me now. Enjoy the busyness.

    Pam x

  32. Oh Natasha, your family is beautiful!!! I can remember those days when I felt as though I lived in my car -- driving everyone to after school activities... I actually kind of miss that now, although at the time, I would have killed for a break once in awhile! :)

  33. what a great family you have...funny..my guys are in grade 9 and five...very close to yours. Hope you all have a great week.

  34. You have a beautiful family!

    I adore Michael Buble and his songs.

    Happy Blue Monday, Natasha.

  35. Hi Natasha,

    I wish we had a pool like yours! It sounds like you guys are all happy, and that makes me happy. I can tell that you are an awesome Mom. I love the family photo.

    I am wishing you a week of blessings.


  36. Lovely family and you sure are a busy girl. Michael Buble is definitely a gifted singer.

  37. So, do you think he mer "her" in the aisle between baking needs and cereals? Why else would he be in a grocery store? Oh what fun to make a story to go along with song!
    Finally, you have your priorities right when you acknowledge family comes first.

  38. Hi Natasha...

    Just read your note and came right over, my friend! So glad that you added this link to the Sunday Favorites repost party! I have heard of Michael Buble but never listened to his music. That really is a fun song...so upbeat and happy! Thanks for sharing it with us for the SF's party this week!

    My friend, you have a beautiful family! Your kiddos look just like you...they're gorgeous!!! It does sound like they have a very busy schedule...it's good for young people! I certainly can understand why you're such a proud mama!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  39. Hi Natasha, I just wanted to thank you for the sweet comments on my grandbabies and kids moving. How I miss them already! They are in Idaho right now. :o)

    I LOVE Michale Buble!! My 20yr.old, Rebekah, got me started on him and THIS song, Just haven't met you yet, is our VERY FAVORITE! His music is so cheery and bright and sweet. She's been going through a pretty hard time in a relationship and his music was the perfect pick me up. We play his stuff all day. :o)

    Great pick!


    PS. Wow..we moms are Soooo busy aren't we? Off to the races again myself here. :o)

    BTW, I think you'll love today's post. Rebekah did her first ever elegant dinner all by herself. She made some delicious food and decorated just perfectly. I decided to write about the Art of An Elegant Dinner. :o)

  40. Hi Natasha, I just want to thank you for your sweet comment on my blog, I really appreciated!

    You have a gorgeous family, yours smiles so lovely!

    I love Michael Buble, his music and him... wowww I think he is so dreamy!

    Ciao ciao.


  41. Looks like they were having so much fun in the pool...
    your newest follower,

  42. what a great family you have. i love the song too.

    by the way, i am your new follower here. have a great day!

    The Park Bench

  43. Hi Natasha! Thanks for the follow and comment on my blog! I wish they did have them in bigger sizes! I will look at some posts on Tween's for you too, I am am sure I can find some goodies :) And I love Micheal Buble we had "Everything" as our dance for our wedding!



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