5 Minute Laugh - Evian Roller Babies.

Hello friends! Welcome to my bloggy home NatashaInOz.com. Thanks so very much for stopping to visit!

I hope that everyone has been having a great week. My kids are on school holidays at the moment so I have been enjoying some quality time with them. We have been to the movies, have had some play dates and we are even going to the beach for a couple of days! I can't wait...you know how much I love going to the beach!

We have had a rainy start to the holidays so we have had to spend some time indoors. While we were looking at movie previews on the computer I stumbled upon these advertisements for Evian water. I remember seeing the ad a while ago but since it made me laugh so much again I thought I might post it for another 5 Minute Laugh. I especially love the behind the scenes clip with a dubbed interview of the babies...it's gorgeous! I hope you enjoy it too.

Best wishes for a happy and laughter-filled week.
Natasha In Oz 

Carry laughter with you wherever you go. Hugh Sidey


  1. Those are brilliant! Will keeps asking to watch them again! :) x

  2. I love these..they are so amazing! And it's awesome what they can do in putting these together! ;D

  3. Cute video's! Have a great week with the kids...jealous that it is nice enough to go to the beach! Can you believe they are calling for snow for us here in Pa!

  4. I enjoyed these so much! It's just magic how they put it all together....

  5. That was precious and awesome at the same time. Thanks Natasha

  6. What fun Natasha, thanks for the chuckle:@)

  7. i love the beach, too! and we missed it.

  8. Those video clips are so funny. Really made me smile on this Wednesday morning over here in England. I love the beach too, and can't wait for the summer so that I can feel the water lapping at my toes!

  9. Thanks for the smile - and giggle, Natasha. That is adorable.

  10. So adorable! Thanks for the fun post.


  11. Those were great Natasha! I love a good laugh!! The little girl was sooo...cute! Thanks.

  12. I have never seen this ad before, what fun! Enjoy your autumn break with your youngsters.

  13. Have fun with your kiddos and wiggle your toes in the sand for me♥

  14. Ha! Too cute! Have a wonderful holiday at the beach. I miss the Australian beaches! Which one are you going to?

  15. Sweet smiles!! Those babies are too cute.

  16. The Evian ads are great!

  17. Hey Natasha, I just read your last post. Oh so sad that you are saying good-bye. I can completely understand though - especially when it becomes a chore. Enjoy the rest of your holidays with your children. Pop in and say hello - the house will take forever to renovate especially with the Rhodes and Beckett habit a certain member of the family has. Take care! xx Anita

  18. Dear Natasha..You are one of the sweetest ladies I've ever met in blogland. I'm so glad I've gotten to know you through your blog. I so understand where you are coming from. I've had those same thoughts many a time. My husband said, "Good for her!" He was impressed. :o)

    I will miss you and Sunday Song. Funny, I only posted twice this week..but real life does happen. :o)

    Love and blessings,
    Donna @ Comin' Home

  19. Hi Natasha. I couldn't see that I could post a comment on your latest "Goodbye" post, so that's why I am writing here. I can honestly say that I was really shocked when I read it. I really will miss your blog. It is always so beautiful and you know how I absolutely love all your gorgeous photos! BUT, I can more than understand what you are saying dear friend. Like you, it has started to take over my life and I certainly couldn't have gone on this journey when I had my young family. I know it sounds ungrateful, but the more followers you get, the harder it becomes. I said to my daughter the other day that I almost begrudge times when I have to go out, because I get behind with my blogging! Mum, she said, that is NOT good!! I wish you nothing but happiness for the times ahead and thank you for all the pleasure that your Blog has given me over the last six months, since I have been blogging. Take care xx

  20. Well as I wasn't able to comment on your last post I popped in here. You will be missed, especially by we landlocked Brits. You gave us some lovely views to dream about and it's always great to see how others live. But I do understand and you are right. When the blogging takes over real life it is time to pause. Enjoy your break and I hope you will come back again. Pop by occasionally to let us know how you are.
    Jenny x

  21. Dear NAtasha,

    I think I came to this adorable post like some of the others. To say how much I will miss you in Blogland. Though I do understand the need for a break with family. I was starting to obsess over mine as well, but then I decided I would post when convenient when I truly want to share something. It made all the difference in the world.
    You were one of my first blog friends, and your comments were always so lovely to receive. Please let's keep in touch, and know that we will be here if you decide to return. Enjoy your family my friend.

  22. Don't think you are allowing Comments on your "Good Bye Post," so I'll say this here...

    It is a wise person, who knows when to begin something. And to end something.

    Sometimes, the ending of a project or whatever, can be more difficult than the beginning of it.

    But Wisdom comes when we know what is best for us. And we do it.

    Gentle hugs...

  23. I loved that, Natasha.
    I hear you about the bloggy break.
    Have a good one, and hope to see you back when you are ready! I enjoyed getting to know you !
    Stop by whenever you have a spare minute.
    Enjoy your family, they are the most important!
    Southampton, NY

  24. Enjoy your break and know you will be missed : ))

  25. Dear Natasha, You will be missed. I do understand. You've done a great job and I'm glad we had the chance to become a bit acquainted through blogging.
    Blessings and hugs, Beth

  26. Natasha, I totally understand. I'll miss you for certain, but I know that family time is much more important than sitting at the computer. I don't have children, but still try to work a balance with time spent at the computer. Enjoy the beach and the holiday with your family. I truly appreciate your friendship and wish you all the best. ~ Sarah

  27. Hello Natasha, I'm really saddened by this news, but I understand you.
    I searched your blog for Christmas and could not find it. Sorry about that!
    If you allow me, I would give you a hint: Do not shut down or delete your blogs. Leave them there so we can read and view their posters, even if you do not update it anymore. If someday change your mind, It'll be there. If you do not change your mind, at least we'll have to queries, etc..
    It is a space that was created with love and nurtured with great information.
    Sorry for my English, but learn their language has been my challenge in recent months.
    A big hug and thanks for everything

  28. Hi Natasha,
    While I will miss you, I completely understand. Just getting back from a long bloggy break myself. I just simply didn't have the time. My family is so busy right now as I am sure yours is. The kids grow up so quickly that I hate to miss even a second of it.

    Enjoy your break. We will still be here if you ever decide to come back. Take care!

  29. Hi Natasha,
    We will greatly miss you! Blogging indeed takes up an awful lot of time but is such fun and so special. Sometimes one needs a time out. You were running three blogs and that is so much!
    I have not been around in blogland myself for a while and hope your blog will stay open to read so far?
    All the very best and stay well over there in Australia.

  30. Our oldest Grand is four now. I need me a little baby again.

  31. Ahhhhh! I undersatnd totally because I feel guilty when I go even a week without a post :) Just know you will totally be missed! You are such a pillar of the blogging community! Everyone knows & loves you! Including me! Have a wonderful vacation & remember to say hello once in awhile! Sending Love!!!
    Love Libbie

  32. Natasha, you are a great blogger and we will miss you.
    Take your time, enjoy life and your family and if you ever have time to write to us again, we will be here with our arms open.
    Take care dear.

  33. I going to miss linking up to Sunday Song and I only did it once. :( But I plan on still posting a Sunday Song every week! <3

  34. I've only recently found you! Ah well, maybe you could just be a blogger who posts on a monthly basis? People will still tune in!
    Take care, xx

  35. So sad to see you go Natasha! You were one of my wonderful supporters! I know what you mean though, it can take over! Have a nice break! Love to hear from you once in a while.

    (I know, I am thinking about my blog before my vacations, during and after!)

  36. I wish you the best as well! I am so grateful and blessed to have found you via blogging... it is so fun to see and read about life in other parts of the world... as I will never leave where I am for many reasons, it is calming for me to journey through others travels. Thanks for always being so kind with your comments on my blog - Best wishes to you and your family - they are truly blessed to have you! Enjoy! (but secretly I'm hoping you'll be back in time for the certain day we both love!) Best to you always!
    Bless you forever!
    - a bloggin' friend!

  37. Hey there, remember me? I actually came back to blogging. I was thinking about you and came by. I'm making the rounds slowly...I hear what you're saying in your goodbye post. Even blogging requires discipline, huh? I peeked at the Christmas tab and saw your sweet photos. Stop by sometime and "visit". Take care!! Jenn



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