A Day of Social Media Silence

Today I am having a day of Social Media Silence.....

Image via MIKE STONE / Reuters

Today I am thinking of our American friends who have been affected by the deadliest single U.S. tornado since 1953.

I am having a day of social media silence to honour the victims, families and friends who have been affected by the disastrous Joplin Tornadoes.


To read more please visit Daph at Flip Flops and Pearls

Best wishes,


Wine and Cheese Party Ideas

Welcome friends to NatashaInOz.com I am so glad you have visited today as I am so excited to be sharing some of my favourite ideas for hosting a wine & cheese party! Since the days are getting shorter here in Australia I have been thinking of Winter entertaining.

Wine and Cheese Party

I really like the idea of hosting an informal gathering rather than an overly ambitious dinner party. I think a wine and cheese tasting party might be the way to go.

Special Opalescent Series: Ritzy Bee Events - The Bride's Guide : Martha Stewart Weddings

MIA due to Pinterest and Pottery Barn Teen range.

Welcome friends to Natasha in Oz! Thanks so much for stopping by to visit me in my little corner of the world Down Under.

Well, true to my word, I have been spending less time blogging and more time doing lots of things just for me, and boy, what fun have I been having!

My first bit of excitement came when I found out that the Pottery Barn Teen range is now being shipped to Australia! By June, even more of the Pottery Barn range is going to be shipped Down Under....YIPPEE!!!

This is a bit less exciting but it is fabulous to me...
I have been reading a lot more and drinking lots of tea!

I have also been doing some substitute teaching, volunteering at my son's new school (yes, he is at a new school...that is a whole other story!) and I have been doing lots of cooking and baking.

 I have also been spending far too much time on my latest obsession....Pinterest!

Mother's Day 2011

Happy Mother's Day to all the mums, stepmums, aunts, grand mums and great-grandmums out there!

This is dedicated to all of you!


Best wishes,
Natasha In Oz 

Gant Home and the Kennedy's Summer House!

Hello friends and welcome to my bloggy home, NatashaInOz.com. Thanks so very much for taking time out of your busy day to pop by and say G'Day!

I know I am probably very late to the party but I am just so in love with the Home range from Gant.

Gant Home

When it comes to decorating and clothes I have always been a Laura Ashley girl but I also really love the relaxed and American feel of the Gant home line!



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