Gant Home and the Kennedy's Summer House!

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I know I am probably very late to the party but I am just so in love with the Home range from Gant.

Gant Home

When it comes to decorating and clothes I have always been a Laura Ashley girl but I also really love the relaxed and American feel of the Gant home line!


Gant is a formerly Swedish but currently Swiss clothing brand of American heritage launched in New Haven in 1949. The brand has since then been further developed and is now a global business.

Gant recently decorated the Kennedy Green House outside New York. Mary Kennedy and Annette Lundh, Head Designer at Gant Home, teamed up as they share the same interest in sustainable, modern living and they both have their roots and hearts in the relaxed lifestyle of the American East Coast.

The main goal of the collaboration was to heighten the character and personality of the house. I think you will agree it was a huge success...just take a look at these gorgeous pictures!

Now, please excuse me as I need to find out how I can find these gorgeous goodies here in Australia!

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  1. Hi there!

    Thanks for posting! Love the Gant and the photos of the Kennedy house - looks like a Pottery Barn catalogue (shh! Don't tell Gant that!)

    Good luck on getting the Gant items - all in all, it may be a huge shipping charge from the US if you can't find in Aussie-land!

    Again, thanks for posting!

    Best Wishes,
    Linda Lan!

  2. Thanks for your comment Linda! I think you might be right about the cost of shipping but with our dollar being so strong at the moment, maybe now would be a good time to buy! Fingers crossed as they say!

    Best wishes,

  3. Wow-That is stunning! I LOVE that house!! Just perfect..like a vacation at the beach. :o)


  4. I love Gant myself..it has a strong beautiful look that is so put together. Hope you can find it all! :D

  5. Now that is pure gorgeousness!!! Gant I mean :)

    Thanks for commenting on http://bisbuildingahouse.blogspot.com/2011/05/whisper-white-or-antique-white-usa_04.html

    What colour did you end up going with?


  6. What a beautiful place! Love the fresh, clean look!

  7. I love this and my daughter will adore it. she loves blue and white and is trying to redo her house in it.
    I'm so glad I saw your blog today, as always!
    Happy day.

  8. That really is beautiful isn't it, so fresh. Ive never heard of them before, off to check the link now. Megan xx

  9. Very pretty. Hope you are having a great week.

  10. Stunning house... so love blue and white... so relaxing, crisp and clean. Perhaps you need to come to the states to, um, research more of the Gant style!

  11. Nice and pretty !!....lovely day darling..........love Ria......xxx...

  12. luv it :) when we lived bac in the states one of the MIL's friends that lived in a very well to do gated area had there house set up very similar to some of these rooms, they r just so easy goin makes u feel relaxed being in a well thrown together styled house (not that any of her stuff had been "thrown" together lol her personal interior decorator sure worked hard for her $$) Hope ur well darling its been awhile im playing super mega catch up on everyones blogs!

  13. How beautiful! I really enjoyed this post and the videos too. I love Americana decor and have an upcoming post on it. The navy and white is so crisp and with the pops of red here and there, well I just adore it! Thanks for sharing.

  14. what a lovely post! i adore both of these
    styles, too. it has been such a pleasure to
    visit, as always.

    coincidentally, my husband sat next to a
    kennedy (bob's son) at a breakfast mtg. he
    said that he couldn't have been nicer or
    more engaging.

    have a wonderful day!

  15. Hi darling...i can ship the magazine to you but it is € 16,15 shipping cost...that is for 3 magazines if you want...so think about that ...the magazines cost € 9,95.....the one...love love Ria...xxx...

  16. Hello Natasha,
    I love this style too, very, very nice!

  17. I had no idea Gant had a home line! I love it all- off to have a look and make a wish list ;)

  18. Oh yes I love Gant, just letting you know that Noosa Classics here on Gibson Rd are stockists but don't have a huge range but they will post to you - I have the star cushions and some of those divine towels, cheers from Noosa :)

  19. Oooh, when can I move in to any of the luscious photos in your blog? I love the relaxed and casual style. We're a bit (not much, trust me) formal here when we're spiffed up. Right now I'd have to call us the "All the lights are on over hubby's protests, legos have invaded the living room, lockers are trashed with puppy adding to the "lived in" look Home". Somehow I doubt it's as appealing as the homes in the GANT ads but it's my home, my mess, my family and I love them! :)

    Blessings to you and your day.

  20. Bonjour Natasha,
    Some great shots of these homes, very relaxed and comfortable. Just what we all need right?
    Hope all is well with you. Wishing you a good weekend,

  21. Have a wonderful Mothers day, sweet Natasha xxxx

  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  23. I love the video of the Gant home--love all the windows, woods that surround the place, and the old feel to the place.

  24. Hi Natasha,

    Such gorgeous videos. I live in New England, and I just love the style found on the Cape, Westport Connecticut and Nantucket. I went on their site and they will send a catalog to Australia:


    Click on send me a catalog. This post was spectacular.

  25. Natasha, your blog is for me a dream!

  26. I know i'm late to the game and this forum is almost a year old but I am a friend of one of RFK,Jr.'s sisters and 1 of his brothers and I just heard they sold "the big house" (Ambassador Kennedy's home) which is just behind Bobby, Jr.s and next door to his mothers. I spent time there as a young kid and a couple of times these past few years. The "compound" holds alot of memories for me as well as the family, i'm sure. Anyway do you have copies of this issue and of the one of his home in NY? I would love to buy it from someone. Thanks zpip

  27. Natasha, I love this look. Would like to add some of those patriotic pillows to my summer look. ;-)
    See you Saturday at G'Day.



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