MIA due to Pinterest and Pottery Barn Teen range.

Welcome friends to Natasha in Oz! Thanks so much for stopping by to visit me in my little corner of the world Down Under.

Well, true to my word, I have been spending less time blogging and more time doing lots of things just for me, and boy, what fun have I been having!

My first bit of excitement came when I found out that the Pottery Barn Teen range is now being shipped to Australia! By June, even more of the Pottery Barn range is going to be shipped Down Under....YIPPEE!!!

This is a bit less exciting but it is fabulous to me...
I have been reading a lot more and drinking lots of tea!

I have also been doing some substitute teaching, volunteering at my son's new school (yes, he is at a new school...that is a whole other story!) and I have been doing lots of cooking and baking.

 I have also been spending far too much time on my latest obsession....Pinterest!

I know that many of you are already big fans of Pinterest so I won't go on and on about how brilliant it is to be able to have a virtual/online pinboard, but if you have seen it yet you must check it out! Here are some of the images I have pinned to my pinterest boards recently:

Country garden table | Garden tables | Image | Housetohome

Traditional garden patio dining area | Garden decorating | Country Homes & Interiors | Housetohome.co.uk

Via periodliving.co.uk

[cassandras dining room after 18[10].jpg]

So, my dear friends, if I'm not around very much, you'll know where you can find me...

See you over at Pinterest!

Best wishes always,
Natasha In Oz 
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  1. Oh Natasha, it is SSOOO addictive isn't it! I'm guilty of spending too much time over there too. Mmmm your cookies look delicious :)

  2. Hi there..I have missed you...sounds like you have been busy. I looked into that little hobby but decided that between Blogging and Face book, that was enough time spent on the computer...I want to live outside the computer too! LOL

  3. Hi Natasha - Well your blog is very "pinteresting"! -

    Truly, beautiful photos - inspiring and uplifting - I love the first set especially with the whites and pale greens - two of my favorite colors (and much of my house is decorated in those colors)

    Confession: did not know about pinterest - will check it out - thank you!

    Happy Pinning (and Blogging)

    Best Wishes,

  4. When things calm down around here, I can't wait to spend some time exploring Pinterest. Everyone is loving it who is using it. Enjoy some more of that "me" time.


  5. i was just here the other day checking in on u :) wondered where ud been! Glad things r well, i havent enjoyed tea so much in my life since ive been back here in australia! Even my hubby is into it! This is a man who hated TEA! LOL Love all the images u shared so very gorgeous stuff there i will have to check out pinterest! I have less the 3 wks to go b4 i have Aj super excited! Im revealing the nursery n her name 2morro! Come check it out tell me what u think.

  6. Oh, Natasha, it's so addictive, isn't it? I've just started following all your boards. You can find mine at http://pinterest.com/jane1970/. J x

  7. Yes, I've seen you pinning Natasha! Good to hear you are doing the things you enjoy most. Interesting about your son's school...I hope his new one suits him better and he is happy. xx

  8. this is a non-stop,
    I always find a million interesting things here ,
    thanks Natasha and have a happy day!

  9. Hi Natasha, lovely to hear from you. I have joined Pinterest the other day but have not had time to get started. I never new Pottery Barn was delivering to Australia, I will be visiting them next. Take care Mimi xx

  10. Oh I love Pinterest too. Sooo much fun and inspiration there. And hooray for Pottery Barn Teen. Just remember that American bedding is sized a little differently than Aussie bedding. Not sure how the sizes match up . . . .

  11. Hi dear friend. I am SO pleased that you have been doing such lovely things, and making time for YOU! And you're right - you have been true to your word. Well done! I have never heard of PinInterest, so I am going to have a look at that one! Gosh, absolutely stunning photos in that post today. I loved every single one, and you have picked out some fabulous home magazines there. Carry on enjoying life my friend!

  12. So many beautiful photos and I enjoyed them all but I was especially taken by the one with the plates on the wall. That was so gorgious.

  13. Nice to hear from you Natasha! The pics you've posted are beautiful, love the tidbit trays with the cups on top! Have fun:@)

  14. Wow - I hadn't heard of PB Teen. Will have to check that out immediately. Thanks.

  15. Gorgeous pictures and yummy treats. Thanks for the eye candy to look at! :O)

  16. I did have a look on PB Teen, my conclusion is it is definitely not just for teens. I like a lot of it myself! Thanks for stopping by my blog - I count Australia as one of my favourite places, I spent a year there. It's a shame it is so far!

  17. Wow, Natasha. I am so loving all of your images. They are gorgeous.

    And, I especially love the tiered china serving pieces. Do you happen to know where they can be purchased?

  18. Hello Natasha,

    Love the images! I especially liked the one with the plates on the wall in a swoop like pattern. I have taken a peek at Pinterest and it is chock full of inspiration.

    Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself!

    ~ Tracy

  19. Thanks for the info on Pinterest. I just heard about it recently, but now it's time. Thank you for the reminder!

    I so appreciatele your comment!

  20. I had a message from Pinterest saying I was on the list. Do I have to wait for an invitation?

  21. Hi Natasha

    We met via @WykehamGirl! Love your blog and am glad you are finding a few minutes for yourself! So important. I think I've got to start investigating interest!

  22. I signed up for Pinterest but havent started yet! Looks like it will be ultra addictive. I love all your images. Isn't creativity such a wonderful thing. So nice to see you!
    Lots of love,

  23. Hooray! I've been waiting for the day when we can get Pottery Barn here. That is fantastic news. Glad you're looking after yourself too..looks like you've been having lots of fun! Rachaelxx

  24. Natasha,
    Thank you or stopping over at my blog! we loved Australia years ago, but never made it to Brisbane.
    I, too, am a pinterest addict. I just love spending/wasting/time over there. It is exciting and relaxing and I get so many ideas that I haven't carried out...haha!I am going to check out more of your blog. It looks fun and so attractive!

  25. Isn't it weird how we apologise for taking time away from our blogs? I do the same and I'm not sure it's good... Anyway, I love your collection of pictures, things and yummy-looking-biscuits and I hope you enjoy all of your time away from the computer. Love from London xo

  26. First of all, what is that you are baking?! Is that PB&J?

    Secondly, how weird that PB is shipping to Aus but I can't access their website from the UK? It's starting to frustrate me b/c I need to see their design goodies... I'm in withdraw!

  27. It certainly looks like they have lots of tempting items. I am delighted that you have found a balance and are now blogging without obligation. As you are reading more do call by my book review blog sometime Natasha, you might find we have some reading in common?

  28. Natasha, nice to see a post from you. Glad you are having fun and doing the things that make you happy.
    Wonderful images! ~ Sarah

  29. I have just discovered Pinterest and find it a ton of fun. Your photo of the three tier tray is "calling" to me......must make one for myself. It is just tooooo cute!

  30. Natasha, just calling by to say thankyou, I think you will know why, hope you will find it interesting. As for Pinterest I went and had a browse but I MUST not join too many online interests already, tempting though.

  31. What is that tasty-looking peanut butter and jam dish you were baking???

  32. thanks sweet Natasha for the kind comment on my blog you need to add me on facebook :-) oh love pottery barn need to get some baby things he he

    always enjoy your blog hugs


  33. Hi Natasha, I am your newest follower! I love Pinterest too. Glad to hear you are doing more for yourself. We should all follow your lead. Your blog is beautiful though!

  34. Hey Natasha, thanks for the heads upon pottery barn, I love there stuff, so this makes me happy.
    I have avoided pinterest as I am struggling to find enough hours in my day as is, but the temptaion grows every time I see posts with such lovely images.
    Have a great weekend!!

  35. Omg it's so addictive...I have an account and haven't started pinning yet. I know it would be like my chocolate addiction. Just found your blog and now following.

    xoxo from NYC
    Hope you can stop by.


  36. Thanks so much for your comment, Natasha! I, too, love spending time on pinterest -- so many fun things to see!! Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Whatever you were baking looks divine! :) Carroll

  37. Gorgoeus finds! I wish I could start taking care of me!

  38. Hello My Friend!
    Just stopping by to say hello and see how you are doing. I just love your images from Pinterest. You have some wonderful boards full of awesome images:)
    I hope you are enjoying your teaching, baking and tea drinking. That PB &J creation looks so yummy :)
    I wish I could taste it, but it's a lot less calories this way...I guess that's better for me, haha!!
    Take it easy and have a wonderful week.

  39. I am late on the Pinterest bandwagon as I just discovered recently and am afraid to join as it might become my newest obsession!





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